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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
110538 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan RESO FIXE AppServer Fails to Start via OSPC in servers tab 2009-03-17
38039 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues CLOS WORK User tasks are not persistent38039 2003-12-22
27590 contrib Java3D paulby RESO WORK Unable to run j3deditor on win2k 2002-12-03
74176 contrib Jackpot issues RESO WORK NPE when saving changes upon "end session" 2006-04-05
172400 contrib RemoteFS remotefs NEW --- Disable the upload confirmation windows 2009-09-16
23603 contrib Filecopy mryzl CLOS FIXE Spec version not incremented 2003-06-30
149039 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan RESO WORK WEbsynergy/Liferay palatte plugin is affected while installating. 2009-03-17
149588 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan RESO WORK ServletException is thrown when general tag lib is used the portlet 2009-03-17
26721 contrib Naming issues RESO WONT Store promitive values efficiently in JNDI Context 2004-04-05
83077 contrib Code mkrauskopf RESO FIXE [ProjectGroups] Add shortcut for ProjectGroups tab 2007-12-07
87939 contrib Tasklist lebedkov RESO FIXE Importing class hangs editor 2006-11-06
68588 contrib Tasklist lebedkov VERI FIXE User Tasks lose Summary and Details 2008-03-12
146931 contrib Portalpa bharani RESO FIXE "This type of portlet is only allowed when runtime is WebSynergy Server" warning still getting displayed on Solaris platform 2009-11-07
52295 contrib Code issues RESO DUPL When checking out a branch, CVS checkouts fail 2004-12-10
99622 contrib Latex issues NEW --- Using bibliography - OutOfMemory exception 2007-04-01
70747 contrib Jackpot issues RESO FIXE Layer error 2005-12-23
27173 contrib Looks phrebejk VERI FIXE Looks.namespaceSelector should take FileObject as parameter 2008-11-18
74533 contrib Jackpot issues RESO DUPL AssertionError thrown for viewing diff 2006-05-08
90546 contrib DocBook tboudreau RESO FIXE Deadlock creating nodes 2007-12-07
32082 contrib Looks phrebejk RESO FIXE Updated build script for looks 2008-11-18
98060 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan VERI INVA Could not stop PS7.x server 2009-03-17
59968 contrib Java3D issues RESO WONT errors when integrated with netbeans 3.6 and cut run on its own 2011-09-19
81997 contrib File Sea phrebejk RESO FIXE [filesearch] option to search in all projects currently opened in the IDE 2007-05-05
28225 contrib Looks phrebejk RESO FIXE Remove useless expand handles when no children 2008-11-18
224933 contrib Scala dcaoyuan NEW --- scala.reflect.internal.MissingRequirementError: object scala.runtime in compiler mirror not found. 2014-12-29
25 bugs found.
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