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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
62010 platform Window S issues NEW --- Implement Esc to interrupt drag of the splitter 2010-08-11
242722 platform Property saubrecht NEW --- "No Properties" text in empty property sheet window not anti-aliased 2014-03-10
213534 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- 3.8s - addNotify() for Outline view 2012-09-17
235994 platform Help Sys jhavlin NEW --- Non-uniform initial text formatting on help page 2014-02-07
234633 platform Actions JPESKA NEW --- Blue background of contextual menu doesn't appear. 2013-08-27
239539 platform Launcher lfischmeistr REOP --- UserDir and CacheDir cannot be the same - warn in launcher 2014-01-21
229892 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- org.netbeans.modules.autoupdate.ui.Unit$CompoundUpdate.setMarked: LowPerformance took 21696 ms. 2014-02-10
245828 platform Window S saubrecht REOP --- Resize experience is absolutely annoying 2014-07-21
208190 platform Launcher lfischmeistr NEW --- Avoid running more instances of IDE with shared cache concurrently 2014-02-10
171068 platform Director ovrabec NEW --- Pressing "enter" doesn't accept the current value of the project to open 2010-10-07
234044 platform Launcher lfischmeistr NEW --- NetBeans 7.4 Beta assignment to desktop not working 2014-02-10
158193 platform Window S issues NEW --- Tools menu garbled after the first feature is enabled 2009-02-19
240218 platform Property saubrecht REOP --- Data Race in PropertiesStructure [regression from 7.3] 2014-01-15
214140 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- small formatting issue when expanding variable 2012-06-13
232808 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- [dark] Font color black in editor tabs but light-gray in all other tans 2014-11-02
150167 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Small icons checkbox does not react reset toolbars in customize diag. 2009-02-19
132018 platform Window S issues NEW --- Missing icons in the Customize Toolbars 2010-08-11
136684 platform Director ovrabec REOP --- NullPointerException at javax.swing.filechooser.FileSystemView.getSystemDisplayName 2010-10-07
230370 platform Dialogs& saubrecht NEW --- Samples category node is always visible when a user searches for a New Project type. 2013-05-29
236499 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr STAR --- Unable to activate IDE Platform 2014-02-10
160063 platform -- Other issues NEW --- ImageUtilities.mergeImages gives error if have bad X display 2010-04-01
209680 platform Window S saubrecht REOP --- Do not front whole IDE window when something within it is clicked 2014-03-21
216914 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Tabs don't show labels if group is narrow. 2016-08-15
161208 platform -- Other issues NEW --- HtmlRenderer does not handle nested <b> tags 2009-03-26
251333 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Customize Toolbars dialog shows tooltip for actions with & 2015-03-20
25 bugs found.
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