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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
52534 projects Generic jlahoda RESO FIXE renaming a project doesn't reorder the project's view 2006-10-23
3329 projects Generic pknakal CLOS WONT exiting Developer throws exception and not closed 2002-07-19
155327 projects Generic mkubec RESO WORK Cannot add javadoc and sources for JAR 2009-10-21
136049 projects Ant Proj mkubec RESO FIXE WinXP: Ant <import> barfs on //servername/ paths when run from NB, but works from command line 2008-10-21
192086 projects Generic mkleint RESO WORK DefaultProjectOperationsImplementation.doMoveProject: cannot rename a project 2013-08-15
9547 projects Ant jglick CLOS WONT Common dependencies among Ant targets should be shared 2003-06-30
4048 projects Generic support CLOS WORK When I go to add anything to my project, I get the error message: `File .shadow already exists in d:/apps/NetBeans/DEVELO~1/system. 2002-07-19
97304 projects Ant Proj mkleint NEW --- SourcesHelper recalcs ext roots after any prop change 2013-01-14
22087 projects Generic dkonecny RESO INVA Evaluation of AllFS module prototype 2002-05-10
126821 projects Generic jglick RESO WONT DEA: Need 'Collapse All' in the pop-up menu in 'Projects' window 2010-04-07
141552 projects Maven mkleint RESO FIXE Source/Binary Format field gets bold for 1.4 2008-07-25
48720 projects Generic phrebejk CLOS FIXE Use of MessageFormat in ActionsUtil is slow 2006-03-24
136392 projects Ant Proj mkleint RESO INVA NPE when trying to open a non-existent project 2013-08-21
9762 projects Ant jglick CLOS DUPL Ant properties of type Path cannot be easily edited in propsheet 2003-06-30
106483 projects Generic mkubec RESO WONT Project name not updating 2009-12-21
131806 projects Generic mkleint RESO INVA Dialog "New Java Project With Existing Sources" contains label with non-fixed width -> dialog is jumping 2013-08-21
4834 projects Generic tboudreau CLOS FIXE Create New Subproject causes error message that file with project name is read-only. 2003-07-02
43095 projects Generic phrebejk CLOS FIXE Tweak the layout of General panel in Project Properties 2006-03-24
48835 projects Generic jrechtacek CLOS DUPL Files opened after project was created are not closed when closing project 2006-03-24
60150 projects JBuilder issues NEW --- The main class isn't imported 2010-01-14
57241 projects Generic tzezula RESO WORK Change Project Properties 2005-11-15
25682 projects Generic issues CLOS DUPL Wizard panel for Generic Project is too narrow 2003-07-01
5564 projects Generic jglick CLOS FIXE Projects module does not delete the folder it creates in the Actions pool if that folder is empty upon uninstall. 2003-07-02
32339 projects Ant issues VERI DUPL Default identation in generated script for shortcut to target 2003-07-11
13729 projects Generic vstejskal CLOS FIXE Delete multiple projects doesn't delete all project files 2003-07-01
25 bugs found.
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