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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
35793 projects Generic vstejskal CLOS WONT org.netbeans.api.registry.Context.putObject() cause deadlock 2004-04-19
27828 projects Generic druiz RESO FIXE Need specification of project display 2003-12-11
59098 projects Generic jglick VERI FIXE Opening nbbuild/misc takes several minutes and blocks AWT 2005-12-09
231784 projects Ant Free mkleint RESO FIXE AssertionFailedError: ran right target expected 2013-06-26
191737 projects Maven OS tstupka NEW --- Use BndtoolsLauncher to start OSGi processes 2014-05-12
239142 projects Maven tstupka RESO DUPL There is not enough space on the disk 2015-08-03
33026 projects Generic vstejskal CLOS FIXE NPE while running project with JAR File build target as default one 2003-12-11
32281 projects Generic dbalek CLOS FIXE Select the profile when it is created 2003-12-11
36338 projects Generic vstejskal CLOS FIXE Simplify projects support for xtests 2004-04-19
42038 projects Generic dkonecny CLOS FIXE Remove HackedVCSProvider 2005-12-14
26741 projects Generic vstejskal RESO FIXE Implement ProjectCloneableEditor and all that stuff. 2003-12-11
35485 projects Generic vstejskal CLOS WONT Missing CVS popup menu on folders nodes 2003-12-11
40966 projects Generic phrebejk CLOS FIXE Do not expose keys to WizardDescriptor.put/getProperty 2005-12-14
27748 projects Generic druiz RESO DUPL Need a new framework for file/object chooser 2003-12-11
57458 projects Generic jrechtacek VERI FIXE Cannot close projects 2005-12-16
32512 projects Generic vstejskal CLOS WONT Guide developers how to rewrite DataObjects for Projects 2003-12-11
252983 projects Maven tstupka RESO FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.maven.nodes.DependenciesNode$ 2015-06-16
184830 projects Generic jglick RESO INVA Defaulting Project Location inside previously created/opened project deserves a better heuristics 2010-04-27
28845 projects Generic jpokorsky CLOS FIXE ClassNotFoundException: org.netbeans.modules.projects.DefaultContainer 2003-12-11
52271 projects Generic mentlicher RESO FIXE Need to be able to recognize flat view 2012-04-12
181290 projects Maven dsimonek VERI FIXE IllegalStateException: attempted model write without invoking startTransaction 2010-07-15
190357 projects Maven jglick RESO FIXE Switch embedded maven to 3.0 RC1 2010-09-22
36184 projects Generic vstejskal CLOS FIXE [api] Project class exposes private implementation 2004-04-19
102752 projects Generic mkubec VERI DUPL Exception when trying create visual web page 2007-04-27
32282 projects Generic dbalek CLOS FIXE Use default build target by default 2003-12-11
25 bugs found.
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