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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
253199 ide Import S theofanis NEW --- Move IDE settings to cloud 2015-12-21
160053 ide Commit V ivansidorkin CLOS FIXE Fix XSLT acceptance test : it will fail due to enhancements in wsdl wizard. 2011-06-10
217378 ide Import S jrechtacek RESO FIXE 7.3 to import settings also from 7.2 2012-09-01
35570 ide Code rypacek RESO FIXE Basic Refactoring 2004-09-02
95283 ide Exceptio jhorvath RESO FIXE Reported stack trace not very usefull 2007-02-13
252183 ide Logger thurka RESO FIXE Create heap dump for "OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread" 2015-05-07
150349 ide Exceptio jsedek RESO FIXE Incorrect duplicates for org.netbeans.editor.Utilities 2008-10-21
143272 ide Logger mslama VERI FIXE Decrease the event count limit for usage logging in 6.5 beta 2008-10-20
154704 ide Features jtulach VERI DUPL Cannot create HTML file in j2se or maven project 2009-06-21
132245 ide Extbrows ceresna RESO FIXE Provide Firefox Embedded Browser for Mac OS 2008-04-25
86762 ide Code mkleint RESO DUPL Out of bound exception in compile 2006-10-09
103379 ide Code issues RESO DUPL cannot run nb 6 dev on solaris jdk1.6.01 2007-05-09
4768 ide Internal iformanek CLOS FIXE Vulnerability of IDE. http server allows access to local disk to any host. 2005-03-09
257185 ide Code issues RESO FIXE NullPointerException at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicScrollPaneUI$Handler.mouseWheelMoved 2016-10-25
249193 ide Logger mentlicher RESO FIXE USAGES log sending seem to send huge amount of reports 2014-12-10
181197 ide Code dkonecny RESO FIXE html.editor (ide cluster) tests depends on web.core.syntax (enterprise cluster) 2010-02-26
120554 ide Code issues RESO WORK Change Fonts more easily 2008-04-22
171918 ide Code issues CLOS DUPL Save Projects Tree state after restart 2011-05-25
72681 ide Schema2B schema2beans-issues RESO FIXE IAE thrown from BeanProp 2006-03-02
126310 ide Code issues RESO DUPL Problems opening IDE 2008-01-30
204434 ide Logger S musilt2 RESO FIXE [71cat] AssertionError: o2=-1 2012-09-13
202115 ide Code anebuzelsky RESO FIXE Licence files for 7.1 Beta 2011-09-21
96538 ide Exceptio jsedek CLOS FIXE attach message.log to issue 2013-05-24
172434 ide Performa issues CLOS INCO [MAC] IDE hangs after some time (OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space) 2011-05-25
153946 ide Commit V ivansidorkin CLOS FIXE J2EEValidation fails 2011-06-10
25 bugs found.
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