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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
120989 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Move the options from Advanced Options to the Miscellaneous panel 2007-11-02
81999 contrib File Sea abadea RESO DUPL [filesearch] make it available at least on dev AU center 2007-05-05
84230 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- [terminal] Default terminal executable for KDE should be konsole 2006-10-27
209395 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.accelerators.terminal.RunTerminalAction.runTerminal 2012-08-14
124129 contrib Terminal abadea RESO FIXE Command prompt here popup action in projects and files view 2008-09-12
93224 contrib Jackpot apireviews RESO WONT Jackpot API Review 2007-04-02
71871 contrib Tasklist apireviews VERI FIXE Review "User Tasks" and "Task List Editor Support" modules for inclusion in the standard NB distribution 2008-03-12
20605 contrib Filecopy bmay CLOS WONT no documentation 2003-06-30
122983 contrib RemoteFS bowkomor NEW --- create documentation 2007-11-28
122984 contrib RemoteFS bowkomor RESO FIXE create automated tests 2008-01-11
257527 contrib Code breebo NEW --- Failed to show URI:file:/home/aruna/00-WRK/00-VHOSTS/ 2016-01-14
143425 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE Hostname valdation should happen while entering the details for Websynergy driver 2009-11-07
143436 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO WONT Deployment of portlet is successful though Portal URI and Porltet URI are null 2009-03-17
147069 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE Websynergy portlets are getting added with Java Web Application without Portlet support framework 2009-11-07
152617 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE No validation in Spring Portlet Wizard Panels 2009-11-07
153297 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO INVA Spring portlets display "Error: Content not available" when "Run" is choosed from right-click option over the project 2009-03-17
155886 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE Undeployment doesn't cleanup the portlet war file from glassfish's autodeploy dir. 2009-11-07
155888 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE Clean up groovy & Ruby portlet templates. 2009-11-07
155920 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE Create a new ruby portlet option is disabled when there is a groovy portlet inside that same portlet application. 2009-11-07
162023 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE Service builder plugin generates incorrect xml 2009-04-07
144343 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE checkOutTask declaration should be changed 2009-11-07
144366 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE HashMap should be changed to Map in saveTasks() method 2009-11-07
145102 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE Cannot find a setter method for this attirbute escapeXML of the tag handler org.netbeans.modules.portalpack.portlets.taglib.ActionURL Tag 2009-03-17
147046 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE "Contains files with errors" is shown on the portlet project when a new Groovy protlet is added to the project 2009-11-07
147049 contrib Portalpa chetansanth RESO FIXE Add Import for javax.portlet.RenderRequest is shown in liferay-portlet.groovy 2009-11-07
25 bugs found.
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