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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
41332 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Interoperability with rest of NetBeans 2006-03-24
10054 debugger Code jjancura CLOS FIXE JDK1.1 debugging should not be default debugger implementation 2003-06-30
237301 debugger Code mentlicher VERI DUPL NetBeans 7.4 is freezing a lot 2015-10-18
56092 debugger Java issues CLOS INVA IDE does not receive breakpoints line numbers 2010-04-29
34391 debugger Code issues CLOS WORK Ide displays java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero error and fails to load 2005-07-13
30888 debugger Java issues VERI FIXE Netbeans crashed when I start debugger. 2003-02-18
41843 debugger Java issues CLOS FIXE Add Line Breakpoint Customizer 2006-03-24
248620 debugger Java mentlicher CLOS WORK not a known variable in current context 2014-12-27
176042 debugger Java issues VERI FIXE [68cat] NPE prevents debugging of Netbeans 2010-05-26
4291 debugger Code dprusa CLOS FIXE Cancel in AddBreakpoint Window deletes breakpoint. 2003-07-02
44804 debugger Code issues VERI FIXE No description on API pages 2006-07-28
26762 debugger Code issues CLOS DUPL JavaDataObject.getCookie will not provide project dependent cookies 2010-04-29
176616 debugger Java mentlicher CLOS DUPL [68cat][debugger]java.lang.NullPointerException when start to debug 2010-05-06
52864 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Step into starts the application 2006-03-24
142894 debugger Java dprusa VERI FIXE Threads in Debugging view are not aligned well. 2008-08-07
27142 debugger Code jjancura CLOS FIXE Rewrite debugger modules to new classPath API 2010-04-29
39319 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Add listener to breakpoint 2010-04-29
42648 debugger Java issues CLOS FIXE stepping broken when stepping over code with a breakpoint 2006-03-24
120719 debugger Java mentlicher VERI FIXE Build fails plain deployment: "No debugging sessions found" 2007-11-03
196770 debugger Java mentlicher RESO INCO Debugger does not start -> casue deployment timeout 2011-11-16
213617 debugger Java mentlicher RESO FIXE Memory leak in org.netbeans.spi.debugger.ui.EditorContextDispatcher 2012-06-07
36498 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE remove PPP toolbar 2005-07-13
165932 debugger Code issues CLOS DUPL ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4 2010-04-29
33437 debugger Code jrojcek CLOS DUPL Remove delete confirm dialog from watches and breakpoints 2010-04-29
43146 debugger Java issues CLOS FIXE null pointer exception when adding method breakpoint 2006-03-24
25 bugs found.
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