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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
33126 ide Welcome rgregor CLOS INVA ClassCastException from CloneViewAction 2003-12-11
24762 ide UI issues CLOS WORK Paste with Ctrl-V in Explorer pastes in Editor 2005-03-09
95143 ide Code jchalupa CLOS INVA test 3 2007-02-09
14439 ide Internal rkubacki CLOS WONT Wrong content type of error page generated by internal http server. 2003-07-01
11353 ide Extbrows rkubacki VERI FIXE NetBeeans browser loads when external Unix browser is opened 2001-11-29
50719 ide Welcome pkuzel CLOS FIXE IllegalStateException on Welcome 2007-01-03
80031 ide Code non_migrated_user CLOS INVA Test bug; please ignore 2007-12-07
5733 ide Internal tboudreau CLOS WORK HTTP Server should default to not "localhost" 2002-07-19
25316 ide Extbrows mgrebac RESO FIXE Options to Specify Default Profiles for Multiple External Browsers 2004-11-29
159529 ide Features jtulach VERI FIXE No menu item for Services view 2009-06-21
95474 ide Code jchalupa CLOS INVA test 3 2007-03-23
133648 ide Code issues CLOS DUPL TUR Acessibility test - Java Intro Issues 2011-05-25
34193 ide Code issues RESO INVA IDE characters irrevocaly scrambled returning from screensaver 2003-06-05
90631 ide BlueJ mkleint RESO FIXE Exceptions poorly formated in output window. 2007-02-22
51160 ide Code issues RESO INVA reflect.InvocationTargetException thrown on loading IDE 2005-02-18
75427 ide Welcome rkubacki VERI FIXE Feeds DTD always downloaded from internet 2006-10-23
21900 ide Code jchalupa RESO INVA Cannot see a message on page 4 of Update Center Wizard. 2007-12-07
159909 ide Import S jskrivanek RESO FIXE The "Import Confirmation" dialog is ugly on Mac OS X 2009-03-10
68660 ide Code issues RESO INVA java-lang.NullPointerException 2005-12-29
133949 ide Logger jtulach RESO INVA No way to submit logs 2008-04-28
187084 ide UI olangr CLOS WONT [69cat] The Golden Ratio and the NetBeans IDE 2011-11-04
8449 ide UI issues CLOS WONT Wrong icons when listing methods/fields for an interface 2005-03-09
164100 ide Features jtulach RESO FIXE [67cat] [other] Display of Plugin Dependencies for Mobility Confusing 2009-06-21
75915 ide Extbrows jstola NEW --- Use ShellExecute toinvoke browser on Windows 2015-01-28
22404 ide Code jchalupa RESO INVA Add Index dialog doesn`t arise an error message when something is wrong 2005-03-09
25 bugs found.
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