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  • Product: nblocalization

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
16349 nblocali Code vbrabant RESO INCO Minor bugs in web pages 2011-09-19
90625 nblocali Code henriquemeira RESO WONT Alterar nome default de projeto ExemplosdeFormuláriosGráficos 2007-01-31
250556 nblocali Code issues RESO FIXE Wrong brazilian portuguese translation 2015-03-09
187586 nblocali Code masaki RESO FIXE Errate translation into Italian 2015-01-07
194835 nblocali Code issues RESO INCO russian text it's bugged 2011-12-12
149378 nblocali Code magnie RESO FIXE pt_BR: Mnemonics wrongly assigned in translated segments 2008-10-09
93153 nblocali Code henriquemeira RESO FIXE Test Case: HTML Editor 2007-01-31
24567 nblocali Code issues RESO FIXE Error when loading frenchI10.nbm with nb3.3.2 : Does it work ? 2002-06-09
149524 nblocali Code magnie RESO FIXE pt_BR: project wizard inconsistency and cosmetic issues 2008-10-20
34706 nblocali Code erider CLOS INVA I10N - masterHelpPase_ja.html is not displayed. 2003-09-02
226698 nblocali Code masaki RESO FIXE Russian translation bug 2013-08-29
116892 nblocali Code issues RESO WORK Error ortográfico 2015-01-05
100425 nblocali Code issues RESO INVA l10n: double dot in the description for 'HTML File' in 'Other' category 2008-01-21
187842 nblocali Code gohsy RESO WORK 工具->选项->其它->Java调试器->变量格式化程序,其中有设置项显示为乱码 2015-01-07
90236 nblocali Code henriquemeira RESO FIXE Erro de português 2006-12-04
97802 nblocali Code rkusterer CLOS FIXE Request for change of wording 2007-03-29
100578 nblocali Code rkusterer RESO FIXE too colloquial 2007-10-17
127412 nblocali Code digitaldrill RESO FIXE [65cat] Problems with 'Do not reset the interface now' 2008-07-24
149509 nblocali Code magnie RESO FIXE pt_BR: Typo in translated segment (java) 2008-10-09
34621 nblocali Code ohsumi CLOS FIXE update URL to "permanent" location 2004-11-10
154760 nblocali Code masaki NEW --- German translation of Bound is wrong 2015-01-08
42335 nblocali Code rebeccaliu RESO FIXE Chinese: 'Found' in the win title isn't localized 2008-10-14
175282 nblocali Code magnie RESO FIXE [68cat] pt_BR : Problemas em traduções na edição de formulários Matisse 2015-01-06
43498 nblocali Code keiichio RESO FIXE Chinese descriptions for filesystem types are in garchar on Solaris with UTF8 locale. 2008-10-14
189022 nblocali Code masaki RESO FIXE [pt-BR] Mistranslation of "Tab" and "Enter" on Editor Templates 2015-03-09
25 bugs found.
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