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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
251043 platform Lookup jhavlin RESO FIXE Multiple instances of default lookup. 2015-03-13
140230 platform Explorer jtulach RESO DUPL AssertionError: Index of v has been computed by recomputeIndexes 2008-12-22
32679 platform -- Other dkonecny RESO FIXE create Registry API prototype 2008-12-22
37781 platform Filesyst rmatous VERI FIXE Mount local directory doesnt work - from popup in Explorer 2008-12-22
137990 platform Autoupda jrechtacek VERI FIXE Incorrect handling requires/providers deps in Download tab 2008-09-14
208160 platform Data Sys jtulach RESO FIXE Position of mime resolvers is broken & they may be ignored in unit tests 2012-02-22
27648 platform Filesyst rmatous VERI FIXE Files in folders which contain a dot are not correctly recognized 2008-12-22
96329 platform Window S issues NEW --- Need to be able to undock a TopComponent with placement in main window not just right click and undock 2010-08-11
83560 platform Window S dsimonek VERI FIXE broken IDE commit validation 2008-12-22
175963 platform Window S saubrecht RESO FIXE NullPointerException at javax.swing.ImageIcon.<init> 2009-11-04
99689 platform Options& jskrivanek VERI FIXE Options SPI enhancement for Versioning 2008-12-22
209271 platform Module S jtulach VERI DUPL AssertionError at org.netbeans.core.startup.NbInstaller$CacheFlusher.flushCaches( 2012-04-03
54123 platform Module S jtulach RESO FIXE Make it possible to restrict modules that depend on friend API 2008-12-22
200717 platform Module S jtulach RESO FIXE Profiler is on in FoD mode 2011-08-10
38581 platform Action I tasklist-issues RESO FIXE Bogus versions in published NBMs 2004-03-02
29579 platform -- Other dkonecny VERI FIXE DOMConventor.delegateRead has to search a proper child 2008-12-22
64291 platform Options& jjancura VERI FIXE Broken options in current trunk 2008-12-22
185733 platform Window S issues NEW --- [69cat] "Close right Documents" for editor tabs 2015-02-27
230559 platform Nodes JPESKA VERI FIXE ClassNotFoundException: org.netbeans.beaninfo.editors.StringArrayEditor 2013-06-19
71023 platform Help Sys mslama CLOS DUPL JavaHelp version 2.0_02 hangs on multibyte index search 2008-12-22
149071 platform Autoupda dlipin RESO FIXE Rid of licenses in Update Center Descriptor 2009-03-17
140472 platform -- Other jtulach RESO DUPL [65cat] Could not delete: C:\Documents and Settings\Yudi\.netbeans\dev\var\cache\all-layers.dat 2011-05-03
131633 platform Options& saubrecht VERI FIXE I18N - some labels on appearance option window not from bundle file 2008-12-22
57941 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE Physically move openide sources to new locations 2008-12-22
202826 platform -- Other jtulach VERI FIXE ModuleLayeredFileSystem is broken 2011-09-30
25 bugs found.
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