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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
99216 ide Performa rkubacki CLOS FIXE Enhance perf tests to catch memory leaks 2011-05-25
64396 ide Code jskrivanek VERI FIXE The commit validation does not pass 2005-09-15
44262 ide Welcome rgregor CLOS FIXE Welcome isn't opened after removal of feature packs 2006-03-24
23373 ide UI issues RESO WONT Implement collected option categories customizer 2005-12-01
140345 ide BlueJ mkleint RESO FIXE Repeatedly failing C/V in trunk production build 2008-07-17
51645 ide Welcome rypacek CLOS FIXE Welcome module keeps large image in memory 2006-03-24
91981 ide Logger jtulach VERI FIXE Deadlock when exception is thrown during automated test 2007-01-11
186690 ide Performa issues RESO FIXE [69cat][performance] IDE saves a snapshot every few keystrokes or seconds. Is non-responsive. 2014-02-05
158796 ide Commit V ivansidorkin CLOS FIXE Commit validation failure in CNDValidation/testCreateSampleProject/ 2011-06-10
114193 ide libs jtulach VERI FIXE Newly created class has wrong package statement 2009-09-02
156550 ide Features pflaska RESO DUPL java.lang.StackOverflowError 2009-06-21
204434 ide Logger S musilt2 RESO FIXE [71cat] AssertionError: o2=-1 2012-09-13
143406 ide Exceptio jsedek VERI FIXE All exceptions with ConcurrentModificationException message are closed as duplicate of 125 2008-10-08
202115 ide Code anebuzelsky RESO FIXE Licence files for 7.1 Beta 2011-09-21
29383 ide Code blee VERI FIXE Netbeans 3.4.1 Splash is ugly 2003-07-10
134978 ide Exceptio jsedek RESO FIXE This issue has already -1 duplicates 2008-05-14
35588 ide Code rypacek RESO DUPL Show tooltip with error description over the underlined text in the editor 2004-09-02
141728 ide Timers jtulach CLOS FIXE java.util.ConcurrentModificationException at java.util.IdentityHashMap$IdentityHashMapIterator.nextIndex 2011-05-24
132725 ide Import S jskrivanek VERI FIXE Import from 6.0 not working in 6.1 RC1 2008-12-22
217378 ide Import S jrechtacek RESO FIXE 7.3 to import settings also from 7.2 2012-09-01
115225 ide Exceptio jsedek RESO FIXE Specify comp/subcomponent in comment 2007-09-17
67472 ide Internal pjiricka VERI FIXE Deadlock on IDE startup 2005-12-19
141962 ide Extbrows ceresna RESO WONT Pages frequently blank in multiviewer - IAExceptions 2009-11-02
153998 ide Features jtulach RESO FIXE Functionality not found - New > Java Project 2009-06-21
152057 ide Code issues RESO DUPL continues... 2008-11-01
25 bugs found.
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