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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
183302 php Debugger rmatous RESO DUPL Socket Exception occured while starting Debugger - PHP 5.3 - xdebug 2010-04-06
133059 php Editor ppisl RESO FIXE JavaScript support doesn't work in the php project 2008-04-17
231668 php Editor obrejla RESO WORK Many things broken after updates today 2013-06-22
141204 php Project tmysik VERI DUPL AssertionError: More than 1 source root found 2008-12-26
141746 php Project tmysik VERI FIXE IDE hang while opening PHP project 2008-07-29
131924 php Editor ppisl VERI FIXE NPE on using Code completion during adding opening php tag 2008-04-29
254123 php FTP Supp tmysik NEW --- Add a folder browser to select "Initial Directory" under Manage Remote Connections 2015-08-04
125554 php Editor akorostelev CLOS DUPL c 2008-01-22
189521 php Zend issues RESO INCO zend Framework "zf" command become not valid 2010-08-16
199538 php Smarty marfous RESO FIXE Updated PHP Smarty Framework addon breaks Netbeans 2011-09-06
257815 php Code tmysik RESO FIXE Netbeans error while starting 2016-04-21
122127 php Code akorostelev RESO FIXE IDE deletes content of my php files 2007-11-20
197887 php Editor ppisl VERI WONT PHP code templates don't work after save 2012-05-20
195925 php Editor obrejla RESO DUPL Multilevel code folding (if, for, do, while, switch) 2014-06-06
133246 php Project tmysik VERI FIXE NPE when accessing PHP project properties 2008-04-21
201283 php Debugger obrejla NEW --- Auto break on Notice 2016-12-05
146036 php Project tmysik RESO WONT Support for CodeIgniter framework 2014-10-17
122115 php Code akorostelev VERI FIXE There is no way how to thread an encoding 2008-08-13
195833 php Code ppisl RESO WONT NetBeans PHP Edition start from 6.9.1 to 7.0 B2, not all .tpl load as php 2011-02-28
132528 php Editor vstejskal VERI FIXE Out of memory exception on editing big file 2008-04-29
150687 php Code tmysik RESO FIXE There has to be Reindex/Refresh action for source node 2009-11-25
236384 php Project tmysik RESO FIXE Add support for Phing 2015-01-28
123477 php Project akorostelev RESO FIXE Debugger UI improvements 2008-10-14
246041 php PHPDoc obrejla RESO DUPL Unknown Exception for Create Documentation By PhpDoc 2014-07-28
123724 php Code akorostelev RESO WONT Web servers runtime integration 2010-01-08
25 bugs found.
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