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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
132213 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI INVA When selectiong the platform, it should be possible to select the SDK, not libs subdir 2011-10-19
255254 javafx Deployme mr_lou_d RESO FIXE Application Signing-Synergy test needs clarification 2015-10-23
224324 javafx Deployme rsvitanic NEW --- Javafx in Netbeans' embedded browser 2013-11-30
168532 javafx Editor manowar VERI INVA Some palette items are not properly formatted 2009-12-18
184109 javafx Unsuppor akorostelev RESO FIXE There is no popup menu available at the FXD/Z editor tabs 2010-04-15
241282 javafx Project swpalmer VERI WONT Activate by creating a Maven JavaFX Project - Active indictor isn't 2014-02-10
151878 javafx Deployme kaktus VERI WONT [JDK 1.5] WebStart does not work 2008-11-05
133232 javafx Unsuppor dstrupl VERI WORK JavaFX Source module does not show under JavaFX Modules 2011-10-19
133515 javafx Unsuppor kaktus VERI FIXE 2 JavaFX Lexers, no JavaFX Profiler in Module manager 2011-10-19
157820 javafx Editor pnejedly VERI INVA no viable alternative at character '<EOF>' Trying to recover from error. NoViableAltException 2009-12-18
137941 javafx Debugger alexeybutenko VERI FIXE debugger api: wrong module category 2009-07-17
185554 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI WORK [69cat] Values template introduces errors 2010-08-10
202655 javafx Platform tzezula RESO DUPL not all JavaSE plugins activated after manual JavaFX2 activation 2014-02-25
155093 javafx Editor manowar VERI FIXE I18N : Abnormal coloring of codes for JavaFX 2009-04-15
242736 javafx Project rsvitanic VERI FIXE JavaFX FXML Application projects have "Request unrestricted access" checked by default 2014-07-20
174111 javafx Unsuppor akorostelev RESO WONT Archive Add Entry function should allow user to add a folder 2011-05-16
153525 javafx Unsuppor manowar VERI FIXE Show Boolean type instead of boolean in the Navigator 2008-12-25
132217 javafx Unsuppor manowar RESO WONT Wrong name used in the Java Platform Manager 2011-10-19
257979 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- Java FX integration deactivates periodically and needs to be manually re-activated 2016-03-08
212021 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- When moving main class update project properties 2013-09-16
173594 javafx Unsuppor kharezlak VERI INVA A11Y issues with Java FX Palette 2010-06-16
137146 javafx Unsuppor obarbashov VERI FIXE Preview feature on Mac: Image displayed is chopped off. 2009-03-11
235847 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- [74cat] JavaFX FXML Naming conventions for Maven project. 2013-09-11
187792 javafx Editor asotona RESO WONT Enter does not add closing part for doc comments 2011-05-16
137633 javafx Editor manowar RESO WONT Completion:suggest attributes to be overriden in subclass 2011-04-11
25 bugs found.
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