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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
87929 contrib PMD rkubacki CLOS FIXE [pmd] PMD plugin does not work in 6.0 2007-12-07
34773 contrib Looks phrebejk CLOS FIXE Inverse function of ProxyLook.delegateObject needed 2008-11-18
63257 contrib PMD rkubacki CLOS WONT [pmd] doesn't work at all with b49 2011-06-09
62761 contrib Quick Fi jglick CLOS FIXE [quickfilechooser] is almost unusable under latest JDK 1.6 builds 2006-10-27
38039 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues CLOS WORK User tasks are not persistent38039 2003-12-22
23603 contrib Filecopy mryzl CLOS FIXE Spec version not incremented 2003-06-30
47634 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues CLOS WONT Cannot write Latin2 characters 2005-08-12
97958 contrib Portalpa satyaranjan CLOS FIXE The portlet application title gets changed to "???" when creating a portlet from existing source 2009-03-17
131191 contrib Codecove mschovanek CLOS FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.coverage.config.Config.getProjectType 2010-04-22
72208 contrib PMD rkubacki CLOS DUPL [pmd] NPE when browsing Favorites 2007-12-07
29133 contrib Looks phrebejk CLOS FIXE DeadLock occured during creating an java file. 2008-11-18
33681 contrib Looks phrebejk CLOS FIXE Make Look.refreshChildren name consistent with other firing methods names 2008-11-18
24318 contrib Looks phrebejk CLOS DUPL Looks should support icons badging 2008-11-18
58386 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues CLOS INVA tasklist 4.1 dev build won't install on NB 4.1 RC1 2006-02-03
21325 contrib Filecopy issues CLOS FIXE Actions to create new File Copy executors are missing. 2003-06-30
24376 contrib Looks phrebejk CLOS FIXE Design: Look.availableLooks should take Object as paramater 2008-11-18
133843 contrib Scala dcaoyuan CLOS FIXE Extra cluster files 2008-06-19
70947 contrib Code sandipchitale CLOS FIXE [LineTools] cursor position is lost 2007-12-07
57157 contrib Tasklist lebedkov CLOS DUPL AIOOB at AdvancedTreeTableNode.fireChildObjectAdded 2006-02-03
24424 contrib Looks phrebejk CLOS FIXE NPE from LookNode.recordLook 2008-11-18
244090 contrib Quick Fi jglick CLOS INVA Can't see/feel differences. 2014-06-07
25052 contrib RemoteFS remotefs CLOS INVA Can't change password on FTP filecopy prop sheet 2007-09-18
29884 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues CLOS FIXE Add ability to add multiple tasks in same dialog 2005-08-12
53599 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues CLOS DUPL Bug list is 3x on Development Update Center 2006-03-24
54000 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues CLOS FIXE Cannot type characters in the blank box of "New Task Pattern" window 2005-01-27
25 bugs found.
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