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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
185593 db Code jrechtacek CLOS FIXE on closing IDE master password dlg is shown 2010-05-13
132037 db Derby davidvc CLOS FIXE created connection is not visible in db connections 2008-04-29
180055 db Code jrechtacek CLOS FIXE Database: New confirmation dialog box for deleting database tables (nodes) 2011-11-04
17348 db Code rnajman CLOS FIXE Database Explorer dependency problem 2003-06-30
143730 db MySQL davidvc CLOS DUPL IDE is frozen after start with new userdir 2008-08-14
35186 db Code rnajman CLOS DUPL Exception when trying to see properties of a column 2004-03-16
134777 db SQL Edit davidvc CLOS DUPL ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: No such child: 0 - no way to get results from the IDE 2009-01-22
18170 db Code pflaska CLOS DUPL Execute Command Window needs menu items File -Open, Save, Save As 2003-06-30
34576 db Code issues CLOS DUPL Please add a feature to add database driver dynamically. 2004-08-19
31238 db Code rnajman CLOS INVA Database explorer fails with PostgreSQL 7.3.x 2004-08-19
14665 db Code rnajman CLOS WORK Problem while connecting an Oracle DB with the oracle thin Driver 2003-06-30
34762 db Code issues CLOS DUPL postgreSQL driver no support to DatabaseMetadata 2004-08-19
57538 db Code nnguyen CLOS FIXE Wrong implementation of DatabaseConnection default constructor 2006-03-24
45689 db Code issues CLOS DUPL Can not add JDBC driver to NetBeans 2004-08-19
20462 db Code issues CLOS INVA I18N - DBExplorer fails to shows Multi-byte table atributes when connected PointbaseDB 2003-06-30
41602 db Code pflaska CLOS FIXE [perf] Memory leak when disconnecting a DB connection 2006-03-24
98562 db Derby abadea CLOS FIXE VisualWebPack: Nondefault name of Glassfish directory causes wrong path for DB location 2007-04-25
56653 db DB schem pjiricka CLOS FIXE Newly created database schema is corrupted 2005-07-12
16840 db Code issues CLOS INVA getTables() not returning all tables for MS SQL via Avenir 2003-06-30
45843 db Code vkraemer CLOS FIXE NoClassDefFoundError while bring up NetBeans 2006-03-24
20870 db Code pflaska CLOS FIXE DB Explorer shows old version of PointBase connect string 2003-06-30
141288 db MySQL jbaker CLOS FIXE Exception when create "sample" DB on MySQL 2009-04-02
41674 db Code issues CLOS DUPL Runtime -> Database Driver -> Find Progress bar throws a java.lang.NullPointerException and prevents loading of driver 2004-07-16
222034 db Code jrechtacek CLOS DUPL StackOverflowError at org.openide.nodes.Node.toString 2012-11-14
66714 db Code abadea CLOS INVA I18N - Database node doesn't come from bundle in the Template manager 2006-01-04
25 bugs found.
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