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  • Product: guibuilder

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
99763 guibuild Code issues VERI FIXE Not possible to insert Swing Windows 2007-04-05
33399 guibuild Code issues RESO WONT SWT components support by the netbeans forms editor 2005-05-16
58741 guibuild Natural issues VERI FIXE Cannot save form when it contains JDialog or JFrame 2005-09-05
81376 guibuild Code issues RESO DUPL Enableing generation Mnemonics from IDE 2006-07-31
64262 guibuild Code issues RESO INVA Listener Generation Style: Only Anonymous Inner Class is working, One Inner Class and Main Class have no effect 2005-09-13
53469 guibuild Code jstola RESO FIXE Remove usage of Deprecated metthods of AntArtifact 2005-01-31
48288 guibuild Code arseniy RESO FIXE Integrate form editor with refactoring 2008-07-15
99774 guibuild Code issues VERI FIXE Feature "Center Verticaly and Horizontally" causes AE 2007-11-23
42171 guibuild Code issues VERI DUPL A java.lang.NullPointerException exception has occurred. 2004-07-14
18838 guibuild Code issues RESO FIXE Allow "automatic glue" between java beans and the form editor 2007-11-26
10831 guibuild Code tpavek CLOS FIXE Form Editor is not generate setlayout code 2003-06-30
4087 guibuild Code iformanek CLOS WORK Jar file couldn`t load unless manifest file was changed and jar was uncompressed. 2002-07-19
63955 guibuild Natural issues VERI FIXE AIOOBE - move button to toolbar 2006-09-04
21113 guibuild Code tpavek CLOS FIXE MenuBar property vanish during opening form 2003-06-30
3417 guibuild Code jkoplin CLOS WONT Containers are not handled as well in the Form Editor as they should be. 2003-06-30
58099 guibuild Code issues RESO WONT XMLPropertyEditors outside of NB not recognized 2005-04-21
111434 guibuild App Fram jmarinacci VERI FIXE ACTIONS: not possible to create plugin modul in IDE when application action editor is opened 2007-11-23
36125 guibuild Code tpavek RESO FIXE [2004-01-09] Redesign Component Palette for new window system 2004-01-09
101752 guibuild App Fram jmarinacci RESO DUPL AE - NPE - when AppFramework lib is add to project 2007-04-20
70732 guibuild Code issues VERI FIXE It is not possible to create AWT Dialog 2006-01-05
77339 guibuild Code issues VERI FIXE The GUI Builder not reender JTabbedPane correctly 2007-11-14
81428 guibuild Code issues RESO INVA Code generated into guarded block generate runtime NPE 2006-07-31
59677 guibuild Code jtulach VERI FIXE NCDFE (org/openide/explorer/propertysheet/editors/ModifierEditor) opening a form 2005-09-05
21115 guibuild Code tpavek CLOS FIXE Form with TableModel created on JDK1.3.x vanish after opening in NB on JDK1.4 {InvalidClassException} 2003-06-30
118562 guibuild Natural issues RESO FIXE java.lang.NullPointerException 2009-07-15
25 bugs found.
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