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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
235546 projects Maven mkleint RESO FIXE run custom maven goal - remember as should be disabled by checkbox 2013-10-09
5569 projects Generic jglick CLOS FIXE Projects stored by the Projects module do not use seem to use currentClassLoader. 2003-07-02
98349 projects Generic mkubec RESO WONT Unexpected File name in wizards after work with New WSDL Document wizard. 2009-12-21
50800 projects Ant jglick CLOS WORK Test failures in ant unit tests 2006-03-24
213781 projects Maven mkleint RESO WONT [72cat] Inconsistency between executing Test Suites in Java SE and Maven projects 2012-06-11
241611 projects Maven tstupka RESO WONT Maven repo browser: javadoc/sources badges are not shown when downloaded from remote repo 2016-07-07
13732 projects Generic issues CLOS FIXE change title of main window when no project is open 2001-10-10
206342 projects Ant Free tstupka RESO WONT Formatting settings are not updated when project.xml is updated 2016-07-07
25918 projects Generic issues CLOS FIXE Folder with "package" name not dispalyed in log. view 2003-12-11
6693 projects Generic jtulach CLOS FIXE The link to the node sometimes dissapear from Project tab and the name is reserved. 2003-07-01
42178 projects Generic mkubec RESO WONT [Study] [BS-6] Project didn't have a project file 2009-11-02
196987 projects Ant Proj jglick RESO FIXE C:\DEV_JAVA\NetBeans 7.0 Projects\libs\ (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process) 2011-03-24
34798 projects Ant jglick RESO WONT Ant build shortcut - show current key assignments 2008-12-10
214171 projects Ant Proj tstupka RESO WONT "Use dedicated folder for storing libraries" checkbox is not persistent 2016-07-07
49286 projects Generic phrebejk CLOS DUPL Creating new file with invalid name causing exception 2006-03-24
84751 projects Generic mkubec RESO WONT WSDL Wizard Browse Folders dialog has non-parent nodes appear like they have children 2009-12-21
58058 projects Generic mkleint RESO DUPL Thinks package folder already used, even though it was removed from other project 2008-11-19
258166 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- please, add option for project "closed". many open project eats all memory 2016-07-27
23592 projects Ant issues CLOS INVA java.lang.VerifyError while parsing the ant XML file with JDK1.4 and Xerces 2.0.1 2003-06-30
254116 projects Maven tstupka RESO WONT Slowness: maven.problems.ProblemReporterImpl adds file listener in EDT 2016-07-07
42424 projects Generic phrebejk CLOS FIXE Projects in the project pulldown list for the New File wizard should be sorted 2006-03-24
165164 projects Generic tstupka RESO WONT Project name changes not picked up immediately in main window title 2016-07-07
8012 projects Ant issues CLOS WONT I cannot to launch my build. 2003-06-30
175432 projects Ant jglick RESO WORK Output window auto-scroll not stopping at exceptions 2009-11-03
171526 projects Generic jtulach RESO FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.project.ui.OpenProjectList$LoadOpenProjects.preferredProject 2009-09-19
25 bugs found.
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