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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
27709 debugger Code issues REOP --- Call stack panel could contain name of the thread 2005-04-20
12886 debugger Code mpetras CLOS FIXE Inconsistencies in Add Breakpoint dialog 2003-06-30
143478 debugger Java issues RESO FIXE [65cat] '' running 2009-10-27
4611 debugger Code jjancura CLOS FIXE Current line 2003-06-30
11413 debugger Code jjancura CLOS FIXE Trace Into/Out should be Step Into/Out 2003-06-30
185927 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- While scanning - all added breakpoints are Line breakpoints 2012-10-10
99155 debugger Code mentlicher VERI WONT [DEBUGGER] Remove New Breakpoint.. action from popup menu of Breakpoints window 2007-09-14
10096 debugger Java dprusa CLOS FIXE NullPointerException thrown when adding method breakpoint from classes tab. 2003-06-30
2557 debugger Code jjancura CLOS FIXE Debugger Window is missing in IDE. 2003-06-30
22672 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Menu items still available when no debuggers installed 2003-06-30
8550 debugger Code issues CLOS WONT Current line is not set when the debugger is stopped. 2003-06-30
6883 debugger Code dprusa CLOS FIXE It shouldn't be allowed to create fixed watch on unknown variable. 2003-06-30
4881 debugger Code dprusa CLOS FIXE Actions panel in AddBreakpoint Window looks different for Line and for Method breakpoint. (Build444) 2003-07-02
26005 debugger Code issues CLOS DUPL Breakpoint "valid" and "current" state should be more visible. 2008-04-15
50656 debugger Code issues CLOS DUPL Line breakpoint set to line exceeding line count of source behaves confusing 2010-04-29
3524 debugger Code pzajac CLOS INVA After changing source debuggerdid not finish. 2002-07-19
2693 debugger Code lmartinek CLOS FIXE Debugger window isn`t initially in Debugging workspace. 2002-07-19
8799 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Class name of breakpoint is badly filled with two top level classes 2003-06-30
301 debugger Code jjancura CLOS WONT Step out action. 2003-06-30
146280 debugger Java issues RESO FIXE White background of button in "Breakpoint hit" dialog. 2009-10-14
5350 debugger Java jjancura CLOS FIXE Upon IDE startup, JPDA debugger displays a message in case that required support libraries are not present/installed. The debugger should disable itself instead of printing the message again after the IDE is restarted. 2002-07-19
62478 debugger Code mentlicher CLOS FIXE Evaluator should be closed when session is finshed 2010-04-29
11984 debugger Code mpetras CLOS WONT Breakpoints are not sorted in Breakpoints tab. 2003-02-04
77194 debugger Java issues CLOS DUPL NPE disconnecting the debugger 2010-04-29
3908 debugger Code pkuzel CLOS FIXE Debugger (execution) types are not persistent among IDE restarts. 2009-09-11
25 bugs found.
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