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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
87589 cnd Debugger gordonp RESO FIXE Disable GDB Console by default 2009-06-25
115728 cnd Debugger gordonp VERI FIXE Debugger hangs if code contains a class without members 2009-06-25
258196 cnd Remote vkvashin VERI FIXE Cannot save a modified file: the error window "cannot saved to a locked file" appear. 2016-04-18
81793 cnd Code Mod alexvsimon RESO FIXE *Code Model* exceptions when opening project 2006-09-21
121579 cnd Code Com vv159170 VERI FIXE Code Completion: NPE on locked directory 2007-11-19
75885 cnd -- Other vv159170 VERI FIXE Code Folding doesn't work for .h files 2007-11-01
205070 cnd Project alexvsimon RESO FIXE /usr/bin/sh: C:\util\cygwin\bin\make.exe: command not found 2011-11-15
82103 cnd Debugger gordonp VERI FIXE NPE when step in system function 2009-06-25
118561 cnd Debugger gordonp VERI WORK GDB is not responding. Terminating debug session. 2009-06-25
214144 cnd Debugger henk89 VERI FIXE Can't expand class/struct node in Variables/Watches if gdb 6.8 is used 2012-06-25
122140 cnd Code Mod vv159170 VERI FIXE Preprocessor does not match if-endif 2007-11-21
145020 cnd Remote sergius RESO FIXE System libraries are not visible for remote projects 2008-08-26
142949 cnd Remote gordonp RESO FIXE cnd.remote requires more current JSch library 2008-08-08
87740 cnd Project issues VERI FIXE Typo: "Director" instead of "Directory". 2007-11-08
253863 cnd Code Mod vv159170 VERI FIXE [newcodemodel] broken code model in file if file has been excluded from project 2015-12-22
177856 cnd Project vv159170 VERI FIXE [68cat] NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.cnd.makeproject.api.configurations.Item.renameTo 2009-12-03
186012 cnd Navigati alexvsimon VERI FIXE Fortran navigator is not updated 2010-05-24
252704 cnd Code Mod issues RESO DUPL Broken build 201505300811 (AssertionError at org.clang.tools.services.impl.PreprocessorInitializer.clearStatCache) 2015-06-01
155183 cnd Project thp RESO DUPL netbeans C++ makefiles have home path folders making multi-user development difficult. 2008-12-10
248461 cnd Terminal ilia RESO FIXE push cnd-main failed since October, 21 2014-11-07
132030 cnd Code Com vv159170 VERI FIXE Code completion for template method doesn't work 2008-04-09
186301 cnd executio akrasny VERI FIXE Cannot run /bin/sh while stepping into the project using internal terminal 2010-05-24
132236 cnd Editor vv159170 VERI FIXE AssertionError: there must be \ 2008-04-09
253067 cnd Code Com vv159170 RESO FIXE [apt.use.clank=true] ClassMembersHyperlinkTestCase fails with OOM 2015-06-23
80279 cnd Debugger nikmolchanov RESO FIXE *Gdb-lite* Implement "Step Into" action 2009-06-25
25 bugs found.
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