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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
71034 installe JDK bund mslama VERI FIXE Wrong branding in nb50+jdk142_11 bundle 2006-03-22
106686 installe NBI ksorokin RESO FIXE Need system property which will keep error level after installer finished 2007-07-05
252720 installe NBI lfischmeistr RESO INVA [JDK 9] Installer fails on Linux 2015-06-02
114791 installe Code issues RESO DUPL Install Netbeans 6 dev on Solaris DE failed 2007-09-05
33291 installe Code issues VERI DUPL Installer should not offer import of settings from Beta, RCs 2003-04-29
94619 installe Code ksorokin VERI WORK Invalid or corrupt jarfile 2007-02-06
79113 installe Code ksorokin VERI FIXE Enterprise pack modules not available after installing pack over NB 2007-09-25
35077 installe Code issues VERI FIXE Can not install NB on all platforms when no JVM < 1.4 is available 2005-07-13
180715 installe Code dlipin RESO INVA Wrong version number in agreement for 6.9 M1 2010-02-15
80308 installe Tools bu rbalada VERI FIXE AS+NB installer bundles GF b.43 2006-07-26
85251 installe Code ksorokin RESO FIXE JavaEEServiceEngine wasn't found 2007-09-25
52182 installe Code mslama CLOS FIXE Branding of installers for 4.0 FCS. 2006-03-24
187101 installe Code dlipin VERI FIXE When NetBeans 6.9 RC1 builds installers, the file name is prepended with ${installers.file.prefix} 2010-07-09
90507 installe JDK bund mslama VERI FIXE JDK6 can't be installed 2006-12-04
102527 installe NBI ksorokin VERI FIXE Too large heap size set by installer 2007-04-30
108684 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Installer should be able to upgrade NetBeans to a new version 2015-04-30
32524 installe Code rgregor VERI FIXE Installer should prompt user before it replaces existing files 2003-04-07
58512 installe Code mslama CLOS FIXE Branding for NB 4.1 FCS 2006-03-24
175257 installe NBI dlipin RESO FIXE NPE in o.n.i.w.c.SwingFrameContainer.updateWizardUi during uninstallation 2010-03-22
89970 installe Code mslama RESO FIXE Install CDC Toolkit with CDC cluster 2006-12-05
166644 installe Code dlipin VERI FIXE Cannot download most 6.7 RC2 versions in ZIP format 2009-06-26
196576 installe Code ynov VERI FIXE Update bundled Tomcat to version 7.0.11 2011-03-17
107882 installe Code issues RESO DUPL Installation failed on Ubuntu 7.04 2007-06-26
167550 installe Tools bu issues RESO WONT Installation problem 2009-06-23
108201 installe Code issues RESO DUPL failed to install on XP 06/26/07 build. 2007-07-02
25 bugs found.
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