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  • Product: cnd

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
167750 cnd Editor alexvsimon RESO WONT crashes while editiong a C++ file 2009-07-12
88988 cnd Debugger issues CLOS WORK Debugging is broken. 2009-06-25
165960 cnd Code Mod vv159170 VERI FIXE IllegalArgumentException appears after Ctrl-R 2009-05-28
158541 cnd sh jjancura RESO FIXE broken Shell support 2009-02-19
81056 cnd Code Mod vv159170 CLOS FIXE *Code Model - APT* TokenStream macro expanding 2010-02-01
166044 cnd Profile mromashova VERI FIXE No profiling data available on remote host with DTrace data provider 2009-05-28
84782 cnd Navigati alexvsimon RESO FIXE Class View is broken in project, if project in time of parsing was closed before 2013-05-17
98632 cnd Project alexvsimon CLOS FIXE UI is frozen for a long time when creating a large project. 2007-12-14
196884 cnd Remote vkvashin VERI FIXE Imported remote project directory does not refresh after build 2011-04-05
269374 cnd Debugger mromashova CLOS FIXE Unexpected Exception on Debug->Attach Debugger (Gdbserver plugin related) 2017-02-03
81531 cnd -- Other nikmolchanov RESO FIXE Program I/O Window not reliable enough 2006-08-01
161600 cnd Editor alexey_vladykin RESO FIXE Deadlock while editing makefile 2009-04-02
252762 cnd Code Mod vv159170 RESO FIXE AssertionError at 2015-06-04
163225 cnd -- Other alexvsimon VERI FIXE NPE when user deletes project 2009-04-22
81990 cnd -- Other gordonp RESO FIXE Gdb debugging breaks BreakpointsView in Java debugging 2007-09-06
255548 cnd Code Mod alexvsimon RESO FIXE inaccuracy tests: IDE can't parse gunichartables.h file for a 30 minutes 2015-10-01
76018 cnd -- Other thp VERI FIXE Need wizard to add sources to Makefile project 2007-11-02
101831 cnd Project issues CLOS FIXE cannot build sample project on Windows 2007-11-29
85480 cnd Project thp RESO WORK NPE org.netbeans.modules.cnd.makeproject.ui.MakePhysicalViewProvider.findPath 2006-09-26
142889 cnd Debugger gordonp VERI FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.cnd.debugger.gdb.proxy.GdbProxyEngine$CommandInfo.access$100 2009-06-25
102099 cnd Navigati alexvsimon CLOS FIXE ConcurrentModificationException in class view 2013-05-17
176780 cnd Debugger gorrus VERI FIXE Breakpoint is marked as "broken" 2009-12-03
96031 cnd Code Mod vv159170 CLOS FIXE Parser ignores header files 2007-08-06
196303 cnd Remote gorrus VERI FIXE Can not debug full remote project 2011-03-17
152201 cnd Terminal vv159170 RESO FIXE Move org.netbeans.lib.terminalemulator from CND cluster 2010-04-09
25 bugs found.
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