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  • Product: cnd

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
196542 cnd Remote vkvashin VERI FIXE Can not run imported managed project 2011-03-18
158308 cnd D-Light alexey_vladykin RESO FIXE Unable to run C/C++ project with Gizmo enabled several times 2009-03-10
105086 cnd Accessib thp VERI FIXE ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on A11Y/Makefile wizard 2007-11-26
196884 cnd Remote vkvashin VERI FIXE Imported remote project directory does not refresh after build 2011-04-05
165933 cnd -- Other vv159170 VERI FIXE 'Highlights Unresolved Identifiers' feature should be switched on by default 2009-05-28
108544 cnd Code Mod vkvashin VERI FIXE NPE from CppUpToDateStatusProvider on IDE startup 2007-11-23
74332 cnd -- Other gordonp VERI FIXE syntax highlighting in C files not working 2007-10-31
200255 cnd D-Light mromashova VERI FIXE Concurrent access to stack storage 2011-07-28
168651 cnd Code Mod alexvsimon RESO FIXE Add an option to stop the dynamic code indexing 2009-10-22
111884 cnd Project thp VERI FIXE NPE while creating a web project 2007-08-08
80279 cnd Debugger nikmolchanov RESO FIXE *Gdb-lite* Implement "Step Into" action 2009-06-25
208609 cnd Remote vkvashin RESO DUPL Can not connect to any remote host 2012-02-24
175474 cnd Debugger gorrus RESO FIXE gdb watchpoints not available in netbeans 2012-03-14
115834 cnd Debugger gordonp VERI FIXE AssertionError on stop in main 2009-06-25
81607 cnd Code Mod vv159170 CLOS FIXE *Code Model - APT* Provide engine for resolving include nodes 2010-02-01
214804 cnd -- Other vv159170 VERI FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.cnd.makeproject.source.bridge.DocumentLanguageFlavorProvider$ListenerImpl.<init> 2012-10-11
177087 cnd Profile thp VERI FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.cnd.gizmo.options.GizmoOptionsImpl.getConfigurationByDisplayName 2009-11-25
119906 cnd Project thp VERI FIXE Cannot create new C++ Application 2008-01-10
84208 cnd Code Com alexvsimon VERI FIXE completion list doesn't contain local vars on edit 2008-03-13
222814 cnd executio akrasny VERI FIXE Failing org.netbeans.modules.nativeexecution.RedirectErrorTest.testRedirectError_local on Windows 2013-02-27
181571 cnd Debugger issues RESO DUPL File name is empty in New Breakpoint window 2010-03-05
125460 cnd Code Mod vkvashin VERI FIXE Missed includes and macro definitions 2008-01-22
86069 cnd Debugger nikmolchanov RESO FIXE toggle(line) breakpoints are ignored in makefile-based projects. 2009-06-25
234771 cnd Project henk89 RESO FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.cnd.makeproject.MakeProject.createLaunchersFileIfNeeded 2013-08-22
186172 cnd executio akrasny VERI FIXE java.lang.IllegalThreadStateException while stopping program in internal terminal 2010-05-28
25 bugs found.
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