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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
150891 db Code jrechtacek RESO FIXE A11Y: Component with no LABEL_FOR in "Name the table" dialog 2009-07-10
193943 db MySQL jrechtacek RESO INCO [70cat] java.sql.SQLException: Can't drop database 'bertele_com16326'. Database doesn't exist 2013-06-15
62764 db DB schem lfischmeistr NEW --- dbschema should not create JFrame-s 2013-08-01
155592 db SQL Edit jbaker VERI FIXE A11Y: Components with no LABEL_FOR in "SQL History" dialog 2009-02-19
113482 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- IllegalStateException appears after using DB Tables menu item "Recreate Table" 2013-08-01
151971 db Code jrechtacek RESO WONT Excessive dot in error message 2009-07-01
175384 db Code jrechtacek RESO DUPL [68cat] Connection timed out 2013-07-02
57370 db Code jrechtacek RESO FIXE Deleting columns in the Derby database does not work 2013-05-17
155171 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- Difference visualization for local changes and changes against database 2013-08-01
65698 db SQL Edit abadea VERI FIXE SQL Editor Connection combobox tool-tip is missing 2005-11-21
66070 db Code jrechtacek RESO INVA Useful Features 2012-03-10
151281 db SQL Edit jrechtacek RESO FIXE SQL History: Order is not retained after connection changing 2012-02-18
156555 db Show Dat jhavlin RESO FIXE "Remove" button is still enabled after unselecting of a record 2013-01-31
150100 db MySQL jskrivanek RESO WONT Text of MySQL server node permanently changed from connected to not connected 2009-06-11
155593 db SQL Edit jbaker VERI FIXE A11Y: Components with no mnemonic in "SQL History" dialog 2009-02-19
56381 db Code jrechtacek RESO FIXE A11Y Primary key not distinguished enough 2010-01-11
143585 db Show Dat ahimanikya VERI FIXE Extra spaces in script for INSERT 2008-08-19
38800 db Code rnajman VERI FIXE When an empty SQL command is executed, status shows "running..." 2004-01-27
194173 db SQL Edit jrechtacek RESO DUPL CC: Group by clause would not shown until where clause is added. 2011-11-25
151724 db Show Dat jrechtacek RESO WORK Stored procedure result not shown 2009-11-17
133775 db Derby jrechtacek RESO WORK No message that Java DB is stopped in Output window 2009-09-21
63891 db Derby abadea RESO WORK Progress bar is "forgotten" after starting Derby Server 2006-06-19
139926 db Show Dat sivashankari VERI FIXE A11Y: Components with no LABEL_FOR in "Show SQL Script" dialog 2008-07-24
155290 db MySQL davidvc RESO DUPL Grabing the table structure does not remember the directory history 2008-12-12
150894 db Derby jbaker VERI FIXE A11Y: Component with no LABEL_FOR in "Java DB Properties" dialog 2009-02-19
25 bugs found.
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