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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
149646 php Editor ppisl VERI FIXE PHP CC does not work with clean userdir 2008-11-21
161056 php Debugger rmatous RESO DUPL OutOfMemoryError: Requested array size exceeds VM limit 2009-03-24
132495 php Editor tslota RESO FIXE CC for class, function doesn't for included files 2008-04-10
158612 php Debugger rmatous RESO DUPL Cahanges to PHP files lost while debugging 2009-02-16
123432 php Editor akorostelev VERI FIXE PHP Editor 2008-11-14
132981 php Editor vstejskal RESO FIXE There is not possible to write " in some html tags 2013-01-16
202771 php Project tmysik VERI FIXE Cannot debug missing index file (xdebug) 2011-12-02
249004 php Apache C obrejla RESO DUPL Cannot get exclusive access to Apache Tomcat probably open for reading error 2014-11-29
131593 php Project tmysik RESO FIXE The project properties in the customizer are not saved 2008-04-01
256837 php Editor obrejla RESO INCO Incredible slowness in code completion (even for already retrieved objects) 2016-01-05
178861 php Editor obrejla RESO WORK Using PHP 5.3 namespaces: Aliasing/Importing 2012-04-24
145535 php Editor ppisl RESO DUPL Infinite recursion parsing a PHP file (PHPDoc?) 2008-08-29
246266 php Project tmysik RESO INCO php project is not showing on create new project>Even if have enable it 2014-08-05
124183 php Editor ads VERI FIXE The model should allow to get elements from included files. 2008-09-09
221197 php Code tmysik RESO DUPL ClassNotFoundException: org.netbeans.modules.php.editor.parser.CUP$ASTPHP5Parser$actions 2012-10-31
205995 php FTP Supp tmysik RESO INCO Slow Upload Selection window and OutOfMemory error while trying to upload 2012-03-21
237695 php Refactor obrejla RESO INVA Refactoring does not see names in the same file for refactoring 2013-10-27
142280 php Editor ppisl RESO FIXE Editor is unusable, if there is defined big include path 2008-09-25
135275 php Editor tmysik RESO WORK IDE freezes when editing files... 2008-05-29
201774 php Editor obrejla RESO FIXE Support for traits (PHP 5.4 feature) 2012-01-12
244310 php Editor obrejla RESO DUPL Since the recent updates background scanning stops at 100% and some features no longer work 2014-05-06
122281 php Project akorostelev VERI DUPL possibility to set up and customize parameters for Run in command line action 2008-01-30
238871 php Editor obrejla NEW --- Method return class name from string 2013-11-27
129158 php Code ppisl VERI FIXE Can not create any projects and ide throws warnings during it`s starting 2008-03-05
258859 php Debugger obrejla RESO INCO Xdebug - Internal Websocket server failed to start and communication with the external Chrome browser will not work. Check the IDE log for more information. This is likely caused by multiple instances of NetBeans running at the same time or some other app 2016-04-18
25 bugs found.
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