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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
172636 platform -- Other issues NEW --- [68cat] [settings] Toolbar icon size not saved immediately 2009-09-21
75415 platform Window S issues NEW --- Debugger views self-maximalization 2010-08-11
61996 platform Window S kaktus NEW --- --open <filename> may not bring the file to the front 2009-04-02
192940 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- [70cat][fod] The "NetBeans IDE Installer" Message for "Activation completed successfully" is missing help or has superfluous "Help" button 2014-02-10
210460 platform Favorite ovrabec NEW --- [72cat] The first opening of Favorites view is always gray 2012-04-02
163121 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- Checkbox editor in Outline View is misaligned if in semi-checked state 2014-03-05
16905 platform Text issues NEW --- (Cloneable)EditorSupport should differenciate between external change and deletion. 2010-01-12
155627 platform Window S issues NEW --- maximized window not perzistent in IDE 2009-02-19
59102 platform Window S issues NEW --- scroll and resize of sliding windows 2010-08-11
201753 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- Visual issues with Outline table 2013-09-22
138799 platform Window S issues NEW --- Editor tabs jump when switching between specific types of files 2010-08-11
148998 platform Window S issues NEW --- Cannot dock an output view to the bottom when cursor over status bar 2012-04-03
238445 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- User installed plugin category in Plugins includes multiple plugins and it is difficult to see what is installed there and impossible to uninstall one by one 2016-03-14
205004 platform Dialogs& saubrecht NEW --- ISE "queue full" from TemplateWizard.instantiateNewObjects 2012-06-19
187025 platform Window S issues NEW --- Main menu stays activated when typing Alt-Tab quickly enough (for changing window focus away from NB) 2013-12-03
226636 platform Progress JPESKA NEW --- Status bar show one additional task when there is task in progress 2013-03-19
205120 platform Filesyst jhavlin NEW --- Refresh on MFS is not reliable 2013-05-30
152287 platform Favorite ovrabec NEW --- "Add to favorites" action on JAR under Libraries node does not add JAR itself 2010-10-07
231761 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- Cursor does not switch to edit mode 2014-02-10
125574 platform Window S issues NEW --- Option for time after what floating window becomes transparent 2010-08-11
225269 platform Launcher lfischmeistr NEW --- Platform configuration file does not handle non-native line endings with a branding token 2014-02-10
209706 platform Launcher lfischmeistr NEW --- Inproperly displayed application (netbeans) in fedora activities bar. 2014-02-10
251441 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- On Aqua, sub-tabs in "Output" tab have vertically off-center text and close buttons 2015-03-26
193486 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- 6s - PluginManagerAction.performAction() 2014-02-10
220801 platform Explorer JPESKA NEW --- 3.5s - TreeViewDropSupport calls getNodes(true) and that may take a while 2014-02-04
25 bugs found.
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