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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
181382 groovy Grails mjanicek RESO WONT Invoking Debug took 20632 ms. 2012-04-25
154728 groovy Grails mjanicek NEW --- GSP should be created under views 2012-06-18
156617 groovy Editor mjanicek NEW --- switch statement not being highlighted 2013-07-16
148376 groovy Grails phejl NEW --- help in plugins dialog should point to apropriate page 2009-02-19
137586 groovy Editor mjanicek CLOS WORK Inserting matching quotes for multiline strings adds 2 or 4 of the,m 2012-08-20
139371 groovy Editor mjanicek NEW --- AstPath fails for mini-class: class Bar { } 2012-12-19
207054 groovy Editor mjanicek RESO FIXE Grails project view icons 2012-03-28
209885 groovy Editor mjanicek NEW --- Incorrectly formated separators between terms of expression 2012-03-21
149947 groovy Editor phejl RESO FIXE Go to declaration should not do "autojumps" 2009-10-08
142379 groovy Editor mjanicek RESO DUPL Mark occurrences - highlighting end of tokens doesn't work correctly 2012-02-21
181718 groovy Grails phejl RESO DUPL Netbeand hangs when a new domain class is created without a package 2011-12-15
124388 groovy Editor martin_adamek RESO WONT Incorrect brace matching in groovy editor 2009-12-21
246023 groovy Editor mjanicek RESO FIXE Panel for selecting GroovyDoc should be more descriptive 2014-07-29
170500 groovy Grails mjanicek NEW --- Cannot run "grails test war" thru "Run Grails Command..." 2012-10-30
206610 groovy Editor mjanicek RESO FIXE CC shows wrong findAll return type in tests 2013-03-25
134056 groovy Code phejl RESO FIXE warnings during build 2009-10-21
124874 groovy Code mjanicek RESO WONT remove all "unchecked" compiler waringings 2013-03-26
145549 groovy Grails mjanicek NEW --- Plugin does not read Variables from IDE 2013-07-16
140698 groovy Grails martin_adamek RESO INVA Typo in "choose lib" 2009-02-19
148750 groovy Grails phejl RESO FIXE Grails go to actions should be available from the contextual menu in the editor 2009-02-19
130996 groovy Code martin_adamek RESO FIXE Better warning/error messages 2008-10-30
143181 groovy Editor mjanicek RESO WORK missing closing brace 2012-02-21
202057 groovy Code phejl RESO DUPL Standard Groovy Project 2011-12-14
147237 groovy Code phejl VERI FIXE [NIMBUS] Wrong background in Project Properties > Groovy 2009-02-19
269045 groovy Grails bruno.flavio NEW --- Netbeans 8.2 does not support Grails 3 multiproject. 2017-01-22
25 bugs found.
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