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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
80558 javaee JSP tslota RESO WONT Wrong cursor position on emty lines in code template 2009-12-21
30868 javaee Code robertgregor RESO FIXE TAGLB & CVS: taglib is marked as modified even if no changes were done 2004-08-13
157765 javaee Web Proj dkonecny RESO WONT After adding JSF framework I must change something in tab Libraries 2016-07-07
52002 javaee Web Proj pbuzek CLOS WORK Customizer - title of dialog Add Filter for exclude content 2006-03-24
19913 javaee Code pjiricka RESO FIXE "Compile All" on web module does not work appropriately. 2004-02-04
128817 javaee JSF issues RESO WORK Misleading error message in JSF application 2012-10-12
151506 javaee JSP Pars tmysik RESO WONT incorrect warning for missing JSP end tag 2010-05-06
76768 javaee Web Proj dkonecny RESO WONT Usability improvements for "new web project with existing sources" wizard 2009-12-21
24236 javaee Code issues RESO WONT Debugger should delete(disable) jsp breakpoint when user deletes servlet breakpoint 2016-07-07
148229 javaee Code martin_adamek RESO WONT Missing description for "Geronimo 2 Application Server" plugin 2008-12-24
21699 javaee Code avk RESO FIXE USABILITY: Frustrating behavior when attempting to create servlet outside of a web module 2003-12-11
30909 javaee Code issues RESO FIXE WAR: negative regexp filer should differ from not negative. 2005-02-18
145394 javaee EJB martin_adamek RESO WORK Where is entity bean option in 5.5.1? 2008-12-24
52118 javaee Code mkuchtiak CLOS FIXE TLD context menu - remove Open action 2010-01-12
56087 javaee EJB issues RESO WONT Add relationship dialog - sort Entity Bean choices 2008-12-24
24704 javaee Code issues CLOS DUPL Warning messages on IDE startup 2003-07-02
32464 javaee Code pbuzek RESO WONT use \Settings folder only for settings that should be different in different configurations 2003-12-11
66727 javaee HTTP Mon issues CLOS WONT [50cat] HTTPMonitor doesn't work (JDK1.6 specific issue) 2011-06-09
55565 javaee Code issues RESO FIXE [41cat] Icons in combo at editor 2006-08-22
21895 javaee HTTP Mon issues RESO WONT Edit Value dialog should be made non-modal 2016-07-07
145665 javaee EJB issues RESO WORK An exception "javax.jmi.reflect.ClosureViolationException" occurs while creating the remote finder method in NetBeans IDE 5.5 2008-12-24
221330 javaee Persiste sj-nb RESO WONT a error warning after run a guide to generate a entity from database with NameQuery. 2016-07-07
121750 javaee Debugger mentlicher RESO FIXE Prompt "Is the server running in debug mode buttons are reversed 2009-06-15
46292 javaee Code pslechta RESO WONT An object instantiated from a template created from a servlet is not marked as a servlet 2009-11-02
57629 javaee DD Edito mkuchtiak RESO WONT Wrong pathelement in build script 2008-09-17
25 bugs found.
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