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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
6795 platform -- Other jtulach CLOS FIXE It would be better when you copy/cut some file and then you delete it so then paste item in popup menu should be disabled. 2008-12-23
3878 platform -- Other jleppanen CLOS WONT Save as action!! 2008-12-23
2099 platform -- Other jleppanen CLOS WONT You can close input/output window of executed program 2008-12-23
107725 platform Favorite jtulach RESO DUPL Missing tool for define own template variables 2008-12-22
4915 platform -- Other mkubec CLOS FIXE Output window opened in Editing WS 2008-12-23
2867 platform -- Other mkubec CLOS FIXE Wasting space in Toolbars 2008-12-23
1389 platform -- Other iformanek CLOS WORK Compilation, Execution and Debugging do not save opened Java class if it is modified 2008-12-23
20463 platform Window S pzavadsky VERI WONT tests for ugly workspace and mode names 2008-12-23
8942 platform -- Other issues CLOS WORK msg: Template was modified externally on edited template 2008-12-22
3671 platform -- Other support CLOS FIXE Image Viewer window is opened much to small. 2008-12-23
32567 platform Outline& tboudreau VERI FIXE [TTV] TreeTable generates useless events 2008-12-22
46447 platform Explorer pnejedly RESO WORK Delete package sometimes don't ask for confirmation 2008-12-22
7599 platform Window S dstrupl CLOS FIXE Decsription for "Templates" in "New ... Template Chooser" missing 2008-12-23
4678 platform -- Other pzavadsky CLOS FIXE When an entered property key contains spaces it is incorrectly interpreted. 2008-12-23
20226 platform Window S mslama VERI WONT write tests for new layout 2008-12-23
140279 platform Window S dsimonek RESO WORK [65cat] Memory Widget in toolbar can't be drag and drop 2008-12-22
5790 platform -- Other ttran CLOS FIXE Merge the functionallity of openfile.bat into runide.{sh,exe} 2008-12-23
1782 platform -- Other issues CLOS WONT Exception during renaming Bookmark in Session Settings. Sometimes works OK, sometimes doesn`t (very inconsistent) 2008-12-23
32312 platform Dialogs& jrechtacek CLOS WONT I18N - registration wizard - data entry screen does not dynamically resize 2008-12-23
161208 platform -- Other issues NEW --- HtmlRenderer does not handle nested <b> tags 2009-03-26
3283 platform -- Other pknakal CLOS FIXE switch between workspaces throws exception 2008-12-23
1652 platform -- Other lmartinek CLOS INVA New -> Directory and New -> Jar Archive missing in popup menu of Repository node 2008-12-23
39525 platform Dialogs& jrechtacek VERI FIXE a11y: No accessible description for the buttons in the Question dialog 2008-12-23
4117 platform -- Other support CLOS WONT Trying to set Name property of Default node under Thread Executor issues an exception 2008-12-23
2278 platform -- Other jglick CLOS INVA Add an optional proped-friendly inner subclass to NbProcessDescriptor for MapFormat users. 2008-12-23
25 bugs found.
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