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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
23459 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher CLOS WORK PVCS: "PVCS|Unlock" on unsaved locked file throws exception. 2003-07-01
28164 obsolete collabne support RESO INVA get rid of "Reset" buttons! 2009-11-08
10217 obsolete jndi issues RESO FIXE Disconnecting action in JNDI is wrong called DELETE 2009-11-07
60035 obsolete collabne issues RESO INVA HTML code visible on IZ page 2009-11-08
27242 obsolete corba issues RESO WONT Design the advanced project support 2003-12-11
93251 obsolete visualwe jimdavidson RESO WONT Command property edit window is too small 2009-01-08
30335 obsolete vcsgener issues VERI INVA CVS Status reporting incorrectly 2003-01-28
8074 obsolete vcscvs issues CLOS FIXE Windows Title's missing on some CVS dialogs 2003-07-02
40381 obsolete vcsgener issues RESO WONT CVS metadata folder appears in Mounting file chooser 2009-12-21
11118 obsolete jarpacka bashby CLOS FIXE capitalization on "File Filter" property is incorrect 2003-07-01
14899 obsolete vcsgener issues NEW --- Fields in the command input dialog should be distinguished to important/optional 2005-05-03
19279 obsolete vcscore issues CLOS DUPL Parts of the "New CVS Wizard" (5th pane) window are not fully accessible. 2003-07-01
23542 obsolete vcsgener issues RESO INCO let user enter env variable value at same times as name 2011-09-19
10242 obsolete vcsgener issues CLOS FIXE ALL: Deleting folder should remove entry from cache as well as from Entries file 2003-07-01
94043 obsolete visualwe wjprakash RESO DUPL AJAX Auto Complete and Select Value Text Fields do not work after browser refresh 2007-07-10
31746 obsolete rmi issues RESO WONT Wrong text in 'Viewing Information for Running Registries' help entry 2009-12-21
93426 obsolete collab issues RESO WONT Unable to permanently delete contact 2009-12-21
8145 obsolete vcscvs issues CLOS FIXE CVS->Add dir structure goes into troubles with cvs cache 2003-07-02
34657 obsolete jarpacka issues RESO FIXE Do not use toString () to provide human readable description 2003-12-11
19412 obsolete vcscore mkleint CLOS FIXE ALL: Change of relative mount point disables auto-lookup in "Versioning" tab. 2003-07-01
94243 obsolete visualwe gjmurphy NEW --- Option items are unset after switching between windows 2007-12-07
135349 obsolete visualwe jbaker RESO WONT A11Y: Components with no LABEL_FOR in "jdbc:mysql:// [travel on Default schema]" dialog 2016-06-17
23722 obsolete external ghernandez RESO FIXE reorganize the help to ease l10n issues 2002-09-03
43389 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher CLOS FIXE It's possible to create command with empty name 2006-03-24
10303 obsolete apisuppo jglick CLOS FIXE apisupport's ModuleDataLoader ought to mark *-test.jar unimportant 2006-02-14
25 bugs found.
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