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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
130138 javafx Editor asotona RESO WONT UMBRELLA: JavaFX Editor 2011-05-16
237662 javafx Visual T rsvitanic STAR --- SceneBuilder 2.0 integration 2015-03-05
143469 javafx Editor dstrupl VERI WORK Language change: Function parameters are immutable 2008-09-19
150261 javafx Debugger alexeybutenko VERI DUPL Debugger ignores breakpoints 2008-10-21
155927 javafx Deployme asotona VERI FIXE [Latest SDK] Projects do not run 2009-01-14
146031 javafx Editor alexeybutenko VERI INVA AssertionError exception when open editor 2008-09-09
184067 javafx Editor manowar VERI DUPL On MAC the, JavaFX Editor strikes out global Field and Class declaration 2010-04-15
143340 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.javafx.platform.platformdefinition.DefaultPlatformImpl.create 2008-08-14
191699 javafx Unsuppor dkaspar RESO WONT java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find resource for bundle org.openide.util.NbBundle$PBundle, key LBL_TreeItemValue_root.item 2011-05-16
130140 javafx Editor pnejedly VERI FIXE Create JavaFX Source 2008-10-08
135784 javafx Debugger alexeybutenko VERI WORK Annotation: value = DebuggerAction.createContinueAction Exception when installing JavaFX Script plugin 2008-07-03
146952 javafx Editor dstrupl VERI FIXE T8: Code completion 2008-10-29
132623 javafx Unsuppor mryzl VERI FIXE Update of bundled SDK 2009-01-12
133828 javafx Platform asotona VERI INVA It should be forbidden to create JavaFX Platform on top of JDK 5 or less 2008-11-11
181050 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE StackOverflowError at 2010-07-22
132819 javafx Unsuppor obarbashov VERI FIXE Preview does not work with Reprise APIs 2009-07-17
146130 javafx Unsuppor kaktus VERI WORK Exception when starting IDE: Paths passed to InstalledFileLocator.locate should not end in '/': javafx-sdk1.0pre1/docs/ 2011-10-19
132917 javafx Unsuppor kaktus VERI WONT Compilation doesn't work if NetBeans run on jdk1.5 2008-04-24
125461 javafx Unsuppor av-nb VERI INVA Exception when open a file in NetBeans 6.1 2011-10-19
143409 javafx Debugger alexeybutenko VERI FIXE Implement Single step debugging 2008-09-10
130141 javafx Editor dstrupl VERI FIXE Create editor scheduler 2008-04-23
153181 javafx Unsuppor kaktus VERI FIXE Some Modules could not be installed in NB 6.5 #45 and #46 2008-11-14
146953 javafx Unsuppor misk VERI FIXE T9: JavaFX Palette 2012-12-16
132628 javafx Editor dstrupl VERI FIXE Request for methods in JavaFX Source 2008-10-09
170984 javafx Unsuppor psuchomel VERI FIXE Wrong FX SDK 1.2.1 was used to create appropriate NBMs 2010-02-10
25 bugs found.
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