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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
156380 platform Window S issues NEW --- Permanent status area 2014-02-24
159185 platform Progress JPESKA NEW --- The progress popup shouldn't be treated like a dialog on OSX 2011-11-03
221896 platform Explorer JPESKA NEW --- TreeView: Hovering over a truncated node will show truncated tooltip 2013-05-30
228442 platform Help Sys jhavlin NEW --- Netbeans help window: it is possible to press "Print", "Page Setup" buttons while corresponding window is already opened 2013-06-27
243192 platform Autoupda lfischmeistr NEW --- Check for updates does not working and getting error 403 . 2015-04-07
163292 platform -- Other issues NEW --- [67cat] [ergo] Activation List resorted after display 2009-04-21
243032 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Cosmetic issue with Nimbus look and feel when mouse hovers over a selected entry 2014-05-28
138799 platform Window S issues NEW --- Editor tabs jump when switching between specific types of files 2010-08-11
192940 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- [70cat][fod] The "NetBeans IDE Installer" Message for "Activation completed successfully" is missing help or has superfluous "Help" button 2014-02-10
207730 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Search field loses focus when other collapsed panel is opened with mouse hover 2012-03-27
56406 platform -- Other issues NEW --- [41cat] Need a command line option to specify a file of command line options. 2009-01-06
151115 platform Window S issues NEW --- Some windows cannot be minimized/maximized when empty 2010-08-11
201753 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- Visual issues with Outline table 2013-09-22
248489 platform Output W jhavlin NEW --- IllegalStateException: Output file has been disposed! 2015-02-13
179092 platform -- Other issues NEW --- Diskette drive accessed during splash screen 2010-01-12
56009 platform -- Other issues NEW --- [41cat] Shutdown dialog appears after the main window closes. 2009-01-06
187025 platform Window S issues NEW --- Main menu stays activated when typing Alt-Tab quickly enough (for changing window focus away from NB) 2013-12-03
235508 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- 2 TopComponents in different invokeLater 2013-09-05
163293 platform -- Other issues NEW --- [67cat] [ergo] Not all modules identified "to be" activated are then identified as "Activated" 2009-04-21
125280 platform Window S issues NEW --- Nicer drop TC to new location effect 2010-08-11
240162 platform Dialogs& saubrecht NEW --- No consistency in menu ellipses? 2014-01-13
193486 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- 6s - PluginManagerAction.performAction() 2014-02-10
148998 platform Window S issues NEW --- Cannot dock an output view to the bottom when cursor over status bar 2012-04-03
65639 platform Window S issues NEW --- [50cat] Add a button/drop down menu entry to output window to terminate process 2010-08-11
183569 platform Window S issues NEW --- Projects-Frame: Combination of Auto-Hide of Scrollbars and long lines cause to blocks access to last line 2010-04-07
25 bugs found.
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