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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
241351 platform Help Sys jhavlin NEW --- Java Help window doesnt stay on top 2014-02-06
180221 platform Text issues NEW --- DataEditorSupport.openAt does not open a source view when a multiply views are used 2012-10-25
152287 platform Favorite ovrabec NEW --- "Add to favorites" action on JAR under Libraries node does not add JAR itself 2010-10-07
262272 platform -- Other anebuzelsky NEW --- Netbeans platform build version 2016-05-30
242676 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- In the Plugin window, in the Settings tab, text is clipped 2014-03-10
129741 platform Window S issues NEW --- 'Delete' displayed twice in 'Watches' View 2010-08-11
249620 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- duplicate mnemonic key in Window menu 2015-01-21
262421 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Side panel does not resize on window size change 2016-06-15
242773 platform Launcher lfischmeistr NEW --- netbeans --help runs with splash screen 2014-03-19
239981 platform Property saubrecht NEW --- If the default PropertyEditor for Color.class is used, the alpha value can be chosen in the JFileChooser but is not returned and can not be set. The Java Swing library and the JColorchooser already supports alpha value selection. 2014-01-04
221145 platform Progress JPESKA NEW --- Not readable colors in tasks progress list 2012-10-31
143621 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- Sum size of plugins for install is sometimes wrong 2014-02-10
198259 platform Palette saubrecht NEW --- Category in Pallete Manager doesn't hold focus 2011-05-16
179092 platform -- Other issues NEW --- Diskette drive accessed during splash screen 2010-01-12
223976 platform Palette saubrecht NEW --- Ctrl+C in Palette start Search action instead of Copy 2012-12-18
132731 platform Window S issues NEW --- Dialogs can fall behind undocked windows 2010-08-11
184713 platform Palette saubrecht NEW --- Pallete search: categories do not get back to default state 2010-04-22
163293 platform -- Other issues NEW --- [67cat] [ergo] Not all modules identified "to be" activated are then identified as "Activated" 2009-04-21
204041 platform Data Sys jhavlin NEW --- Cut'n'paste from desktop to Nb does not delete original file 2014-03-09
125404 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- Progress in status line starts at 0% 2014-02-10
195433 platform Graph issues NEW --- SatelliteView not issuing a isetValueIsAdjusting to Scrollbar Model 2011-02-13
34669 platform Dialogs& saubrecht NEW --- Create headless DialogDisplayer impl 2010-10-07
162691 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- [67cat] Bad plugin activation dialogue 2014-02-10
235771 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- [74cat] TS_60_FavoritesAndTemplates: Open Project from Favorite view brings the Projects View in Focus 2013-09-13
97122 platform Proxy lfischmeistr NEW --- Proxy selector does not use authentication data from GNOME settings 2014-02-14
25 bugs found.
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