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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
3131 debugger Code lmartinek CLOS FIXE Untoggle breakpoint in unsaved file throws exception and breakpoint can`t be deleted. 2002-07-19
23502 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE 2 RFEs for Method breakpoints 2008-04-22
9599 debugger Code issues CLOS INVA [i18n] some message properties in debugger are not i18ned 2002-07-19
2075 debugger Code psynek CLOS FIXE Once breakpoint is disabled it is disabled forever. 2002-07-19
7693 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Can't delete watch variable 2002-07-19
103224 debugger Java mentlicher CLOS WONT Deactivate of JPDA debugger module does not work 2010-04-29
123930 debugger Java issues CLOS FIXE "New breakpoint ..." action context issue 2010-04-29
6736 debugger Code anebuzelsky CLOS FIXE When you set line breakpoint via New Breakpoint... popup menu item in Debugger breakpoint, this breakpoint is not shown in editor window. 2003-07-02
173524 debugger Java issues RESO DUPL com.sun.jdi.InvalidStackFrameException: Thread has been resumed 2010-07-16
3327 debugger Code pknakal CLOS FIXE Save Project from Main Window throws exception 2002-07-19
23869 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Can sometimes edit the names of text in first column 2003-06-30
64231 debugger Code issues CLOS WORK Call stack annotations are not removed when debugger finishes 2010-04-29
2448 debugger Code jjancura CLOS FIXE JavaDebugger.findBreakpoint(MethodElement) does not work. 2001-05-05
198520 debugger Java mentlicher RESO FIXE Icons for key and value are missing. 2011-05-13
6868 debugger Java jjancura CLOS FIXE Changes in some properties doesn't change breakpoint's displayname immediately. 2003-06-30
147919 debugger Ant mentlicher RESO FIXE Sessions view doesn't display state of ant debugger 2012-10-25
3440 debugger Code jjancura CLOS WONT An error was produced when trying to single step through a test multithreaded application 2002-07-19
158666 debugger Code leostronicek NEW --- Newly added actions have icon shifted up at toolbar 2009-12-02
2597 debugger Code mkubec CLOS FIXE Confusing Stop Debugging. 2002-07-19
6949 debugger Code jjancura CLOS WONT New property editors for _print text_ properties of breakpoints. 2003-06-30
195381 debugger Code mentlicher RESO FIXE jdk.boot.jar warning 2011-09-02
26505 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Breakpoint on a method returning an exception 2010-04-29
17627 debugger Code issues VERI FIXE "Toggle Breakpoint" isn't clear to new users 2002-11-01
3790 debugger Java jjancura CLOS INVA When exception breakpoints are not supported a warning could be noted! 2003-06-30
132077 debugger Java issues RESO FIXE Help for Attach Debugger dialog 2011-12-07
25 bugs found.
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