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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
132957 installe Code issues RESO WORK netbeans 6.1 rc1 has encountered a problem while install 2008-05-05
95990 installe NBI issues RESO INVA Installer#parseArguments should be refactored 2007-05-02
255939 installe JDK bund lfischmeistr NEW --- problems with the jvm 2015-10-14
238729 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- NetBeans C/C++ bundle cannot be installed without JDK 2013-11-28
107258 installe NBI issues RESO DUPL Progress bar shows only percents 2008-08-14
101925 installe NBI issues RESO DUPL Panel is bouncing during installation 2007-04-20
115284 installe NBI issues RESO INVA FileChooser is initialized with wrong initial dir 2007-09-12
43713 installe Code issues CLOS FIXE When I go back to Directory Panel, installer sets installation dir to default value 2006-03-24
117545 installe Mac Nati issues RESO DUPL [MacOS] Mac installer does not allow user to change install location. 2007-10-03
226722 installe Mac Nati lfischmeistr NEW --- Key repeat does not work in Mac OS X 10.8.2 2014-01-27
93788 installe Code dlipin RESO FIXE extra line on the Gavotte installer panel 2007-09-25
35116 installe Code issues RESO WONT Inconsistant window title message of installer 2005-03-17
129023 installe NBI lfischmeistr NEW --- Enhance topSeparator in SwingFrameContainer 2014-02-10
192766 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Installer japanese message contains both shift-jis and unicode character. this shows strainge chimera string to console. 2014-02-10
252394 installe Code lfischmeistr RESO INCO Not able to uninstall because program does not show up in control panel. 2015-05-14
70898 installe Code mslama RESO WONT Cannot launch installer 2006-10-23
95459 installe NBI dlipin RESO FIXE Windows NL should be able to get into account the java vendor 2007-03-30
113116 installe Code issues RESO WORK Downloadable installer package for NB6 without Glassfish/Tomcat runtimes 2007-08-21
160989 installe Code issues RESO DUPL [67cat] Incorrect detection of glassfish v2.1 2009-03-24
133455 installe Code ynov RESO FIXE The description of a NetBeansIDE component empty 2009-04-23
115185 installe Code dstrupl RESO FIXE ClassCastException in NbEvents when using org.netbeans.modules.jnlpmodules.ClasspathModule 2007-09-17
44657 installe Code issues RESO WONT GTK+ based directory selection doesn't work optimally. 2006-02-16
109689 installe Code issues RESO DUPL Native window decoration for installer 2007-07-13
142570 installe SUN Stud mesnik RESO INVA The directory prod is deleted during installation. 2008-11-20
34793 installe Code issues CLOS FIXE Can not type under-bar (_) on Win from Japanese keyboard. 2005-01-31
25 bugs found.
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