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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
223868 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- "Attach to debugger automatically whenever it appears on a port." 2012-12-15
196411 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- "Breakpoint's source file does not belong into the preferred source root" when I have the project open 2014-06-13
269018 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- "Debugging view" hardly flickers while evaluation of watch variables 2016-11-17
156521 debugger Code dprusa NEW --- "Information" icon for history - Evaluate Expression 2009-02-19
154947 debugger Code issues NEW --- "Local variables" window should show anonymous return values 2008-12-08
137306 debugger Ant mentlicher NEW --- "New watch" item is missing from xml editor popup menu 2009-12-02
269276 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- "OrgNetBeansDebuggerInvocationInnerClass1" is not a known variable in the current context 2017-01-10
204689 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- "Set Current Thread" always enabled on Mac OS X 2014-02-07
79341 debugger Ant mentlicher NEW --- "Step Over" on <import/> steps into the imported file 2012-10-22
221406 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- "Stop on uncaught exceptions" excludes 2012-11-03
246915 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- 'Apply code changes after save' doesn't work in depedents Java SE projects 2014-09-08
164568 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- 'apply code changes' allways enabled 2012-07-16
252933 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- <unknown> file is debugged instead of correct JavaScript one 2015-06-11
182167 debugger Java issues NEW --- a restart button in the debugger 2013-10-23
226236 debugger Code mentlicher REOP --- A way of telling the debugger what value to be used. 2013-02-19
145662 debugger Ant mentlicher NEW --- Ability to debug custom Ant tasks 2008-09-10
140170 debugger Code issues NEW --- Ability to debug existing JAR files 2008-08-27
246882 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Ability to drag breakpoint annotations 2014-09-04
253924 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Ability to hide stack frames 2015-07-28
121865 debugger Code issues NEW --- Ability to set/clear breakpoint from Navigator view, perhaps using DnD 2007-11-14
250475 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Ability to view multiline strings inline (in Variables tab) 2015-02-26
83959 debugger Java issues NEW --- Ability tp explore the ClassLoader in Classes View 2006-10-23
227735 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Actions between watches and heap walker 2013-04-29
53062 debugger Ant mentlicher NEW --- Add action Debug Target to context menu 2009-11-16
167548 debugger Java issues NEW --- Add action like "Create Formatter" on objects in Variables view 2009-06-23
25 bugs found.
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