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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
209125 php FTP Supp tmysik RESO DUPL When downloading from a remote site all selected files are downloaded but some files on remote server are deleted. 2012-03-13
120413 php Code ads RESO FIXE Broken compilation of scripting/php/srcmodel 2008-02-22
194294 php Editor ppisl VERI FIXE Code Completion broken in 7.0 2011-03-28
124707 php Code av-nb RESO FIXE PHP support unusable due to exceptions from Schlieman 2008-01-18
163657 php Editor tslota RESO WORK empty file 2009-05-19
132052 php Project tmysik VERI WORK Loosing all project files after renaming project folder 2008-04-08
224516 php Editor obrejla RESO INCO IDE is almost not responding for about 5-10 minutes after start up. "Background scanning of projects..." 2013-01-08
135787 php Editor tslota VERI FIXE syntax error (unexpected ')') is not highlighted 2014-06-13
254645 php Project tmysik RESO FIXE Verify & add usage statistics in all areas 2015-08-29
186432 php Editor ppisl VERI FIXE The signature file for Oracle OCI8 driver contains old version 2010-06-09
132231 php Editor tslota VERI FIXE CC doesn't support included files 2008-04-29
192099 php FTP Supp ppisl RESO FIXE IllegalArgumentException: All children must have the same parent: /home/johnny/Praca/wirtuale.pl/webshop_uti/facebook/cake vs. /home/johnny/Praca/wirtuale.pl/webshop_uti/old_facebook/cake Children: [M 2011-03-08
122126 php Code av-nb RESO DUPL Edit - Run - see result cycle should be as fast as possible 2007-11-16
186817 php Editor rmatous VERI FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.php.editor.PHPCodeCompletion.complete 2010-06-09
174443 php FTP Supp tmysik VERI FIXE FTP logout repeated error 2011-09-21
202937 php Editor ppisl RESO INCO Format PHP and HTML error 2011-10-03
248781 php Twig obrejla RESO DUPL palette is disabled when using twig 2016-12-25
196706 php FTP Supp ppisl CLOS DUPL When i download the files from remote server to the project folder. The existing files are been hided. But these files already there in remote server. 2011-03-17
131609 php Code ppisl RESO FIXE Umbrella issue for the preview build 2008-10-14
138377 php Editor tslota VERI INVA No code warnings 2008-06-27
231668 php Editor obrejla RESO WORK Many things broken after updates today 2013-06-22
205731 php Editor ppisl RESO WORK Autocompletion for variables not working 2011-12-01
152931 php Editor ppisl VERI FIXE Unable to insert constructor into PHP class. 2009-10-22
185714 php Editor ppisl VERI FIXE Code completion in PHP with large classes causes 100% cpu usage 2010-12-14
125205 php Project akorostelev VERI DUPL Can not work with php - IDE throws RuntimeException 2008-01-17
25 bugs found.
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