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  • Product: guibuilder

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
5163 guibuild Code iformanek CLOS WONT Workspace name "GUI Editing" is not very nice. Better will be "Form Editing"? 2005-03-09
40285 guibuild Code issues VERI WONT Scrollbar not working properly in component palette 2004-08-31
190167 guibuild Code issues NEW --- "No Border" should not map to setBorder(null) 2015-03-18
3514 guibuild Code jleppanen CLOS WONT Adding a MatteIconBorder generates code which does not compile 2003-07-02
34230 guibuild Code issues RESO DUPL JSeparator could be added to the JMenuBar 2005-05-16
11489 guibuild Code issues CLOS FIXE Unexplained error when opening form contained in XML layer 2003-06-30
5343 guibuild Code janpalka CLOS FIXE NullpointerException issues from menu over a component in Form Window 2003-07-02
100736 guibuild App Fram issues VERI FIXE Accelerator string not clear 2008-03-31
26589 guibuild Code issues RESO WONT Incorrect Save Message 2003-03-11
8455 guibuild Code tpavek CLOS FIXE Double-Clicking on class method in explorer opens form editor 2003-06-30
5491 guibuild Code ttran CLOS INVA If a new bean is added to the Component Palette, no its icon is painted as question mark. 2003-06-30
155515 guibuild Code issues NEW --- Swing Enhancement 2009-10-06
118455 guibuild Binding issues RESO INVA Bean binding (JSR295) Swing components to POJOs 2007-10-11
147241 guibuild Code issues RESO WONT SetName method is not generated at awt menu components 2009-12-21
12154 guibuild Code jkozak CLOS FIXE Impossible Del/Copy/Cut component next add AWT component to AWT frame 2003-06-30
58527 guibuild Natural issues VERI FIXE Painting of JSpinner is broken when the component is resized 2005-09-05
8752 guibuild Code issues CLOS FIXE Change of form position and form size are changed incorrectly. 2003-06-30
130537 guibuild Code issues RESO FIXE Cut and Paste between two JPanels 2012-06-15
5748 guibuild Code ttran CLOS WORK Shortcuts do not work 2003-06-30
18557 guibuild Code tpavek CLOS FIXE [KeyStroke Editor] Letter "H" isn't shown in value textfield 2003-06-30
4045 guibuild Code mentlicher CLOS FIXE Exception while opening form with menus. The form did not open due to this exception. 2003-07-02
2480 guibuild Code ttran CLOS FIXE Color attribute can have haxedecimal values but int is expected. 2002-07-19
9132 guibuild Code issues CLOS WONT Component Name 2003-06-30
6021 guibuild Code pknakal CLOS FIXE Add AWT popup menu to AWT frame throws exception 2002-07-19
18767 guibuild Code tpavek CLOS FIXE "Design Top Container" is disabled next "Design This container" on Panel 2003-06-30
25 bugs found.
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