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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
48414 javaee Web Proj abadea RESO FIXE Support creation of web projects with other source structures 2004-12-14
55797 javaee EJB abadea CLOS FIXE No code generation works on code with generics 2006-03-24
56737 javaee EJB Proj abadea CLOS FIXE Not able to create ejb project 2006-03-24
56968 javaee Code abadea RESO WORK EJB Wizard throws IAE: no folders selected 2006-06-03
58627 javaee EJB Proj abadea VERI FIXE Missing support for CVS project actions 2006-08-16
63705 javaee EAR abadea RESO FIXE IAE when creating Enterprise Application with Existing Sources 2005-09-14
74289 javaee EJB Proj abadea RESO DUPL Error during EJB module creation 2006-04-03
75344 javaee Editor abadea VERI FIXE [cc] Completion of DB based annotations does not work 2006-05-25
76063 javaee Persiste abadea REOP --- Retrieving database schema too long 2016-11-24
76743 javaee EJB Proj abadea VERI INVA EJB Module with Existing Sources wizard doesn't work 2006-06-28
81164 javaee EJB abadea VERI FIXE Entity classes are being generated instead of CMP beans 2006-07-26
89576 javaee Persiste abadea RESO FIXE Error while creating Entity class from database. 2007-01-07
91713 javaee Persiste abadea RESO FIXE Provide information about annotation entity mappings 2007-07-04
92046 javaee Persiste abadea VERI FIXE Entity classes from database are badly generated 2007-01-10
99733 javaee EJB Proj abadea RESO FIXE EjbJarProject illegally calls ProjectManager.findProject from within its constructor 2007-04-24
99792 javaee Code abadea RESO FIXE Java EE generic metadata model API review 2007-04-18
101478 javaee Persiste abadea RESO INVA Entity Wizard generate incorrect ManyToMany relationship mapping 2007-04-18
101719 javaee Persiste abadea RESO FIXE Entity from EntitiesFromDBGenerator is not immediately in the model 2009-05-26
105229 javaee EJB Proj abadea RESO FIXE Missing meta.inf property in 2007-05-31
108088 javaee Persiste abadea RESO FIXE websvc/rest needs to depends on j2ee/persistenceapi 2007-06-27
119767 javaee Code abadea VERI FIXE [60cat] NetBeans hangs after creating EJB Module Project 2007-10-31
130683 javaee JSP Pars abadea CLOS FIXE IllegalArgumentException from jspparser.ContextUtil.findRelativePath 2009-08-02
130772 javaee Spring abadea RESO WORK web project structure is duplicated 2008-03-26
133893 javaee Spring abadea VERI FIXE Refactoring(Rename) fails with ClassCastException 2008-06-04
138726 javaee Persiste abadea REOP --- Takes too long to load the available DB tables when creating new "Entity class from Database", with no option to cancel 2016-11-24
25 bugs found.
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