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  • Product: cnd

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
190000 cnd Project thp CLOS DUPL remote build and run are not consistent 2010-09-29
83883 cnd Debugger gordonp VERI FIXE NPE in gdb.EditorContextBridge.annotate() 2009-06-25
110883 cnd Code Com sergius RESO DUPL NPE in log file while CodeCompletion accuracy testrun 2007-09-06
227936 cnd Remote vkvashin RESO FIXE Smarter error processing when saving full remote file 2013-05-26
186172 cnd executio akrasny VERI FIXE java.lang.IllegalThreadStateException while stopping program in internal terminal 2010-05-28
240481 cnd Project issues RESO WORK ClassNotFoundException: org.netbeans.modules.cnd.utils.filters.MacOSXExecutableFileFilter 2014-01-15
187580 cnd -- Other alexvsimon VERI WONT SunStudio12.2_linuxCompatGNU mode fails on any C project 2011-03-30
186303 cnd Toolchai alexvsimon VERI FIXE hand-created toolchains vanish after Reset 2010-05-24
176408 cnd D-Light akrasny RESO FIXE Run failed on windows in ext terminal 2009-11-10
152959 cnd Editor alexey_vladykin VERI FIXE C/V test failed. testInstantiateAllInstances 2009-02-19
88655 cnd Code Mod alexvsimon CLOS FIXE Error highlighting for #includes sometimes blocks UI thread 2008-01-09
221344 cnd Debugger henk89 VERI FIXE NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.netbeans.modules.cnd.debugger.common2.debugger.NativeDebuggerManager$LazyInitializer 2013-01-16
197053 cnd Debugger gorrus VERI FIXE Changed variable value is set to variable with the same name in another frame 2011-03-31
182944 cnd executio vkvashin RESO FIXE Disconnect from remote host causes hang of IDE and GNOME desktop 2010-04-02
166439 cnd Debugger vv159170 VERI FIXE Code completion does not work in new watch 2009-06-25
252673 cnd Code Mod vkvashin RESO FIXE AssertionError at 2015-07-20
206731 cnd Code Mod nnnnnk RESO FIXE regression in inaccuracy tests (code model) 2012-01-17
186478 cnd executio akrasny VERI FIXE Clean and Build hangs in some cases 2010-05-25
194921 cnd Editor issues CLOS WORK Can't open CND files in editor (.sh, .cpp, .h) 2011-02-09
101044 cnd -- Other vkvashin RESO DUPL cnd.repository.sfs.BufferedRWAccess.<init>( 2007-04-16
98499 cnd Project alexvsimon CLOS FIXE Low performance for 'open project' operation 2007-08-06
186544 cnd Profile alexey_vladykin VERI FIXE latest symbol is missed in I/O usage tab 2010-05-25
81315 cnd Code Mod vv159170 CLOS FIXE *Code Model - APT* Provide APTMacroMap 2010-02-01
121299 cnd Code Mod vkvashin VERI FIXE AssertionError when reconfiguring Boost 2007-11-12
190813 cnd Project issues RESO INVA Provide means of using external executables in build 2010-10-19
25 bugs found.
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