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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
204187 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Code completion only inside a project. Toolkits impossibile usage. 2014-02-14
228906 javascri -- Other ppisl NEW --- Javascript auto completion at any possible situation 2015-02-28
179330 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Javascript auto completion / code complete should auto popup right from begining 2016-07-25
233197 javascri -- Other ppisl NEW --- Support for TypeScript 2016-08-31
148716 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- JSP tags reformating inside javascript sections 2014-01-16
102223 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- I18N - can't use multibyte in name of variable or other identifiers 2011-08-31
262514 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Minimal Flow JS support 2016-07-14
237523 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Camel Case Completion needed in JavaScript 2013-10-26
248102 javascri Tools jstola NEW --- Support For Running Nashorn Scripts From CLI 2014-11-06
256993 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Group Multiline Alignment for assignment in JavaScript 2015-12-28
232278 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Getting bogus "Invalid left hand side for assignment" message 2013-07-18
90977 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Implement Phobos support. 2011-08-31
234994 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Export properties defined for a parameter from model 2013-12-17
248780 javascri Node.js tmysik NEW --- Auto complete NPM path based on Node.js path and vice versa in Options 2014-11-20
190645 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- JavaScript annotations should drive code outline and autocomplete. 2010-10-25
257221 javascri OJET ppisl NEW --- JET HTML Components in code completion, code templates, and palette 2016-02-10
235876 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Knockout: data-bind attribute in knockout template 2015-09-30
262466 javascri Node.js tmysik NEW --- Allow Opening of NPM Modules through IDE in tree view 2016-07-02
231877 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Auto complete of quotes, double quotes, braces etc inconsistent across editors (css, javascript etc) 2015-01-03
268488 javascri JSON ppisl NEW --- Formatting a json file brings wrong output and is slow 2016-10-12
228565 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Offer files from the CDNJS repository in code completion for the script tag 2013-08-28
202539 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- JQuery - autocompletion is performed instead of simple completion 2011-09-23
250287 javascri Navigati ppisl NEW --- Add support for gulp includes in 'important files' 2015-02-07
254425 javascri Node.js tmysik NEW --- Help for Express.js arguments 2015-08-17
251779 javascri Node.js mentlicher NEW --- Debugging only in project sources 2015-04-12
25 bugs found.
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