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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
233302 javaee Persiste sj-nb REOP --- RuntimeException: DOM graph creation failed: org.netbeans.modules.schema2beans.Schema2BeansRuntimeException: Failed to create the XML-DOM Document. Check your XML to make sure it is correct. Il rifer 2015-03-07
125977 javaee Code issues NEW --- server groups - support "multi-host" deployment profiles for server applications 2008-04-26
7509 javaee Code rkubacki CLOS FIXE Action "Shift-Enter" is not enabled in the JSP completion window 2003-07-02
190948 javaee EJB Proj dkonecny NEW --- Unable to deploy war/ejb to Glassfish 3.1 2010-11-08
131939 javaee Web Proj mjanicek RESO WORK Wrong "Run/Debug File" captions 2013-12-17
113590 javaee Code martin_adamek RESO INVA Too many Enters needed to close the Add op/bm dialog 2008-12-24
20302 javaee Code robertgregor RESO FIXE TAGLB: when adding a new tag to a tag library, the "close" button doesn't verify 2004-08-05
87018 javaee Code mbohm NEW --- JspNode.getIcon(BeanInfo.ICON_COLOR_32x32) returns icon with size 16x16 2009-02-19
38505 javaee Code issues REOP --- Provide coloring in java scriptlets within JSP documents 2006-12-04
45191 javaee Code rnajman CLOS FIXE Wizard Import - missing Description mnemonic 2010-01-12
54396 javaee DD Edito emononen RESO FIXE Go To in editor could navigate to deployment descriptor 2008-10-23
225921 javaee JSF Edit marfous RESO WORK Accept xml "&&" as "&&" in EL expressions in JSF xhtml files. 2014-02-14
33197 javaee Debugger mgrebac VERI WONT Compile JSP with breakpoint dialog should have title "Question" 2005-12-14
146890 javaee EJB issues NEW --- EJB task scanning is reportedly slow 2011-02-17
31207 javaee Code mgrebac VERI WORK Paste popup menu item should be grayed in generated servlet 2003-09-18
39883 javaee Code issues VERI FIXE New from templates menu could be webmodule specific 2006-06-04
72169 javaee Persiste abadea RESO INVA [cc] Completion stopped working in servlet generated from JSP 2008-05-19
156848 javaee Web Proj mjanicek RESO WONT Renaming the project should not change Context Path 2013-12-17
49834 javaee Code issues RESO DUPL Add support for JSF to the netbeans IDE 2004-10-04
173646 javaee Persiste sj-nb RESO DUPL persistence.xml editor looses Design/XML switching buttons 2010-02-11
116662 javaee Palette pslechta RESO FIXE DB Report inserts broken code 2008-06-18
8220 javaee Code issues CLOS FIXE Editor will not load JSP 2002-07-19
156974 javaee Hibernat issues NEW --- Lack of Javadocs for Hibernate. 2009-01-19
20756 javaee Code avk CLOS WONT When creating a new servlet from the wizard, use the Description field for getServletInfo method 2003-12-02
38772 javaee Code emononen RESO FIXE Deleting Servlet/Filter/Listener - confirmation message inconsistency 2006-05-12
25 bugs found.
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