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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
174852 installe Mac Nati dlipin VERI FIXE Java FX is missing in New Project dialog 2009-10-22
89665 installe NBI ddugurov VERI FIXE Installer sometimes hangs while downloading components' data 2008-03-11
166356 installe Code dlipin VERI FIXE Cannot download 6.7 RC platform sources ZIP file (file not found) 2009-06-03
129407 installe Code issues VERI FIXE NetBeans 6.0.1 download page stilll points to the NB 6.1 M1 instead of NB 6.1 Beta 2008-03-06
107769 installe NBI mzlamal VERI FIXE CND is a part of Basic installation 2007-06-25
93323 installe NBI ksorokin VERI FIXE Download fails for all platforms except Windows 2007-03-30
115664 installe Code dlipin VERI FIXE I18N - Installation problems in Turkish locale 2007-09-25
145945 installe Debian ynov RESO FIXE JDA project is not possible to create on packaged Ubuntu 2009-02-06
30258 installe Code rgregor VERI FIXE Release 3.4.1 (Windows) Invalid downloaded setup file 2005-07-13
102661 installe NBI dlipin RESO FIXE NB Installer: Failed to install NetBean on Linux with latest nightly build 2007-05-11
32127 installe Code rgregor VERI FIXE Enable Japanese localization in installer project 2003-07-10
101209 installe NBI ksorokin VERI FIXE Uninstall does not work 2007-04-18
163568 installe Code dlipin RESO FIXE Unify multilingual download page to contain both Sun and Community supported languages 2009-04-30
187101 installe Code dlipin VERI FIXE When NetBeans 6.9 RC1 builds installers, the file name is prepended with ${installers.file.prefix} 2010-07-09
87595 installe NBI ksorokin VERI FIXE NetBeans IDE 5.5 resource bundle is reused for NetBeans IDE 6.0 2008-03-11
82804 installe Code ksorokin RESO INVA Auto update center have two URLs? 2006-08-16
33235 installe Code rgregor VERI FIXE Enable upgrade in installer 2005-07-14
78442 installe Code dlipin RESO FIXE Installation failed due to missing Windows Registry key 2007-09-25
174862 installe Code dlipin VERI FIXE Default path for Beta contains build number 2009-10-20
89737 installe Code slunegov RESO WONT installer: umbrella issue for gavotte 2007-04-26
86953 installe Code mslama VERI FIXE Check and update all licenses for installers 2006-12-15
137248 installe Code dlipin VERI FIXE Glassfish installation failed while using UNC paths 2008-12-12
84567 installe Code ddugurov VERI FIXE I18N - localized entpack update jar needs to be installed where the en one is 2007-05-29
138553 installe Mac Nati dlipin RESO FIXE M1 installers not available for MAC - files not found 2008-06-30
100890 installe NBI ksorokin RESO FIXE Installer fails in wizard components 2007-04-16
25 bugs found.
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