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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
59244 projects Librarie tzezula NEW --- Warn user when adding folder with JAR files 2011-08-31
245080 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Alphabetical list of Maven-based Dependencies 2015-05-01
268566 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Display Test Results while running Tests 2016-11-02
151371 projects Autoproj issues NEW --- JDK selection support 2012-06-19
248742 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- Switching project group does not open all the windows, nor the editors layout is restored. 2014-11-21
191737 projects Maven OS tstupka NEW --- Use BndtoolsLauncher to start OSGi processes 2014-05-12
268683 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Synchronize Execution with Compile On Save 2016-10-26
229145 projects Eclipse issues NEW --- Import Eclipse projects 2013-04-29
153231 projects Autoproj issues NEW --- Sharable property storage for automatic projects 2012-06-19
68770 projects Ant tstupka NEW --- Support raw-mode I/O for project execution from <java> 2014-06-09
190675 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Incremental update of local repo index 2014-05-12
257100 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- Unable to have/open a NodeJS and Maven or Gradle project at the same level 2017-03-12
154819 projects Ant tstupka NEW --- Centrally managed support for alternate JDKs 2014-05-12
245720 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Unable to link external javadoc API in a Maven project 2014-07-16
152954 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- Project coloring 2015-04-28
270131 projects Generic apireviews NEW --- Allow to create source groups "relative" to existing ones 2017-03-20
236772 projects Autoproj issues NEW --- Netbeans doesn't build Jar file for project 2013-10-04
239979 projects Web Open issues NEW --- NOT ABLE TO CREATE WEB APPLICATIONS IN 6.5.1 2014-01-04
247215 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- Split Swing/IDE specific parts from Projects API (in server_split branch) 2014-09-17
76978 projects Librarie tzezula NEW --- Project design-time classpath needed 2011-08-31
68658 projects Ant Free tstupka NEW --- Modify the project template to allow for displaying of test results in debug mode 2014-05-12
109518 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- New File does not select the new file in Files window 2014-05-12
218627 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Allow building of Maven SNAPSHOT dependencies 2014-05-12
269178 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Downloading Maven Index when Index Update Frequency is Never 2016-11-30
112698 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- I18N - Show charset aliases for selected project encoding 2014-05-12
25 bugs found.
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