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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
268170 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded Fri 14:20
268114 db SQL Edit matthias42 NEW --- Add window to see all the SQL history entries Thu 17:13
267946 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Long waiting of connection with remote Oracle database 2016-09-09
267929 db Derby lfischmeistr NEW --- java.io.IOException: Could not create the derby.system.home directory C:\Windows\Desktop\SEC\.netbeans-derby 2016-09-07
267887 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr RESO DUPL SQL results no longer show paging navigation buttons 2016-09-05
267880 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded 2016-09-05
267742 db Code lfischmeistr RESO INVA Not ticking remember password still remembers password 2016-08-29
267741 db Code matthias42 NEW --- When specifying empty required values a test connection should not be established. 2016-08-29
267719 db MySQL lfischmeistr CLOS INVA Website development 2016-08-26
267706 db SQL Edit matthias42 RESO FIXE Autogenerated SQL statements [UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE] have an error in table name [PostgreSQL] 2016-08-27
267511 db Show Dat lfischmeistr NEW --- SQL Log window has unwanted blank lines and does not have click-links for successful statements 2016-08-09
267365 db Show Dat matthias42 RESO FIXE CTRL+0 and CTRL+1 do not work for setting null/default values on insert records 2016-08-05
267335 db MySQL matthias42 VERI FIXE Sakila Sample Database description link is broken 2016-08-05
262862 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr RESO WONT [regression] [82cat] Pager buttons are no longer visible in SQL results 2016-09-05
262859 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- Key bindings for Insert Records and Truncate Table are invalid on OS X 2016-07-18
262856 db DB schem lfischmeistr NEW --- [82cat] Drop index function should ask for confirmation first 2016-07-18
262854 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- [82cat] DDL statements in editor should provide auto-completion assistance 2016-07-18
262852 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- [82cat] SQL keywords should appear in completion at last character of the word 2016-07-18
262850 db DB schem lfischmeistr NEW --- [82cat] Add ability to view CHECK constraints of tables 2016-07-18
262847 db Code matthias42 RESO FIXE [82cat] Unique property for indexes is not reported as true for unique indexes 2016-08-05
262845 db Derby lfischmeistr NEW --- [82cat] Alterations to Derby Database Location should invalidate existing derby connections 2016-07-18
262834 db DB schem lfischmeistr NEW --- [82cat] No validation present when naming database connections 2016-07-16
262832 db Derby lfischmeistr NEW --- [82cat] Importing previous NetBeans IDE settings keeps old Java DB Installation 2016-07-16
262518 db Show Dat lfischmeistr RESO DUPL java.io.EOFException: Can not read response from server. Expected to read 4 bytes, read 0 bytes before connection was unexpectedly lost. 2016-06-21
262487 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- Please add mime type selection for "edit data" in cell 2016-06-20
25 bugs found.
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