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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
26457 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues NEW --- Provide project-specific tasks 2006-01-15
70569 contrib Jackpot issues RESO FIXE Avoid left margin on Jackpot menu items 2005-12-20
59842 contrib JMX jfdenise NEW --- Provide a list of JConsole configurations 2005-06-10
133400 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan RESO DUPL alias should not be allowed between events not using qnames 2008-11-07
65140 contrib Module M jrechtacek NEW --- add a timestamp (when module was installed) 2007-05-21
71506 contrib Jackpot tball RESO WONT Errors in Jackpot Log not hyperlinked 2010-04-27
58119 contrib Code leonchiver VERI FIXE [editorhints] created method always "returns" void 2005-09-05
124129 contrib Terminal abadea RESO FIXE Command prompt here popup action in projects and files view 2008-09-12
68692 contrib Jackpot tball RESO FIXE "Start Jackpot Session" should be context menu item for projects 2005-11-17
82837 contrib Jackpot issues RESO WONT Query set combobox does not refresh 2010-04-27
73812 contrib Jackpot tball RESO WONT Tutorial needs query rule example 2010-04-27
70599 contrib Jackpot issues RESO FIXE Rule error message is obscure 2005-12-20
27819 contrib Looks phrebejk RESO WONT [looks] Allow to set look on multiselection of nodes 2008-11-18
146315 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan NEW --- ClassCastException at 2009-12-09
59844 contrib JMX jfdenise NEW --- JConsole could be better integrated in IDE 2005-06-10
242923 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues NEW --- Tasks panel collapses when mouse cursor hovers over clickable content 2014-03-15
77130 contrib PMD rkubacki RESO FIXE [PMD] Autoscanning does not tak effect immediately 2006-10-27
148210 contrib RemoteFS remotefs NEW --- Missing description for "remotefs-ui" plugin 2008-09-24
87743 contrib Code jglick VERI FIXE Leaking org.netbeans.modules.buildmonitor.BuildStatus 2007-12-07
122974 contrib JMX jfdenise NEW --- Bounded type is lost 2007-11-28
168514 contrib RemoteFS remotefs NEW --- Remote development server lacking 'zip' does not fail in an infomative manner 2009-07-13
68763 contrib Jackpot tball RESO FIXE Terminology: "Operators" confusing 2005-11-16
163669 contrib Codecove mschovanek RESO WONT [67cat] Do not count "assert" statements towards coverage 2013-04-16
26538 contrib Looks phrebejk RESO INVA Looks manifest does not supply module name 2008-11-18
78974 contrib Jackpot issues RESO WONT Diff tab is too long 2010-04-27
25 bugs found.
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