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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
46643 obsolete vcsgener issues CLOS FIXE CVS: "Delete" on directory leaves the node visible. 2006-03-24
26224 obsolete collabne support RESO INVA "filter this list" does not seem to filter the list :-) 2009-11-08
8262 obsolete vcscvs issues CLOS FIXE USER TEST: hide all feedback from CVS actions: "QUIET" option 2003-07-02
7387 obsolete vcscvs issues CLOS INVA Thread doing checkout stays running after the user clicks "<Previous" button in the CVS wizard 2003-07-02
14264 obsolete vcscore issues CLOS FIXE Mounting different types of CVS FS + local FS to the same dir:wrong deserialization 2003-07-01
123191 obsolete visualwe markdey NEW --- Visual Web NetBeans 6.1 Umbrella Task 2007-12-07
9498 obsolete icebrows rkubacki VERI DUPL IceBrowser throws NullPointerException 2003-08-03
8392 obsolete vcscore issues CLOS FIXE JTree Dialog(Relat.MountPoint)has problem to display nodes in Tree(ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException) 2003-07-01
12381 obsolete vcscore issues CLOS FIXE Revision Explorer on a node represents multiple files, order should always list primary file first 2003-07-01
25259 obsolete vcscore issues VERI WONT "Number of Finished Commands To Keep" is not imported from NB 3.2 project. 2003-11-20
53695 obsolete vcscore issues RESO WORK NullPointerException when expanding nb_all 2005-01-21
113555 obsolete visualwe mbohm NEW --- Ensure CachedRowSetDataProvider.close does not leak memory 2008-01-18
119198 obsolete language issues RESO FIXE [60cat] NullPointerException in Navigator 2008-07-11
63958 obsolete collab rahulshah RESO INVA Too many worker threads 2005-10-25
7488 obsolete collabne issues RESO INVA When changing Bugzilla columns for query, "product" means "project" 2009-11-08
98218 obsolete visualwe jbaker VERI FIXE Radio buttons are duplicated in dialog "Add new Data Provider with..." 2008-03-31
28545 obsolete xtest issues CLOS WONT Clicking on Files link for XTest (top of homepage) says there are no files to download 2003-07-02
59571 obsolete form-jnd richardbair RESO DUPL Pick&Plop a JXTable creates a scrollpane that goes beyond bounds of form 2005-12-06
10554 obsolete vcscore gtichy CLOS FIXE Next Diff and Previous Diff Buttons In Unconventional Order 2003-07-01
96316 obsolete visualwe mbohm NEW --- ajaxZone: missing big icon 2007-06-27
49316 obsolete vcscore pkuzel RESO FIXE VCS Output window does not take focus 2005-02-10
109440 obsolete visualwe pzavadsky RESO WONT Page Layout property not updated after Edit->Undo 2008-11-17
123323 obsolete language issues RESO WONT Bad synchronization of ListResult 2009-12-21
9610 obsolete jarpacka issues CLOS WONT Mounting Writeable JArFS is strange 2003-07-01
135335 obsolete visualwe jbaker RESO WONT A11Y: Components with no LABEL_FOR in "Select Table(s) to Add" dialog 2016-06-17
25 bugs found.
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