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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
237644 javafx Project tzezula NEW --- ClassIndex should support isTypeOf queries 2014-03-28
237662 javafx Visual T dstrupl STAR --- SceneBuilder 2.0 integration 2014-01-02
230521 javafx Platform tzezula STAR --- Remove FX-enabled Java Platform auto-registration in NetBeans-JDK bundle 2013-09-04
221184 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- Support JavaFX2 in Maven Projects 2013-11-13
199283 javafx Platform tzezula STAR --- UMBRELLA: FX2 Support 2013-09-04
239388 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- [80cat] JavaFX 7u45/7u51 Project: Successfully built project won't run or debug 02:40:33
241839 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- Make Controller sometimes removes code that it shouldn't 2014-03-28
222295 javafx Platform tzezula NEW --- JavaFX maven project doesn't enable Scene Builder Integration 2014-02-06
239676 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- [80cat] Cannot BUILD first created JavaFX Application with Preloader project 2014-02-24
204757 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- JavaFX Editor Live Templates 2013-09-04
234326 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- Make Controller uses deprecated Initializable 2013-09-04
236822 javafx Project sdedic STAR --- Make Controller for fx:root 2013-10-11
209589 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- Cannot "Run Main Project with Monitoring and Management" for JavaFX project. 2013-09-04
204758 javafx Deployme rsvitanic STAR --- Support new FX project properties 2013-09-04
242114 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- "Make Controller" removes @FXML annotation from fx:included fields 2014-03-11
207868 javafx Platform tzezula NEW --- Feature request: Possibility to setup JavaFX location manually 2013-09-04
199277 javafx Deployme rsvitanic NEW --- Advanced browser selection 2013-09-04
240105 javafx Project rsvitanic REOP --- [80cat] Umbrella: JavaFX issues when IDE runs on JDK 8 but project set to compile for JDK 7 2014-01-08
242123 javafx Visual T dstrupl NEW --- Duplicate FX namespace is added to the FXML file 2014-02-19
236955 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- Wrong error message when using fx:root 2013-10-10
213586 javafx Deployme rsvitanic NEW --- Add generic parameter passing to <fx:jar> and <fx:deploy> tasks 2013-09-04
241549 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- Unused markers are wrong and misleading in JavaFX controllers 2014-02-07
242234 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- Can't create a new FXML file with a space in the name. 2014-02-24
239093 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- -fx-text-overrun: leading-word-ellipsis is marked as inappropriate in JavaFX CSS editor 2013-12-03
242235 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- While making a minor edit to an FXML file, the editor attempted to download: Retrieving Location: 2014-02-22
25 bugs found.
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