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  • Product: javaee

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
11257 javaee Code pjiricka CLOS FIXE JSP execution in Webmodules often doesn't work. 2003-07-02
55344 javaee Code rkubacki CLOS FIXE Frequent OOME from PermGen when using J2EE functionality 2006-03-24
199032 javaee Persiste sj-nb STAR --- Properties in persistence.xml editor, general and provider specific 2013-08-13
93084 javaee JSP mfukala VERI FIXE tag files are uneditable - NPE 2007-01-30
192922 javaee Web Proj dkonecny RESO FIXE Cannot start .jsp file 2010-12-09
158540 javaee Code jjancura VERI FIXE test-build failed in web.core.syntax 2009-02-19
121303 javaee JSP tslota VERI FIXE jsp comment blocks reformating 2007-11-13
54510 javaee EJB pfiala CLOS FIXE overview tab discards data entered in xml 2009-11-10
132047 javaee EAR dkonecny CLOS FIXE I18N - EntApp project properties dlg has resize problem 2008-04-09
103097 javaee EJB martin_adamek NEW --- Refactor SendJMSGenerator 2007-06-18
52424 javaee Code mgrebac VERI FIXE [Cat2-35] Synchronize the files in EJB module 2005-07-11
229480 javaee JSF marfous VERI FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.web.jsf.api.editor.JSFResourceBundlesProvider$ 2013-06-07
75635 javaee Web Proj mkrauskopf VERI FIXE IDE frozen after "Resolve Reference Problem" 2006-06-27
56768 javaee EJB madamek RESO WORK REGRESSION: Cannot create new cmp from db 2005-03-22
29945 javaee Code pjiricka RESO WONT Bundle Tomcat 5 beta with NetBeans 3.5 2005-02-18
66570 javaee Web Proj dkonecny RESO WORK The frameworks are not customizable 2008-04-09
186516 javaee Spring alexeybutenko VERI FIXE Typo in Spring library version 2010-05-25
104558 javaee EJB madamek RESO DUPL REGRESSION: Unable to call Enterprise Beans using NetBeans 6.0 2007-05-23
120760 javaee JSP Pars tmysik VERI FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.web.jspparser.JspParserImpl.initReflection 2009-05-25
229773 javaee JSF marfous VERI FIXE JSF from entity classes point to not existing template 2013-05-17
71851 javaee EJB Proj madamek VERI FIXE Cannot create an ejb module 2006-01-31
75325 javaee JSF sherold VERI FIXE ide hangs up during inserting JSF Data table 2006-07-28
210151 javaee Spring marfous VERI FIXE update version of spring to 256sec03 2012-04-06
186798 javaee JSF alexeybutenko VERI FIXE Warning message about JSF on WebLogic 2010-06-07
162990 javaee JSP mfukala VERI FIXE Scriplet element in onclick attr breaks JavaScript CC 2009-04-23
25 bugs found.
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