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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
72006 projects Generic jglick CLOS FIXE Memory usage growth after opening project(s) from NB.source 2008-10-10
42859 projects Ant jglick RESO FIXE [2004-05-11] Remove structural editing ability for Ant scripts 2004-08-13
32642 projects Generic cledantec CLOS FIXE Finalize ui of location chooser used in NFT wizards 2003-12-11
153231 projects Autoproj issues NEW --- Sharable property storage for automatic projects 2012-06-19
89628 projects Generic jglick VERI DUPL Project Package Exclusions 2006-11-22
48634 projects Generic dkonecny CLOS WONT Refresh Folder action is no more in popup menu over packages in Projects View 2004-09-08
166415 projects Maven mkleint RESO DUPL maven project properties dialog doesn't store changes when I press OK 2009-06-03
7230 projects Generic mryzl CLOS FIXE Some tools actions are not correctly disabled if no node is activated. 2003-07-01
225396 projects Generic mkleint VERI FIXE AssertionError at org.netbeans.modules.project.ui.groups.Group.getOpenedDocuments 2013-01-31
28454 projects Generic dkonecny RESO FIXE build target can have different conten in different configurations 2003-12-11
125342 projects Generic jtulach RESO FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.project.ui.OpenProjectList.getTemplateNamesLRU 2008-02-13
57710 projects Generic phrebejk RESO FIXE Hang/deadlock on opening project 2005-04-13
230532 projects Maven mkleint RESO FIXE Improve logic of showing Dependencies node 2013-06-19
29808 projects Generic vstejskal CLOS FIXE Create API for file manipulation 2003-12-11
188959 projects Maven jglick RESO FIXE Option to use embedded Maven by default 2012-02-07
17991 projects Generic issues RESO FIXE new implementation of projects 2004-08-13
132654 projects Generic mkubec RESO FIXE F11 shortcut for Build Main Project don't work 2008-04-15
40969 projects Generic jglick CLOS FIXE Turn few things into factory methods 2005-12-14
32264 projects Generic dbalek CLOS FIXE Implement nicer file selectors 2003-12-11
141591 projects Ant jglick RESO WORK LinkageError when loading org-openide-util.jar 2008-07-24
72382 projects Generic mkubec RESO DUPL Follow open editor 2009-02-19
32660 projects Generic dbalek CLOS FIXE Rewrite Settings API for new Registry API provided by core 2004-04-19
205620 projects Maven jglick VERI FIXE Maven 3.0.4 upgrade 2012-02-14
91031 projects Generic mkleint RESO FIXE Better integration of project settings with groups 2012-08-29
48739 projects Generic tzezula CLOS DUPL Open Tools | Library Manager fails with MissingResourceException 2006-03-24
25 bugs found.
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