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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
156672 javafx Platform asotona VERI FIXE [Latest SDK] [Mac] Project does not run: javafxpackager: cannot execute 2009-01-14
177399 javafx Unsuppor yardus VERI FIXE AssertionError at org.netbeans.api.javafx.source.ElementHandle.create 2009-11-26
151025 javafx Deployme asotona VERI FIXE STOPPER: Reference problems: "default_fx_platform " could not be found 2008-10-22
184240 javafx Unsuppor psuchomel VERI FIXE org.netbeans.modules.javafx.bindspy shouldn't be part of FX build 2010-06-09
168803 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE NetBeans 6.7.1 fcs. Project execution failed ${platforms.default_fx_platform.fxhome}/bin/javafxpackager: not found 2009-07-21
130277 javafx Unsuppor av-nb VERI FIXE JavaFX Project System Umbrella issue 2011-10-19
226112 javafx Deployme psomol RESO FIXE Unblock Binary CSS Encoding in JavaFX Projects 2013-05-31
190364 javafx Unsuppor asotona RESO WONT Pack200 flag in Applications tab of properties is ignored completely. Pack200 on by default. Causes problems with Resource Loading From Jar 2011-05-16
176902 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI DUPL NullPointerException: ergonomics.newproject.DescriptionStep.waitForDelegateWizard 2009-11-27
151247 javafx Deployme kaktus VERI FIXE [Mac PPC] Web Start and Applets do not work 2008-10-27
139363 javafx Unsuppor obarbashov VERI FIXE IllegalMonitorStateException when disabling or resetting the Preview 2008-07-21
177063 javafx Unsuppor pnejedly VERI FIXE JavaFx doesn't enable Java 2009-11-20
175580 javafx Debugger mentlicher VERI FIXE Unable to set a breakpoint 2009-11-02
149660 javafx Deployme asotona VERI FIXE javafxpackager complains of unknown argument 2008-10-27
171471 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE C/V test failed. testActionInstancesOnlyInActionsFolder 2009-09-30
167778 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE [NB 6.7] IDE with JavaFX projects hangs 2009-07-13
145407 javafx Unsuppor pnejedly VERI FIXE Project creation throws LinkageError: loader constraint violation 2011-10-19
150755 javafx Deployme kaktus VERI FIXE MAC: Run in browser shows finder & fails with liveconnect.OriginNotAllowedException 2008-10-24
140961 javafx Unsuppor kaktus VERI FIXE Unable to install plugin: Missing required modules - requires javaf.sdk 2011-11-30
159590 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE Unable to install 6.5.1 nbms: JavaFX Source Debug is requested in version >= 1.6 but only 1.5 was found. 2009-03-05
152444 javafx Platform dstrupl VERI FIXE FX project causes 100% cpu utilization 2009-07-17
132419 javafx Editor dstrupl VERI WORK Need public access to CompilationInfo.getJavafxcTask() 2008-04-28
130278 javafx Unsuppor av-nb VERI FIXE Applet deployment functionality 2011-10-19
179915 javafx Unsuppor rbalada VERI FIXE Port TreePathHandle -> ElementLocation refactoring into release68_fixes branch 2010-01-28
172645 javafx Editor manowar VERI FIXE Code formating freezes IDE 2009-10-08
25 bugs found.
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