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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
206596 groovy Grails mjanicek NEW --- "clean and build project" toolbar icon is disabled for Grails projects 2012-11-29
232611 groovy Grails mjanicek RESO DUPL "Create Grails Service" dialog is blocked because Grails is asking something 2013-07-30
157017 groovy Editor phejl RESO DUPL "Find in project" doesn't find in GSPs 2009-01-19
209870 groovy Grails mjanicek RESO WONT "Run/Debug/Profile Project" options should be disabled for Grails plugin projects 2012-03-29
134080 groovy Editor mjanicek NEW --- $ should be colered as part of possible expression 2012-12-19
151758 groovy Grails phejl RESO DUPL *Editor* cannot resolve external libs/jars in grails applications. 2009-02-19
179643 groovy Grails mjanicek RESO INCO 2ProjectsOpenGetsBuggy 2011-12-07
213296 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- 3.5s in 2014-02-04
170007 groovy Code phejl RESO DUPL 33s groovy/editor/parsing interaction 2009-09-09
164774 groovy Grails phejl RESO INCO 6 seconds delay in type to screen 2009-10-21
241985 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- A Maven Java project can't recognize a groovy class in the same package 2014-02-19
162978 groovy Grails phejl RESO WORK a seemingly perpetual loop 2009-10-27
123170 groovy Editor schmidtm VERI FIXE abbreviations (Code Templates) 2008-10-30
232447 groovy Grails mjanicek NEW --- Ability to specify custom environment with grails 2013-07-09
154754 groovy Grails phejl NEW --- AccessControlException when test run finish 2009-02-19
199053 groovy Editor mjanicek NEW --- Active Grails Environment should allow for custom environment settings 2016-02-12
126514 groovy Grails schmidtm VERI FIXE Add a menu item for running the "grails war" command 2008-10-30
158183 groovy Grails phejl RESO DUPL Add a way to configure new options to call Grails scripts 2009-02-19
127096 groovy Grails schmidtm VERI FIXE Add an Action for the grails generate-all command 2008-10-30
246574 groovy Editor mjanicek NEW --- Add code completion in Annotations 2016-07-18
171781 groovy Grails mjanicek NEW --- Add to project properties 2013-09-04
127792 groovy Grails schmidtm VERI FIXE Add Find action to Groovy/Grails projects (SearchInfo) 2008-10-30
158742 groovy Grails mjanicek NEW --- Add generate-all "*" support 2012-04-25
167388 groovy Grails phejl RESO DUPL add grails clean option 2009-06-23
221638 groovy Code mjanicek RESO INCO Adding Groovy class to Java project (Maven) breaks the structure of the project 2012-11-12
25 bugs found.
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