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  • Product: obsolete

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
38767 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher RESO FIXE Delete VCS profile 2004-08-13
64314 obsolete vcsgener issues RESO WONT show versions invoked on file doesn't work 2009-12-21
14771 obsolete collabne issues RESO INVA Q-build download numbers as graph 2009-11-08
23388 obsolete vcscore mkleint CLOS WONT VCS Groups node does not fire PropertyChange event 2003-07-01
10204 obsolete rmi issues CLOS FIXE New Activatable from template in filesystem root has wrong class name 2003-07-01
9006 obsolete collabne support RESO INVA Suggest failed Bugzilla searches offer query page again 2009-11-08
16950 obsolete vcscore mkleint CLOS FIXE Annotate output dialog can't sort by DATE correctly 2003-07-01
15992 obsolete vcscore issues CLOS FIXE Next button in CVS Mount wizard not enabled upon text change 2003-07-01
32709 obsolete rmi issues RESO WONT 'Copy Setup Code' action on Activation browser node doesn't copy any code. 2009-12-21
10230 obsolete vcsgener issues CLOS FIXE VSS: Ask user if he wants to checkout file when he tries to edit it 2003-07-01
37507 obsolete vcscore issues VERI FIXE Warning message if command fails should be reworded. 2004-07-21
27247 obsolete rmi issues RESO DUPL Create Component Looks for Component Perspective 2008-08-05
103281 obsolete visualwe davidvc NEW --- Incorrect order of items in query 2008-11-18
9103 obsolete collabne support RESO INVA Make bug notification messages thread prettily 2009-11-08
13166 obsolete rmi issues CLOS WONT RMI Objects ignore (do not compile) compiler property 2003-07-01
24921 obsolete sim erider CLOS FIXE Installer Instructions should be more helpful. 2003-12-11
7081 obsolete collabne support RESO INVA Single checkin to several modules sends only one message 2009-11-08
33535 obsolete collabne mvinar RESO INVA sitemaps missing opening HEAD tags, missing $module in text ? 2009-11-08
11199 obsolete rmi issues CLOS FIXE Support for RMI-IIOP should be improved 2003-07-01
87854 obsolete collabne issues CLOS INVA Be able to run web apps on the site 2009-12-03
19360 obsolete vcsgener frachunek CLOS FIXE "Login" dialog is not accessible 2003-07-01
10248 obsolete vcsgener issues CLOS FIXE ALL: Commands like "Commit" or "Check In" on directories don't update status. 2003-07-01
14037 obsolete rmi issues CLOS FIXE Cutted word in [RMI Wizard] 2003-07-01
94030 obsolete visualwe potingwu RESO WONT Regression in debugger - unable to debug project in Shortfin 2009-01-09
96983 obsolete Facelets potingwu RESO WONT Add Faces support duplicates <context-param> elements 2013-02-13
25 bugs found.
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