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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
19976 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Executable files in the Explorer (and elsewhere) should have actions on their contextual menus to start debugging 2010-04-29
5943 debugger Code jchalupa CLOS FIXE Debugger Window tabs displayed multiple times after switching between projects. 2003-07-02
12620 debugger Code issues CLOS INVA It is possible to enter duplicate breakpoints. 2001-07-20
4405 debugger Java dprusa CLOS FIXE Debugger does not stop on class prepare/unload. 2003-07-02
11085 debugger Code jjancura CLOS WONT Destroy action does not work on remote sessions. 2002-07-19
175300 debugger Java mentlicher CLOS WONT com.sun.jdi.InternalException: Unexpected JDWP Error: 23 2010-05-06
3242 debugger Code pknakal CLOS FIXE deleting breakpionts in debugger window throws exception 2002-07-19
38126 debugger Code issues VERI FIXE Window menu issues 2004-06-17
27709 debugger Code issues REOP --- Call stack panel could contain name of the thread 2005-04-20
12886 debugger Code mpetras CLOS FIXE Inconsistencies in Add Breakpoint dialog 2003-06-30
4611 debugger Code jjancura CLOS FIXE Current line 2003-06-30
11413 debugger Code jjancura CLOS FIXE Trace Into/Out should be Step Into/Out 2003-06-30
68359 debugger Code mentlicher CLOS FIXE SetGroup name too close to Delete in contex menu 2010-04-29
187209 debugger Code issues NEW --- [69cat] Debugger claims to be stopped at a breakpoint while the thread in question is running and producing output 2010-10-20
10096 debugger Java dprusa CLOS FIXE NullPointerException thrown when adding method breakpoint from classes tab. 2003-06-30
2557 debugger Code jjancura CLOS FIXE Debugger Window is missing in IDE. 2003-06-30
22672 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Menu items still available when no debuggers installed 2003-06-30
8550 debugger Code issues CLOS WONT Current line is not set when the debugger is stopped. 2003-06-30
6883 debugger Code dprusa CLOS FIXE It shouldn't be allowed to create fixed watch on unknown variable. 2003-06-30
4881 debugger Code dprusa CLOS FIXE Actions panel in AddBreakpoint Window looks different for Line and for Method breakpoint. (Build444) 2003-07-02
26005 debugger Code issues CLOS DUPL Breakpoint "valid" and "current" state should be more visible. 2008-04-15
50656 debugger Code issues CLOS DUPL Line breakpoint set to line exceeding line count of source behaves confusing 2010-04-29
3524 debugger Code pzajac CLOS INVA After changing source debuggerdid not finish. 2002-07-19
2693 debugger Code lmartinek CLOS FIXE Debugger window isn`t initially in Debugging workspace. 2002-07-19
8799 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Class name of breakpoint is badly filled with two top level classes 2003-06-30
25 bugs found.
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