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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
33681 contrib Looks phrebejk CLOS FIXE Make Look.refreshChildren name consistent with other firing methods names 2008-11-18
179282 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan NEW --- I want to test portlet with Open portal portlet container 2.x,when I deploy the web project occur the exception 2011-11-16
33683 contrib Looks phrebejk VERI FIXE Make the Look ListenersCache identity hash map 2008-11-18
95523 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan VERI FIXE Gavotte : Wrong error message is displayed saying Portletcontainer is not installed properly 2009-03-17
24505 contrib Code nczempin RESO WONT [audit] provide a hyperlink from the audit output to the relevant source file(s) 2005-07-14
35809 contrib Looks phrebejk VERI DUPL NPE on project create 2008-11-18
24748 contrib Code nczempin RESO WONT [audit] split rules into conditions and actions 2005-07-14
24503 contrib Code nczempin RESO WONT [audit] allow recursive selection of java files 2005-07-14
97934 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan VERI FIXE java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException thrown in Ubuntu 2009-03-17
23633 contrib Java3D paulby RESO INCO Imrpove Warp Plugin control panel 2011-09-19
24738 contrib Code nczempin RESO FIXE [audit] support dynamic extension 2002-07-19
185276 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Error open local terminal on Windows 7 2010-04-29
233775 contrib Code jrechtacek NEW --- NPE trying to generate E/R diagram 2013-08-01
185277 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Give an open terminal action on project context menu. 2010-04-29
185278 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Add an additional "Secure Shell(SSH)" action in the Windows/Output menu directly. 2010-04-29
191060 contrib Scala dcaoyuan NEW --- Scala Console 2011-05-19
258584 contrib Terminal abadea NEW --- Cannot login with ssh key file 2016-03-30
24823 contrib Code nczempin RESO WONT [audit] make ant target for audit 2004-12-02
24504 contrib Code nczempin RESO FIXE [audit] Audit menu item appears twice in Tools menu 2002-07-19
24749 contrib Code nczempin RESO WONT [audit] expand and decouple to allow rules for files other than java sources 2005-07-14
24751 contrib Code nczempin RESO WONT [audit] allow data-driven rules 2005-07-14
37762 contrib Looks phrebejk VERI INVA Look does not allow getCookie, getLookup to be overridden 2008-11-18
42345 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues RESO WORK Show Source problems (double click and toolbar button) 2004-08-13
18421 contrib Sysprops sysprops VERI FIXE NPE during ide startup 2001-12-17
42523 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues CLOS FIXE Filters customizer makes tasklist unusable. 2006-03-24
25 bugs found.
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