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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
84844 platform Help Sys mslama VERI WONT Regression:Cannot print by clicking on the print icon in the JavaHelp Viewer 2008-12-22
202064 platform Data Sys jglick VERI DUPL New project wizard cannot be opened in tests 2011-09-21
29431 platform Actions pzavadsky RESO FIXE Put action map in default top component lookup 2008-12-22
66173 platform NB JUnit ehucka RESO FIXE LineDiff claims that an empty file is equal to a non-empty file 2009-09-29
205835 platform Window S jtulach VERI FIXE Closing editor clone not handled correctly; editor TC out of sync with disk file 2012-03-01
233436 platform NB JUnit jtulach RESO FIXE NB 7.3.1 tests fail on JDK8 with NoSuchFieldException: declaredMethods 2013-08-19
192948 platform Actions jtulach RESO FIXE Change SaveAction to work with ANY selectionType, not EXACTLY_ONE 2011-01-04
27655 platform -- Other pzavadsky VERI FIXE Deprecate Places.Nodes.packages (Was: Deal with PackageChildren in core) 2008-12-22
82255 platform Executio jglick VERI FIXE Missing Runtime | Processes 2008-12-22
60189 platform Window S saubrecht VERI FIXE Make palette to be document-sensitive 2008-12-22
150447 platform Lookup jglick RESO FIXE @ServiceProvider annotation and processor 2009-02-19
35585 platform Window S dsimonek RESO DUPL Implement Recent Files concept 2008-12-23
10778 platform -- Other pnejedly RESO FIXE Mutex should at least warn when trying to upgrade from readlock to writelock 2013-12-04
34551 platform -- Other dkonecny VERI FIXE Context impl over FS does not merge primitive data types 2008-12-22
146239 platform Graph issues RESO FIXE Start getting IndexOutOfBounds with link labels 2008-09-06
139690 platform Explorer t_h RESO DUPL AssertionError: Index of v has been computed by recomputeIndexes 2008-12-22
219467 platform -- Other anebuzelsky RESO WORK IllegalStateException: Current state = FLUSHED, new state = CODING_END 2013-02-26
47857 platform Explorer tboudreau CLOS FIXE IndexedPropertyEditor/ComboInplaceEditor do not properly invoke row specific custom editor 2008-12-22
32454 platform Window S jrojcek RESO FIXE [2003-09-23] Specify behaviour of Output window 2008-12-22
81269 platform Window S saubrecht RESO FIXE reset toolbars and palette also in customizers 2008-12-22
29701 platform Filesyst rmatous VERI INVA Invalid behavior when using URLMapper 2008-12-22
104477 platform Dialogs& saubrecht RESO WORK Provide signals to developers about exceptions appeared in wizard iterator design 2012-05-02
212071 platform Netigso jtulach VERI FIXE Writing any files to disk during start is inefficient - userdir/.metadata 2012-05-17
129003 platform -- Other jskrivanek RESO FIXE InterruptedException at java.lang.Object.wait 2008-12-22
43938 platform Window S jrojcek RESO FIXE Can't open multiple editor windows in 3.6! 2008-12-23
25 bugs found.
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