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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
143450 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE T4: API profile match 2011-10-19
173551 javafx Editor kharezlak VERI WORK NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.javafx.editor.hints.OverridenTaskFactory$ 2009-10-05
139137 javafx Unsuppor obarbashov VERI WORK Animation can block ide in some cases 2008-07-16
186925 javafx Unsuppor dkaspar VERI INCO Error in resource package - Error parsing 2010-07-22
132751 javafx Editor dstrupl VERI FIXE Implement CompilationInfo.getDocument() 2008-04-28
139683 javafx Unsuppor misk VERI WORK Update plugins to the latest version of the SDK 2008-08-14
202492 javafx Deployme psomol VERI FIXE invoking project properties before first run exception 2011-09-27
171611 javafx Unsuppor manowar VERI WORK Use of SystemOption and OpenIDE-Module-Loader 2009-10-08
177301 javafx Unsuppor yardus VERI FIXE AssertionError at org.netbeans.modules.javafx.refactoring.impl.RenameRefactoringElement.init 2009-11-26
147568 javafx Unsuppor kaktus VERI WORK platforms.default_fx_platform.fxhome not found 2011-10-19
146294 javafx Editor dstrupl VERI WORK Code completion throws NPE: visitBinary 2008-09-18
159222 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE [651] ClassNotFoundException ClassNotFoundException: Will not load class SourcesViewAction 2011-10-19
156820 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE increase version numbers 2009-07-17
133148 javafx Unsuppor kaktus VERI FIXE When using Preview with Reprise content: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/javafx/runtime/FXObject 2009-07-17
133167 javafx Unsuppor kaktus VERI FIXE Project is not built 2011-10-19
143451 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE Build options 2011-10-19
152977 javafx Unsuppor misk VERI FIXE Add JavaFX link on NB Welcome/Start page 2009-01-15
153376 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE IDE hangs when switching execution model to Mobile emulator 2011-10-19
202510 javafx Platform manowar VERI FIXE Sample FX projects don't autodetect JavaFX platform 2011-09-27
156066 javafx Deployme asotona VERI WONT Project does not run in Mobile Emulator 2009-01-14
183721 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI FIXE AssertionError at 2010-07-22
156531 javafx Unsuppor asotona VERI WONT [Latest SDK] Project does not run: cannot access javafx.lang.Builtins 2011-10-19
171612 javafx Unsuppor mzlamal VERI FIXE Build with javafx does not use FoD 2009-10-20
146296 javafx Editor dstrupl VERI WORK NPE Scope.lookup 2008-09-18
189249 javafx Unsuppor yardus RESO WONT NullPointerException: The classPath parameter cannot be null 2011-05-16
25 bugs found.
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