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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
31442 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE Arch description of (Nb)ErrorManager 2008-12-23
1647 platform -- Other lmartinek CLOS FIXE Open, Compile, Rename, Execute and etc. actions in popup menu in explorer are sometimes disabled. 2008-12-23
6417 platform -- Other dstrupl CLOS FIXE java.lang.InternalError exception is thrown when user in stage 2 of New From Template wizard try to select more packages by Shift + Up keys. 2008-12-23
200512 platform Filesyst jtulach RESO WORK [70cat] AssertionError: Should be a folder: D:\projects\WebRequest\web\resources\script\projects\WebRequest\web\resources\script@73a1dde7:103096b 2012-01-12
5147 platform -- Other jglick CLOS FIXE Exception notification dialog always scrolls to bottom of exception. 2008-12-23
100594 platform Action I issues RESO WONT Not possible to sort output JTable with respect to type of task 2009-12-21
2538 platform -- Other support CLOS WORK Keyboard shortcuts for opening windows do not work correctly. 2008-12-23
19585 platform Property dstrupl CLOS FIXE [IconEditor] Icon Preview isn't repainted after URL selection 2008-12-22
8889 platform Window S dsimonek CLOS WONT Icon in editor tabs does not update. 2008-12-22
246381 platform Nodes JPESKA NEW --- Try Sample Project - Cannot delete group of projects from Test Case 2014-08-11
58501 platform Window S saubrecht RESO WORK Platform build contains Build toolbar 2008-12-22
3596 platform Autoupda akemr CLOS INVA Small glitch in username/password dialog box. 2002-08-16
28962 platform Outline& saubrecht VERI DUPL [TTV] pupup menu deselects nodes in TreeTableView 2008-12-23
1473 platform -- Other support CLOS FIXE Some key shortcuts missing - eg. for all in menu Debug 2008-12-23
5909 platform -- Other dsimonek CLOS FIXE ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown when displaying the Project menu while opening a new project. 2008-12-23
192313 platform Explorer jtulach RESO FIXE Exception: Unregister for org.openide.explorer.view.TreeView$ExplorerTree[,0,-211,390x738,invalid,alignmentX=0.0,alignmentY=0.0,border=javax.swing.border.EmptyBorder@16d3fde,flags=16777576,maximumSize 2010-11-24
4813 platform -- Other lmartinek CLOS WORK IDE freezes during compiling class that has many inner classes. 2008-12-23
39038 platform Window S mkleint VERI FIXE Open action causes entire main window to be repainted 2008-12-22
88962 platform Text issues NEW --- Provide an option for formatting a file newly created from template 2011-09-19
2338 platform -- Other anovak CLOS FIXE In Execution settings, suggest merging Reuse and Clear. 2008-12-23
133044 platform Output W t_h RESO FIXE OW caret should not blink when it does not have focus 2008-12-22
3365 platform -- Other pzajac CLOS WORK printing exception on output window is inccorect by printStackTrace() 2008-12-23
26075 platform Document mslama CLOS FIXE Typo text (short description Filesystems node) in Mount Wizard 2008-12-23
794 platform -- Other support CLOS WORK Some windows are resized when L&F is changed, but Main Window not. It causes bad size of main w. after changing L&F from W. to Metal. 2008-12-23
5557 platform -- Other pzajac CLOS FIXE the JavaHelp topic ID com.netbeans.developer.modules.vcs.cmdline. CvsCustomizer was not found. 2008-12-23
25 bugs found.
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