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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
156062 db Code jhavlin RESO FIXE Foreign keys subnodes disappear after refreshing 2012-06-20
173798 db Code jrechtacek RESO FIXE error using ide to "view data" of db table 2013-05-28
15405 db Code davidvc RESO FIXE Change design of "Add table" to make it easier to add columns 2009-06-23
194173 db SQL Edit jrechtacek RESO DUPL CC: Group by clause would not shown until where clause is added. 2011-11-25
113910 db Derby jrechtacek RESO WONT Connection error dialog for Derby connections needs more info 2009-09-21
155175 db Show Dat lfischmeistr NEW --- Quick filter suggestions 2013-08-01
150743 db SQL Edit jrechtacek RESO WONT Matchbox isn't reset after changing number of saved records 2009-09-17
155952 db Code jrechtacek RESO WONT MySQL connection node isn't refreshed automatically when DB is deleted 2009-09-18
154731 db Show Dat sivashankari VERI FIXE Wrong cell value is copied when several records are selected 2009-02-19
166296 db Code jrechtacek RESO WORK H2 database without password can be stored but failed to reconnect 2012-03-10
76835 db SQL Edit abadea VERI FIXE maximum open cursors exceeded for > 300 statements 2006-08-25
15406 db Code issues CLOS DUPL allow column editing 2005-03-09
28721 db Code issues VERI INVA A11Y: Tabs in "New Database Connection" dialog do not have mnemonics 2006-06-05
155176 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- Flexible data filtering capabilities 2013-08-01
223502 db Code matthias42 VERI DUPL Different behavior between mysql and postgreSQL in the New Connection Dialog 2015-03-03
39047 db Code rnajman VERI FIXE Drive File(s) property always null 2004-01-22
151159 db Derby jrechtacek RESO FIXE JavaDB is stopped after changing it's properties 2009-09-21
76836 db SQL Edit davidvc RESO INVA SQL executor hangs when executing statements 2008-01-09
175039 db Code jrechtacek RESO WONT Netbeans 6.5 Error setting up a MS access database 2009-10-20
148678 db Derby jrechtacek RESO FIXE [65cat] org.netbeans.api.db.explorer.DatabaseException: DERBY SQL error: SQLCODE: -1, SQLSTATE: XJ041, SQLERRMC: Failed to create database '', see the next exception for details.::SQLSTATE: XBM0JDirectory C:\ 2013-01-10
155141 db Show Dat ahimanikya RESO WONT View Data doesn't work with Pointbase 2009-11-02
139914 db SQL Edit jbaker VERI FIXE A11Y: Components with no LABEL_FOR in "SQL History" dialog 2009-02-19
191069 db Code jrechtacek RESO FIXE UI: unsorted drivers in Drivers node 2013-01-11
150769 db Code lfischmeistr RESO WORK [65cat] Exception: The database command dropDatabase failed with the following exception: 2015-02-04
82084 db SQL Edit jrechtacek RESO INVA Inconsistent icons in SQL editor 2009-07-16
25 bugs found.
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