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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
208909 platform -- Other jglick CLOS FIXE XMLUtil.write lacks newlines in document header on JDK 7u4 2012-07-17
48441 platform -- Other ttran CLOS FIXE Can't run IDE if JDK is in directory with space 2008-12-22
35311 platform Executio dkonecny CLOS DUPL NB3.5.1 does not startup with JDK 1.4.2 2008-12-22
15991 platform -- Other jpokorsky CLOS DUPL backward compatibility - selecting RMI object causes exception 2008-12-22
17782 platform -- Other issues CLOS WORK First startup, enabling MINIMAL modules causes Netbeans to freeze at startup. 2008-12-22
8446 platform -- Other akemr CLOS FIXE Moving package (if contains at least one read only file) couses lost of your DATA !!! (FSException is thrown) 2008-12-23
6683 platform -- Other jtulach CLOS FIXE Serialization/deserialization of ContextSystemOption should be safe 2008-12-23
42551 platform Window S dsimonek CLOS INVA IllegalArgumentException: Icon with resource path: org/netbeans/swing/tabcontrol/resources/met-bigclose-focus.gif can't be loaded, probably wrong path. 2008-12-23
170234 platform Explorer t_h CLOS WORK Cannot scroll database tables. Keeps jumping to top 2009-10-03
226913 platform Data Sys jtulach CLOS FIXE Can't get list of loaders in resolving as obtaining list is blocked by resolving 2013-04-19
193758 platform JDK Prob anebuzelsky CLOS WONT Netbeans Crash 2011-06-09
8483 platform -- Other issues CLOS WORK forte4j startup issues ClassCastException :org.netbeans.core.ToolbarFolderNode 2008-12-23
21875 platform Dialogs& mslama CLOS INVA Netbeans not opening 2008-12-22
12324 platform -- Other anovak CLOS FIXE NPE while clearing output window. 2008-12-22
42981 platform -- Other ttran CLOS FIXE On Windows the module manager doesn't present correctly module attributes 2008-12-22
6818 platform -- Other issues CLOS FIXE Build 1039:Some of the project settings entries are missing 2008-12-23
16245 platform Filesyst rmatous CLOS FIXE Files are not properly replaced in layers 2008-12-22
2114 platform -- Other issues CLOS WORK Solaris: Deadlock when Compile All action is invoked on package. 2008-12-23
109466 platform Module S jglick CLOS DUPL Need to distinguish between Linux and Solaris 2008-12-22
40883 platform Window S mslama CLOS DUPL Focus in textfields keeps getting reset in wizards 2008-12-22
5814 platform Autoupda jskrivanek CLOS FIXE Update Center page 2/5 is not L10Ned 2003-07-02
208693 platform JDK Prob saubrecht CLOS DUPL Cannot invoke Options dialog on Mac JDK7u4 2012-02-24
60716 platform Executio pnejedly CLOS DUPL At launch of IDE encounterd java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException unable to use go to source and other features 2008-12-22
20327 platform Window S issues CLOS DUPL Redesign presentation of Options 2008-12-22
26468 platform -- Other sdedic CLOS INVA How can I set classpath programatically? 2008-12-23
25 bugs found.
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