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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
40120 projects Ant jglick RESO FIXE Ant 1.6.1 upgrade 2004-03-08
141591 projects Ant jglick RESO WORK LinkageError when loading org-openide-util.jar 2008-07-24
32321 projects Generic vstejskal VERI DUPL Menus should follow UI spec. 2005-07-15
36491 projects Generic issues CLOS WONT DataObject.getRegistry().getModified() does not work in Projects branch 2003-12-11
210177 projects Generic jglick RESO DUPL It's not possible to set main project 2012-03-27
60999 projects Generic jlahoda RESO FIXE Bad change to projectuiapi spec version 2005-09-05
102081 projects Generic jglick RESO FIXE SPI for single file actions 2011-12-27
54349 projects Eclipse jglick RESO FIXE Enhance UI for warning report 2008-06-15
34716 projects Generic issues CLOS FIXE Support for clipboard operations 2004-04-19
28674 projects Generic vstejskal RESO FIXE Remove Project.getBaseDirs 2003-12-11
31551 projects Generic issues CLOS FIXE Memory leak has been detected during the ContextSettingsTest 2003-12-11
62140 projects Ant Proj jglick CLOS DUPL Unable to open free form project on mustang b46 2006-03-24
217248 projects Maven mkleint RESO FIXE NullPointerException: The resolver parameter cannot be null 2012-08-24
41649 projects Generic phrebejk CLOS FIXE Request a way for Step Into/Run to Cursor to automatically launch debugger 2005-12-14
51469 projects Generic tzezula RESO FIXE [devrev] Avoid upgrading of project files without explicit user action 2004-11-27
139945 projects Maven mkleint RESO WORK [65cat] Right click on Maven POM project causes exception. 2008-07-22
30061 projects Generic vstejskal CLOS WONT Support for importing Netbeans 3.x projects 2004-04-19
112839 projects Ant jglick VERI FIXE Output from JSP compiler not shown in output window 2007-11-12
7063 projects Generic issues CLOS FIXE Import Old Project function needed 2003-07-01
161529 projects Generic jtulach RESO DUPL Deadlock on startup 2009-03-31
71319 projects Generic mkubec RESO FIXE auto-sync between editor window and project/files/favorites windows 2009-02-19
27357 projects Generic tor CLOS FIXE Project Settings are broken - set has no effect 2003-12-11
128335 projects Maven mkleint VERI FIXE latest mevenide snapshots won't build projects if there is no 'settings.xml' 2008-06-27
42682 projects Ant jglick RESO FIXE [2004-06-14] Freeform project type 2004-08-13
33116 projects Generic vstejskal VERI FIXE ClassCastException from CloneViewAction 2003-05-14
25 bugs found.
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