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  • Product: javaee

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
30945 javaee Code mgrebac VERI FIXE Warning about removing servlet breakpoint do not shown 2003-09-18
20084 javaee HTTP Mon avk VERI FIXE MON: session cookie option buttons in the Edit and Replay window should always be in the same location 2006-06-05
45035 javaee Web Proj pbuzek CLOS FIXE Compilation classpath items - full row selection 2006-03-24
13776 javaee Code rkubacki CLOS FIXE Remove confirmation dialog for marking as servlet 2003-07-02
71109 javaee Code pslechta RESO FIXE FindBugs tool issues in j2ee/utilities 2009-02-19
149255 javaee JSP mfukala RESO FIXE unexpected symbol for generated rgb values: 2010-05-06
162772 javaee JSP dkonecny RESO WONT tricky indentation case which is not handled properly 2016-07-07
11630 javaee Code rkubacki CLOS FIXE Deleted servlets leave behind them some information in web module 2003-07-02
24773 javaee JSP ppisl RESO INCO USABILITY: Would be nice to have an editor action to insert a JSP/HTML comment 2011-09-19
116547 javaee HTTP Mon issues RESO WONT external shutdown and the HTTP Monitor 2009-12-21
59022 javaee JSP issues RESO WONT Icons in JSP code completion 2016-07-07
31107 javaee Code sgleason RESO FIXE NEW FROM TEMPLATE/TAGLIB: help the user more with suitable location 2010-01-12
188945 javaee Maven mjanicek RESO FIXE EAR project node is misleading 2011-10-12
141444 javaee Web Proj dkonecny RESO WONT [65cat] Configuration Files without all javax.faces.CONFIG_FILES 2016-07-07
53580 javaee Code geertjan RESO WONT Incorrect text in CoinFlip tutorial 2006-08-22
109157 javaee Code martin_adamek RESO INVA Error when opening file 2008-12-24
31123 javaee Code sgleason RESO FIXE WEB MODULE: Allow user to replace tag lib even if server is still active 2004-09-17
212377 javaee JSF marfous RESO WORK Selecting PrimeFaces doesnt give errors even if its not available in Libraries 2012-10-12
46498 javaee Debugger lkotouc VERI WONT Make tooltips work in generated servlet, too 2007-03-15
30110 javaee Code mkuchtiak RESO WONT Tag Usage: items that didn't fit into TEGAL milestones 2016-07-07
51168 javaee Code nityad RESO INVA Flickering nodes of appserver in server registry 2008-09-17
14667 javaee Code dfrach CLOS FIXE ClassCastException has been thrown during changing of webmodule's 'Target Server' property 2004-03-15
74172 javaee JSP tslota RESO WONT Expand tab to space option cannot be different in JAVA and JSP indentation engine 2008-11-03
59450 javaee Debugger lkotouc VERI WORK JSP Debugger's Maverick Breakpoints. 2005-12-14
217597 javaee Maven mjanicek RESO INCO war:inplace problem? 2013-09-02
25 bugs found.
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