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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
10661 ide UI dpavlica CLOS FIXE Missing mnemonic key for "Setup Wizard" menu item 2005-03-09
27215 ide Internal issues VERI WONT 'Invalid value' dialogs should be corrected 2006-06-05
154703 ide Features jtulach RESO DUPL Plugin not enabled [enhancement] 2009-06-21
132490 ide Code issues RESO INVA Cannot create new JavaClass 2008-05-26
151058 ide UI issues RESO INVA Inspector not updated if 'extends' code changed. 2008-10-23
14066 ide Code issues CLOS INVA IDE Crash after splashscreen ( 2005-03-09
151455 ide Exceptio jsedek CLOS INVA java.lang.NullPointerException: TESTING 2008-11-21
258525 ide Code issues RESO DUPL Nimbus - Scrollbutton in scrollbar not visible 2016-03-29
171987 ide Code issues RESO WORK Help contents on Mac should be accessible with Cmd-? 2009-09-11
34071 ide Schema2B schema2beans-issues RESO FIXE Be able to use CDATA instead of >, etc. 2003-12-11
133262 ide Code issues CLOS WORK "Enter" key not working in "Select the main class" dialogue 2011-05-24
28806 ide Code jchalupa CLOS INVA test 2003-02-04
247139 ide Code issues RESO DUPL "Find in projects" search box doesn't react to "enter" key when focus is in search text field 2014-09-22
8129 ide Internal rkubacki CLOS DUPL The httpserver has a problem with port. 2003-07-01
243319 ide UI issues NEW --- Change IDE icon color each new release 2014-04-17
2560 ide UI mryzl CLOS INVA Alternative serialization in CustomBean 2005-03-09
35193 ide Code jchalupa CLOS INVA Testing the length of allowed number of characters for summary: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Testing the length of allowed number of characters for summary: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2003-07-29
8640 ide Internal rkubacki CLOS DUPL BindException while starting second instance of the IDE 2002-07-19
173612 ide UI issues NEW --- Non-consistent ellipsis use with menu options 2016-07-13
2650 ide Code kgardas CLOS FIXE JNDI can`t run against rmiregistry 2003-07-02
12447 ide Extbrows rkubacki VERI FIXE Exception when browser referred to in System Settings or JSP settings has been deleted 2001-11-29
9179 ide UI rlevy CLOS FIXE Bad button label - "&OK" instead of "OK" 2005-03-09
92060 ide Logger jtulach RESO FIXE Toolbar button should be rendered with anti-aliasing 2007-02-19
40546 ide Code issues RESO WONT [36cat] the same description for two entries 2009-09-23
169972 ide Features issues RESO WONT Cannot open netbeans project with required projects 2015-01-23
25 bugs found.
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