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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
20378 platform Window S pzavadsky VERI WONT review of import of older winsys (part of projects) 2008-12-23
176573 platform Text issues RESO WORK IllegalStateException: NbEditorDocument.createEditor(): ui=com.sun.java.swing.plaf.windows.WindowsEditorPaneUI@487096f3, kit=javax.swing.JEditorPane$PlainEditorKit@57c650ac, pane=org.openide.text.Quie 2012-10-26
150969 platform Data Sys jtulach RESO FIXE Don't try to init cause of ClassNotFoundException 2009-02-19
50291 platform Data Sys dkonecny CLOS FIXE Oversized hashmap for MultiDataObject.secondary 2008-12-22
3283 platform -- Other pknakal CLOS FIXE switch between workspaces throws exception 2008-12-23
1652 platform -- Other lmartinek CLOS INVA New -> Directory and New -> Jar Archive missing in popup menu of Repository node 2008-12-23
4117 platform -- Other support CLOS WONT Trying to set Name property of Default node under Thread Executor issues an exception 2008-12-23
2278 platform -- Other jglick CLOS INVA Add an optional proped-friendly inner subclass to NbProcessDescriptor for MapFormat users. 2008-12-23
16339 platform Explorer t_h RESO DUPL Gray icon badge on node which was cut 2008-12-22
5241 platform -- Other sdedic CLOS FIXE When adding package declaration in the source file (the file was moved from unnamed default package), IDE doesn`t append newline after declaration. 2008-12-23
3104 platform -- Other mpetras CLOS WORK Icon indicating invalid object does not chang after correction. 2008-12-23
1539 platform -- Other support CLOS FIXE Access denied exception during deleteting a file 2008-12-23
41089 platform Explorer saubrecht RESO FIXE Improve "explorer" drag feedback? 2008-12-22
203142 platform NB JUnit jtulach RESO FIXE createUI() failed for org.netbeans.swing.tabcontrol.TabDisplayer 2014-12-22
3915 platform -- Other support CLOS WORK Executor Types | RMI Execution node has five executors with the same name 2008-12-23
82668 platform Data Sys jskrivanek RESO WONT Open editors w/ changes don't handle having the underlying file removed very well. 2009-12-21
92956 platform Palette saubrecht VERI DUPL Category component looses focus after moving 2008-12-22
7961 platform Window S dstrupl CLOS FIXE New package name with space inbetween caused Exception. 2008-12-23
27206 platform Dialogs& jrechtacek CLOS DUPL Finish button in "New Wizard - Servlet" disabled in some wrong cases 2008-12-23
57815 platform -- Other jglick RESO FIXE NBBundle.getMessage(...) throws NPE rather than MRE 2008-12-22
5014 platform -- Other issues CLOS FIXE The Find dialog has no title in window caption. 2008-12-23
2923 platform -- Other iformanek CLOS FIXE Documentation Repository does not reflect changing "doc" capability on existing fiesystems. 2008-12-23
1410 platform -- Other support CLOS FIXE Many exceptions (see attachment) are thrown only during first startup after installing. 2008-12-23
34102 platform -- Other jglick VERI FIXE ValidateLayerConsistencyTest.testInstantiateAllInstances fails w/ moduleconfig=stable-with-apisupport 2008-12-22
76028 platform -- Other rkubacki RESO FIXE Splash bar progres is not monotonous 2008-12-22
25 bugs found.
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