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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
239589 javascri Editor ppisl RESO FIXE !!WARNING!! Missing READ-LOCK when accessing TokenHierarchy 2014-02-05
231020 javascri Editor ppisl RESO DUPL !WARNING!! Missing READ-LOCK when accessing TokenHierarchy 2013-06-10
251847 javascri Jade ppisl RESO FIXE !{ is marked as error 2015-04-16
231633 javascri Editor ppisl RESO FIXE "Action items" window shows NullPointerException in HTML files 2013-06-25
136097 javascri Editor tor RESO FIXE "Auto Popup Completion Window" setting ignored at startup 2009-02-27
221885 javascri Editor ppisl RESO DUPL "background scanning" running out of memory - adding ExtJs javascript libraries to the project's ignore list sorts the issue while its scanning 2013-01-18
197578 javascri Editor ppisl RESO FIXE "Code has no side effect" error with a for loop without a block 2015-05-15
248778 javascri Node.js mentlicher RESO FIXE "Debug > Evaluate Expression..." action does nothing 2014-11-29
93039 javascri Editor issues VERI FIXE "find usage" is missing 2009-02-27
147888 javascri Debugger quynguyen RESO INVA "Force Install" button is disabled 2008-09-22
226918 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- "go to declaration" not working for methods added through $.extend/$.fn.extend 2013-03-01
224305 javascri Navigati ppisl RESO WORK "Go to file" lists javascript files twice 2013-05-22
255813 javascri Node.js tmysik VERI DUPL "Help" button on Options->HtmlJS->Node.js dialog does nothing 2015-10-09
165124 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- "Import" functionlity requirement in web project. 2014-01-16
192377 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- "Keep marks" in Javascript editor cannot be disabled 2012-03-22
151366 javascri Editor tor RESO DUPL "missing ; before statement" error happens 2009-02-27
155881 javascri Debugger deva RESO WONT "Resolved Location" not correct when using a webroot 2012-09-03
252683 javascri Node.js mentlicher VERI FIXE "Run to Cursor" does nothing when debugging Node.JS code 2015-06-15
192482 javascri Editor phejl RESO WONT "short" is not reserved future keyword 2012-09-19
101866 javascri Editor jjancura VERI FIXE "smart" quotation marks do not work 2009-02-27
225938 javascri Editor ppisl RESO FIXE "wrong" regex in javascript editor 2013-02-11
223107 javascri Document marfous RESO FIXE 'Lesser than' symbol makes parser to treat comment as HTML 2012-12-04
262414 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- 'return' statement used at top level marked as error 2016-06-15
257640 javascri Editor ppisl RESO FIXE 'The global variable "this" is not defined.' 2016-08-04
245950 javascri RequireJ ppisl RESO FIXE 'Unused' references in requirejs sample in NB 2014-07-27
25 bugs found.
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