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  • Product: javaee

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
107280 javaee EJB issues NEW --- Missing static function to create and add an assemplyDescriptor 2009-11-10
74975 javaee Web Proj rnajman VERI DUPL Open Project modifies build.xml 2006-06-05
105716 javaee EJB madamek VERI DUPL Profiling blocked by NoClassDefFoundError: org/netbeans/modules/j2ee/spi/ejbjar/EarProvider 2007-06-05
53349 javaee Code issues CLOS FIXE AntArtifact enhancements 2006-03-24
48414 javaee Web Proj abadea RESO FIXE Support creation of web projects with other source structures 2004-12-14
116445 javaee JSP mfukala VERI INVA deadlocks while opening jsp file 2007-09-24
110102 javaee JSP mfukala VERI FIXE indentation doesn't work 2007-08-06
151704 javaee Web Proj sustaining RESO WONT Debug breakpoints do not break after installing latest nb update modules 2008-11-25
38654 javaee Code ppisl VERI FIXE Deadlock when opening JSP page 2004-03-15
188702 javaee JSP manowar RESO FIXE No code completion for uri attribute of the taglib directive 2010-11-10
29909 javaee Code pjiricka CLOS FIXE Create branch for WebApps J2EE 1.4 development 2003-12-11
228396 javaee Web Proj dkonecny RESO FIXE Web application without deploy on save still deploying 2013-04-18
166047 javaee Refactor mkleint RESO DUPL NullPointerException: Passed null to FileOwnerQuery.getOwner(FileObject) 2009-09-25
57085 javaee EJB Proj pfiala CLOS FIXE NPE is thrown when create EJB project 2006-03-24
52422 javaee Code pfiala VERI FIXE [Cat2-26] Visual DD editor for ejb-jar.xml 2006-06-03
155197 javaee Persiste mbohm RESO DUPL [65cat] Generated CRUD editor does not handle lazily loaded lists 2008-12-11
133893 javaee Spring abadea VERI FIXE Refactoring(Rename) fails with ClassCastException 2008-06-04
145554 javaee Hibernat vadirajvd VERI FIXE [65cat] AssertionError: Folder URI must end with '/'. Was: file:/C:/Program%20Files/Sun/JavaDB/lib/derbyclient.jar 2008-11-05
96779 javaee Persiste emononen RESO FIXE Provide a way to create persistence.xml in J2SE project 2007-03-20
29986 javaee Code mkuchtiak RESO FIXE DD Editor implementation 2006-06-05
187653 javaee Persiste sj-nb RESO FIXE OOM when entities from db are generated 2010-11-15
20604 javaee Code mkuchtiak CLOS INVA Error executing a web module in the root context if a previous web module was deployed to the root context 2004-05-03
91713 javaee Persiste abadea RESO FIXE Provide information about annotation entity mappings 2007-07-04
97308 javaee Persiste emononen RESO DUPL ClassCastException XMLDataObject from PersistenceUtils$EntityMappingsCache.getPUDataObject 2007-03-07
42952 javaee Code issues RESO DUPL Stop using openide/execution/deprecated 2006-06-04
25 bugs found.
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