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  • Product: javaee

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
52316 javaee Code issues CLOS FIXE NPE after Call EJB in servlet 2006-03-24
74975 javaee Web Proj rnajman VERI DUPL Open Project modifies build.xml 2006-06-05
137961 javaee JSP mfukala RESO DUPL IDE freezes while editing JSP 2008-06-23
29977 javaee Code asunhachawee RESO FIXE UI for DD ditor 2005-01-14
117732 javaee JSF ppisl VERI FIXE Missing Open action on faces-config.xml 2007-10-05
188702 javaee JSP manowar RESO FIXE No code completion for uri attribute of the taglib directive 2010-11-10
57076 javaee Code ppisl RESO FIXE TagLibParseSupport as API 2007-02-02
13227 javaee Code ppisl CLOS FIXE Executing and debugging on Tomcat doesn't work if Tomcat mapping is missing 2001-06-28
52421 javaee Code pfiala VERI FIXE [Cat2-24] Configure CMP EJB: relations 2006-06-03
91501 javaee EAR tmysik VERI FIXE Ear project should return AntArtifactProvider thru Lookup 2007-03-23
140870 javaee Web Proj dkonecny VERI FIXE Cannot open web project 2008-09-22
110241 javaee JSP ppisl VERI FIXE Cannot compile JSP on JDK1.5.0 2007-07-20
58161 javaee EAR vkraemer CLOS FIXE web folder is not in sources when debugging EAR 2006-05-30
88823 javaee Web Free rnajman RESO DUPL java.lang.StackOverflowError 2006-11-08
187653 javaee Persiste sj-nb RESO FIXE OOM when entities from db are generated 2010-11-15
72179 javaee EJB pbuzek VERI FIXE Exception is thrown when generate JSP page from bean 2006-02-03
174701 javaee Persiste sj-nb RESO FIXE JSF Pages from Entity Classes generates uncompilable code with GF b67 2009-10-17
110518 javaee Web Proj dkonecny NEW --- J2EE Server version 2010-09-21
56156 javaee JSP ppisl RESO INCO Error annotations limit for JSP 2011-09-19
108088 javaee Persiste abadea RESO FIXE websvc/rest needs to depends on j2ee/persistenceapi 2007-06-27
142315 javaee Persiste dongmeic RESO INVA Duplicate persistence relationship fields generated 2008-07-31
122544 javaee Code jpospisil VERI FIXE Excessively long file paths in CVS 2008-01-15
229480 javaee JSF marfous VERI FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.web.jsf.api.editor.JSFResourceBundlesProvider$ 2013-06-07
154421 javaee Code issues RESO FIXE J2EE tests failing in the trunk build on deadlock 2009-02-19
128557 javaee EAR dkonecny RESO DUPL Add module action does not modify mandatory DD 2008-02-28
25 bugs found.
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