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  • Product: cnd

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
106225 cnd -- Other nzero2002 RESO DUPL Exception given when compiling/run 2007-06-18
118982 cnd -- Other issues RESO DUPL InvalidClassException after every keystroke in SQL Command window 2007-10-16
192837 cnd -- Other nnnnnk RESO FIXE inaccuracy tests: OutOfMemory in 4 projects 2010-12-04
149282 cnd -- Other issues RESO DUPL Netbeans IDE 6.1 Locks up with no repsonse for several minutes 2008-10-07
114480 cnd Code Mod issues CLOS FIXE Completion code in c++ => ERROR 2007-09-04
166335 cnd Code Mod alexvsimon VERI FIXE Add "org.netbeans.libs.sunstudio" module as friend. 2009-07-24
131697 cnd Project sergius VERI FIXE StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when created project from existent code 2013-05-17
192910 cnd -- Other alexvsimon VERI FIXE IDE can't recognize Oracle Solaris Studio compiler from patch area 2012-05-14
129697 cnd -- Other issues RESO INVA Wrong spec version for cnd.antlr 2008-03-10
181063 cnd executio akrasny VERI FIXE PID of process 'vv159170@localhost /home/vv159170/NetBeansProjects/Quote_7/dist/Debug/GNU-Linux-x86/quote_7' is not received! 2010-05-04
88123 cnd Code Mod alexvsimon VERI WORK Hyperlink from definition to declaration fails 2008-02-11
204112 cnd -- Other issues RESO INVA g++ linking 2011-11-16
233219 cnd Accessib issues RESO INVA Totally new programmer here, looking for help as to why Netbeans isn't working 2013-07-24
108093 cnd Debugger gordonp VERI FIXE Missing cnd.dll 2009-06-25
132275 cnd -- Other thp VERI FIXE SS: CND should listen to executionFinished so a custom tool can dismiss progressbar 2008-04-09
181571 cnd Debugger issues RESO DUPL File name is empty in New Breakpoint window 2010-03-05
80281 cnd Debugger nikmolchanov RESO FIXE *Gdb-lite* Implement "Step Over" action 2009-06-25
143727 cnd Remote vv159170 RESO FIXE Could not build or run remote project after restart IDE 2008-08-13
127607 cnd -- Other gordonp VERI FIXE UBUNTU: gnome-terminal crashes 2008-04-19
100884 cnd Code Mod vv159170 RESO DUPL NPEs and other errors when parsing boost project 2007-04-16
84600 cnd Editor alexvsimon VERI WORK Can not remove wrong unicode symbol 2008-02-27
221312 cnd Project alexvsimon VERI FIXE "Add Existing Item..." menu item doesn't work 2012-11-06
81256 cnd Debugger gordonp VERI WORK "debug main project" debugs non-main project. 2009-06-25
93150 cnd -- Other thp CLOS FIXE copyright for the sample programs should be 1997-2007 2007-12-20
214185 cnd -- Other nnnnnk VERI FIXE Alternative function syntax 2012-06-25
25 bugs found.
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