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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
70898 installe Code mslama RESO WONT Cannot launch installer 2006-10-23
95459 installe NBI dlipin RESO FIXE Windows NL should be able to get into account the java vendor 2007-03-30
113116 installe Code issues RESO WORK Downloadable installer package for NB6 without Glassfish/Tomcat runtimes 2007-08-21
160989 installe Code issues RESO DUPL [67cat] Incorrect detection of glassfish v2.1 2009-03-24
254512 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Smaller font on Windows 10 2015-08-19
133455 installe Code ynov RESO FIXE The description of a NetBeansIDE component empty 2009-04-23
115185 installe Code dstrupl RESO FIXE ClassCastException in NbEvents when using org.netbeans.modules.jnlpmodules.ClasspathModule 2007-09-17
44657 installe Code issues RESO WONT GTK+ based directory selection doesn't work optimally. 2006-02-16
109689 installe Code issues RESO DUPL Native window decoration for installer 2007-07-13
142570 installe SUN Stud mesnik RESO INVA The directory prod is deleted during installation. 2008-11-20
34793 installe Code issues CLOS FIXE Can not type under-bar (_) on Win from Japanese keyboard. 2005-01-31
156858 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Warning does not fit in window 2014-02-10
121076 installe NBI issues RESO WONT RejectedExecutionException occurs on installer exit 2007-11-23
91045 installe JDK bund mslama RESO WORK Minor cosmetic bug in final installation screenshots of JDK 6+NB 5.5 bundle 2007-03-28
121786 installe NBI dlipin RESO FIXE Unable to close finished installer using close btn 2008-02-06
123866 installe NBI lfischmeistr NEW --- Main wizard property container is not defined (null) 2014-02-10
102814 installe NBI ksorokin RESO FIXE BEA`s JDK 1.6.0 version is not parsed correctly 2007-07-05
67735 installe Code mslama RESO WONT Installer Hangs at 9% 2006-10-23
118555 installe Code dlipin RESO FIXE typo in installer 2007-10-11
129039 installe NBI dlipin RESO FIXE Silent installation via state file is not possible with custom products selected 2008-03-12
39328 installe Code mslama RESO WONT Open dialog's "Home" should be home directory 2005-02-11
92589 installe NBI dlipin RESO FIXE Windows NL should be capable of >2Gb file sizes 2007-04-16
163194 installe Code issues RESO WONT W at Welcome banner looks slightly corrupted. 2009-04-21
59811 installe Code mslama RESO WONT receive Java.NullPointer exception when I start up NetBeans after a fresh installation 2005-09-05
148709 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Open project from Windows Explorer 2014-02-10
25 bugs found.
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