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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
244703 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- Adapt FXML to basic refactorings 2015-04-03
271048 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- FXML autocomplete not working 2017-07-06
237644 javafx Project tzezula NEW --- ClassIndex should support isTypeOf queries 2015-03-09
251355 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- JAVAFX - Fxml refactor - on the onAction functions 2015-03-22
221184 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- Support JavaFX2 in Maven Projects 2016-01-10
261571 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- Refactor controller class in fxml files. 2016-05-14
267452 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- Try Sample Project (Perform the following for each sample in the above list- START AT THE BEGINNING AND STOP AT THE MAVEN SAMPLE - 24 tests in all)) 2016-08-05
268489 javafx Deployme rsvitanic NEW --- Cannot perform clean build 2017-05-15
222295 javafx Platform tzezula NEW --- JavaFX maven project doesn't enable Scene Builder Integration 2016-01-10
241853 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- [80cat] Navigator still shows old values for fxml file after it has been updated in Scene Builder 2015-09-29
207868 javafx Platform tzezula NEW --- Feature request: Possibility to setup JavaFX location manually 2013-09-04
252323 javafx Platform tzezula NEW --- Native Bundled app on Mac OS X Mavericks and JRE 1.8.0_45 doesn't start 2015-05-09
239676 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- [80cat] Cannot BUILD first created JavaFX Application with Preloader project 2016-08-01
209589 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- Cannot "Run Main Project with Monitoring and Management" for JavaFX project. 2013-09-04
234326 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- Make Controller uses deprecated Initializable 2013-09-04
269515 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- AssertionError: AsyncCompletionTask: query=org.netbeans.modules.javafx2.editor.FXMLCompletion2$Q@242ab94a: query.query(): Result set not finished by resultSet.finish() 2017-01-09
236822 javafx Project sdedic NEW --- Make Controller for fx:root 2014-07-18
199277 javafx Deployme rsvitanic NEW --- Advanced browser selection 2013-09-04
252416 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- Use fx:constant for constants that are not the same type as the enclosing class' type 2015-05-15
255697 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- Run Ensemble8 Project and verify 2015-10-06
258932 javafx Visual T rsvitanic NEW --- OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space 2016-04-21
269679 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- JavaFX 8 Project Under Java 9 in NB9 2017-02-06
252417 javafx Editor sdedic NEW --- Support HashMap in FXML 2017-03-01
229015 javafx Project mkozeny NEW --- org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'explicit-platform'. One of '{"":web-service-clients, "h 2014-07-30
213586 javafx Deployme rsvitanic NEW --- Add generic parameter passing to <fx:jar> and <fx:deploy> tasks 2013-09-04
25 bugs found.
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