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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
73733 contrib Jackpot tball RESO WONT Unusable mnemonic for _C_ommands label in Command Manager 2010-04-27
84667 contrib JMX jfdenise NEW --- Instrumenting existing class enhancements 2006-09-12
131130 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan RESO WONT UI issue while adding PS7.2 server 2009-03-17
110906 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan VERI FIXE typo in PortletFilter Creation 2009-03-17
152405 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan NEW --- NullPointerException at org.openide.filesystems.FileUtil.toFile 2009-03-17
163408 contrib Codecove mschovanek RESO FIXE [67cat] Depreciated options API in code coverage module 2009-04-27
64902 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues RESO WONT To Do toolbar on OW should have spacing 2009-09-24
152599 contrib Code issues NEW --- [javahints] ".equals() on incompatible types" wrong on Properties vs. Map 2013-09-02
133398 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan NEW --- alias should not be allowed between events not using qnames 2008-11-07
36744 contrib Registry jskrivanek RESO WONT Clarify auxiliary merged context doc 2008-12-22
157701 contrib Latex issues NEW --- Rename throws NPE but could perhaps do Search&Replace instead 2009-02-02
27670 contrib Tasklist rypacek CLOS FIXE Editing tasks does not cause re-evaluation of filter 2005-08-12
206166 contrib Flying S mfukala RESO FIXE LowPerformance took 4533 ms. 2014-01-16
59842 contrib JMX jfdenise NEW --- Provide a list of JConsole configurations 2005-06-10
133400 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan RESO DUPL alias should not be allowed between events not using qnames 2008-11-07
26457 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues NEW --- Provide project-specific tasks 2006-01-15
70569 contrib Jackpot issues RESO FIXE Avoid left margin on Jackpot menu items 2005-12-20
58119 contrib Code leonchiver VERI FIXE [editorhints] created method always "returns" void 2005-09-05
124129 contrib Terminal abadea RESO FIXE Command prompt here popup action in projects and files view 2008-09-12
68692 contrib Jackpot tball RESO FIXE "Start Jackpot Session" should be context menu item for projects 2005-11-17
65140 contrib Module M jrechtacek NEW --- add a timestamp (when module was installed) 2007-05-21
71506 contrib Jackpot tball RESO WONT Errors in Jackpot Log not hyperlinked 2010-04-27
146315 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan NEW --- ClassCastException at 2009-12-09
59844 contrib JMX jfdenise NEW --- JConsole could be better integrated in IDE 2005-06-10
242923 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues NEW --- Tasks panel collapses when mouse cursor hovers over clickable content 2014-03-15
25 bugs found.
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