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  • Product: javafx

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
174111 javafx Unsuppor akorostelev RESO WONT Archive Add Entry function should allow user to add a folder 2011-05-16
153525 javafx Unsuppor manowar VERI FIXE Show Boolean type instead of boolean in the Navigator 2008-12-25
202655 javafx Platform tzezula RESO DUPL not all JavaSE plugins activated after manual JavaFX2 activation 2014-02-25
155093 javafx Editor manowar VERI FIXE I18N : Abnormal coloring of codes for JavaFX 2009-04-15
242235 javafx Editor sdedic REOP --- While making a minor edit to an FXML file, the editor attempted to download: Retrieving Location: 2014-08-17
137146 javafx Unsuppor obarbashov VERI FIXE Preview feature on Mac: Image displayed is chopped off. 2009-03-11
235847 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- [74cat] JavaFX FXML Naming conventions for Maven project. 2013-09-11
187792 javafx Editor asotona RESO WONT Enter does not add closing part for doc comments 2011-05-16
137633 javafx Editor manowar RESO WONT Completion:suggest attributes to be overriden in subclass 2011-04-11
165434 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI WONT JavaFX sample fails to rebuild properly 2009-10-06
132217 javafx Unsuppor manowar RESO WONT Wrong name used in the Java Platform Manager 2011-10-19
212021 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- When moving main class update project properties 2013-09-16
173594 javafx Unsuppor kharezlak VERI INVA A11Y issues with Java FX Palette 2010-06-16
208484 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- Project name in jfx-impl.xml is set always to the same default value 2013-09-04
186023 javafx Editor manowar VERI INVA Extra newline inserted before the class closing brace 2010-06-17
140018 javafx Editor asotona RESO WONT Setting custom SDK does not refresh the Editor first time 2011-05-16
162675 javafx Editor manowar VERI WONT Code formating: actions are not formatted after dragging it from Palette 2009-08-04
157444 javafx Deployme asotona RESO WONT Self Signed Jar: keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Key pair not generated 2011-05-16
199279 javafx Deployme manowar RESO WORK HTLM templates for web deployment 2011-11-01
144638 javafx Unsuppor kaktus RESO INVA Need way to compile with switches: -Xlint:deprecatio 2011-10-21
150697 javafx Editor asotona RESO WONT Code completion does not work before class instancing 2011-05-16
209647 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- Warnings in the IDE log 2014-04-11
176516 javafx Platform asotona RESO WONT Missing platform: default platform - but the Default platfom is still there 2011-05-16
186477 javafx Editor manowar VERI WORK Formatting with function run and args adds spaces or lines 2010-06-17
147555 javafx Unsuppor obarbashov VERI WORK Extra whitespace at bottom of window shows during Preview only 2009-01-23
25 bugs found.
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