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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
83076 javaee App Clie mkrauskopf VERI FIXE Make appclient from ex.sources consistent 2006-08-24
172613 javaee JSF dkonecny NEW --- JSF 2.0 defects which impacts students of Java EE intro course 2011-09-19
8275 javaee Code rkubacki CLOS WONT JSP Execution problem when the external browser is wrongly configured. 2002-07-19
123137 javaee Web Proj dkonecny RESO WONT Browse button in web project import wizard should show files too (not only directories) 2009-12-21
239273 javaee EJB marfous RESO FIXE @PostConstruct method error hint is shown even if it's throwing RuntimeException 2013-12-10
30472 javaee Code sgleason RESO DUPL When deleting taglibrary from lib IDE should unmount it first 2010-01-12
63977 javaee EJB mkuchtiak RESO WORK Two separators in pop-up menu for ejb-jar.xml 2009-11-10
38779 javaee Code mbohm RESO INVA Wizard Filter (UI): Parameters edit area size and inconsistency with Servlet wizard 2010-01-12
129078 javaee EJB Proj dkonecny RESO WONT Inconsistent displayed EJB names in project View 2009-12-21
63131 javaee Struts potingwu RESO WONT Add Forward throws NPE on initial background scanning 2009-12-21
69600 javaee EAR mkrauskopf VERI FIXE Inconsistence in the server selection list - servers are not ordered 2006-12-11
8681 javaee Code pjiricka CLOS FIXE It is impossible to start an external browser in JSP execution process. 2003-07-02
59801 javaee Refactor emononen VERI FIXE ChangeParameters lists each occurence twice 2007-10-22
31535 javaee Code issues VERI FIXE 'Create' button in "New wizard" works incorrectly 2003-04-07
65976 javaee Code pbuzek NEW --- [50cat] in create mthod window parameter default type and return default type should change... 2005-10-05
179476 javaee EAR dkonecny NEW --- open required projects on the Open Projects window should be on by default 2010-01-14
80178 javaee Code martin_adamek RESO FIXE Finder method cannot throw exceptions 2008-11-18
20911 javaee Code rkubacki CLOS FIXE Directory not valid error when creating a web module with a new directory 2003-07-02
101229 javaee Code pslechta RESO FIXE New Servlet has lightbulbs when created 2010-01-12
30572 javaee Code rkubacki VERI FIXE Awkward wording in servlet execution warning 2003-08-10
111657 javaee JSP jlahoda RESO WONT wrong error possition for unfinished declaration 2009-12-21
51616 javaee Web Proj dkonecny RESO WORK getCanonicalFile() on file '(list of jars)' failed message when web project loaded 2007-10-05
166350 javaee Web Proj dkonecny NEW --- No warning shown when invalid char is entered to the libraries folder 2009-09-18
44462 javaee Code issues RESO FIXE class org.apache.jasper.compiler.CompilerHacks$HackPageInfo cannot access 2006-06-05
8982 javaee Code rkubacki CLOS FIXE Code completion doesn't pop up automatically inside scriptlet and close after one typed char. 2003-07-02
25 bugs found.
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