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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
9132 guibuild Code issues CLOS WONT Component Name 2003-06-30
6021 guibuild Code pknakal CLOS FIXE Add AWT popup menu to AWT frame throws exception 2002-07-19
18767 guibuild Code tpavek CLOS FIXE "Design Top Container" is disabled next "Design This container" on Panel 2003-06-30
4239 guibuild Code pknakal CLOS WONT when add AWT MenuBar into AWT Frame this menu is not visible 2002-07-19
2673 guibuild Code pknakal CLOS FIXE NullPointerException : choose from File menu New From Template | AWT ... | Form set name and click OK, class not opened but created 2002-07-19
148761 guibuild App Fram issues RESO WONT Unable to (de)serialize components with Swing App Framework's action assigned 2011-09-07
6467 guibuild Code ttran CLOS WONT Labels of JSlider aren`t repainted after you change MajorTickSpacing property. 2003-06-30
4356 guibuild Code rszarowski CLOS WORK Unexpected behaviour of the items in the Component Inspector. 2003-07-02
15690 guibuild Code jkozak CLOS FIXE Go to Inspector and Go to Form actions are useless now. 2003-06-30
2873 guibuild Code ttran CLOS FIXE AbsoluteLayout in Form Editor often moves components up-left 10x10 pixels when they are selected. 2002-07-19
12904 guibuild Code issues NEW --- Add "Default Button" property setter for JRootPane descendents 2005-05-16
9922 guibuild Code issues CLOS FIXE In absolute layout, you can't move components visually 2003-06-30
23301 guibuild Code issues CLOS FIXE ClassCastException after switching back JTable model mode to TableModelEditor 2003-06-30
6551 guibuild Code ttran CLOS WONT Strange settings of Menus in frames 2002-07-19
4487 guibuild Code ttran CLOS WORK Saving a form that contains JMenuBar with "Code generation property" set to serialize throws NullPointerrException 2002-07-19
16049 guibuild Code tpavek CLOS FIXE Popup menu of JMenu component doesn't contain "Edit text" 2003-06-30
3015 guibuild Code lmartinek CLOS FIXE Exception if you set Method Call in Connection Wizard Step 3 and then click on Property (and vice versa). 2002-07-19
143164 guibuild Code issues RESO WONT Warning while dragging a class above a form designer 2015-12-09
23680 guibuild Code tpavek CLOS FIXE Add JOptionPane into JDialog throws Exception 2003-06-30
6759 guibuild Code ttran CLOS FIXE java.lang.NullPointerException thrown during using TextField and TextArea 2003-06-30
212789 guibuild Code issues NEW --- Adding menu item into menu - two menus are marked 2012-05-21
4690 guibuild Code ttran CLOS FIXE Opened form is marked as dirty in Editor 2002-07-19
205388 guibuild Code issues RESO DUPL Modified file warning when closing unmodified file 2011-11-22
3137 guibuild Code pknakal CLOS WORK click in New From Template throws exception (throws twice) 2002-07-19
59992 guibuild Natural issues VERI WORK not possible to change jframe layout in explorer window 2005-12-19
25 bugs found.
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