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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
872 ide Code pvozenilek CLOS FIXE @author can be filled automatically. 2003-07-02
1113 ide Code mfadljevic CLOS FIXE Better tooltips to properties in Control Panel 2003-07-02
1168 ide Internal rkubacki CLOS FIXE On Unix, attempt to set HTTP server port < 1024 should display message indicating _why_ this is not possible--not just reset port to 1024 quietly. 2003-07-01
1341 ide Code support CLOS FIXE Exception is always thrown during startup. 2002-07-19
1352 ide Code support CLOS WONT Cannot find existing file 2002-07-19
1356 ide Code support CLOS WONT Workspaces are not saved and predefined. 2002-07-19
1373 ide Code support CLOS WONT Clone Window doesn`t work. 2002-07-19
1376 ide Code issues CLOS INVA Explorer, Output and Web browser window doesn`t seem to be cloneable. 2005-03-09
1377 ide Code support CLOS FIXE Attempting to dock Web browser window cause docking the last active vindow before Web browser, without warning. 2002-07-19
1378 ide Code mkubec CLOS WORK Openning once opened and closed file causes bunch of massages and exception 2003-07-02
1384 ide Code support CLOS INVA Better bean support in Netbeans - suggestion 2002-07-19
1482 ide Code lmartinek CLOS FIXE Renaming of object doesn`t causes renaming of class and no changes in source are done. 2002-07-19
1484 ide Code lmartinek CLOS FIXE Name of package in source isn`t changed if class is copied and pasted to another package. 2002-07-19
1491 ide Code lmartinek CLOS FIXE Sometimes during startup exception is thrown. 2003-07-02
1857 ide Code support CLOS FIXE The Indent AWT hiearchy property of Form Object in Explorer doesn`t work 2002-07-19
1859 ide Code issues CLOS INVA no NB.home/docs/open-api directory 2005-03-09
1905 ide Code mkubec CLOS WONT Memory leak 2002-07-19
2008 ide Code mryzl CLOS FIXE It is possible to invoke delete action on some files in jar fs and it results with exception 2002-07-19
2016 ide Internal issues CLOS WORK Starting IDE prints IllegalModuleException for http server 2005-03-09
2077 ide Code mkubec CLOS FIXE Javadoc "generate" documentation to non existing directory. 2002-07-19
2089 ide UI lmartinek CLOS FIXE Texteditor Ted example is incomplete, menu missing. 2005-03-09
2094 ide Code mkubec CLOS WORK Clipboard Deadlock 2003-07-02
2100 ide Code support CLOS FIXE Deadlock during start up 2003-07-02
2103 ide Code mkubec CLOS FIXE Default properties are not copied to Locales. 2003-07-02
2229 ide UI jleppanen CLOS FIXE examples.advanced.openapi.nodes.Main 2005-03-09
25 bugs found.
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