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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
45206 ide Extbrows issues RESO WORK Edit browser - A11Y - Wrong Browse button without mnemonic 2008-07-18
100354 ide Logger jsedek RESO DUPL Not able to file issue with "Report Problem" feature 2007-08-01
183094 ide Exceptio jsedek RESO DUPL [69cat] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4 >= 0 2011-06-10
82655 ide Code jchalupa CLOS INVA IllegalArgumentException in Add Breakpoint dialog 2006-08-14
8529 ide UI rlevy CLOS INVA Similar shortcuts 2005-03-09
140823 ide Code issues VERI INVA Unable to create a thread dump, keyboard shortcuts do not work 2008-10-10
22412 ide Code jchalupa RESO INVA Warn the users when existing hook5 value is overwritten. 2005-03-09
96455 ide Logger jtulach RESO FIXE IllegalStateException in org.netbeans.lib.uihandler.LogRecords.scan() 2007-03-06
16917 ide Code issues CLOS DUPL Help Sets not initially accessible correctly 2011-05-24
216071 ide Extbrows tmysik RESO WONT No way to reopen the Chrome toolbar after the user closes it 2013-07-19
8934 ide Extbrows rkubacki CLOS FIXE DLL not loaded when module is installed in multiuser mode 2002-07-19
70658 ide Code issues RESO FIXE Exception while trying to change colors on Fonts&Colors window 2005-12-20
17637 ide UI issues CLOS DUPL Some users unable to figure out how to "find next" 2005-03-09
30180 ide UI pzavadsky VERI FIXE Run IDE in SDI -> Welcome Screen isn't opened 2003-02-04
9370 ide Extbrows issues VERI FIXE Exception when viewing HTML with Internet Explorer 2006-06-05
208090 ide Features jtulach RESO FIXE Opening a .ini file as text activated PHP module anyway 2012-05-02
113307 ide Internal jhorvath NEW --- Linux only test failures 2013-08-22
13185 ide Extbrows issues VERI FIXE Debug message printed to STDOUT with External Browser (Windows) 2001-11-27
93136 ide Code shura CLOS INVA [Please Ignore] TEST BUG MIGRATION : Page fragments are not inserted correctly into page from subfolder 2007-01-24
174153 ide Import S jrechtacek RESO DUPL [68cat] Import dialog too big 2010-01-22
13450 ide Code jchalupa CLOS INVA Please disregard - just a test. 2005-03-09
149707 ide UI issues RESO DUPL Please allow us to control font in output window 2008-10-14
77593 ide Code non_migrated_user CLOS INVA Test bug; pl. ignore 2006-06-09
24155 ide Internal issues CLOS DUPL Should not allow duplicate base URLs 2003-07-01
200389 ide Features jtulach RESO WONT ExtractLayer flattens bundlevalue entries from separate packages 2012-05-25
25 bugs found.
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