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  • Product: cnd

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
223747 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- Add a SelectAll action to Term/Terminal 2012-12-13
192858 cnd Debugger mromashova REOP --- Corrupted Disassembly on Windows 2016-07-06
238297 cnd Terminal ilia NEW --- Inform user about some IDE shortcuts (F7, F8, ...) not being consumed in terminal by default 2013-11-13
191390 cnd Code Com issues NEW --- All sigaction fields are not provided for code completion 2013-05-07
158867 cnd Toolchai alexvsimon NEW --- MSVC needs various windows paths set in the enviornment. 2011-04-27
165158 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- After removing remote host, "Set Remote Dev. Host" menu shows no selection 2009-05-14
139283 cnd Code Mod vkvashin NEW --- Error providers should be cancelled if user switches to another editor 2010-05-21
193314 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- FreeBSD: Remote debugging: no "green arrow" on break point 2016-07-06
220916 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- Progress window is shown after debugging session finishes. 2016-07-06
186673 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- Step out is disabled in disassembly 2016-07-06
161614 cnd Project issues REOP --- NetBeans should use the actual platform/architecture 2014-04-14
186178 cnd Project issues NEW --- cnd unit test wizard Back puts user in confusing place 2013-05-07
223510 cnd Terminal ilia NEW --- Unable to clear output window (sometimes) 2014-11-24
234540 cnd Project issues NEW --- NetBeans crashes on invalid xml in configurations.xml for c++ projects 2013-08-17
148626 cnd Project issues NEW --- localhistory:"revert deleted" doesn't work in c/c++ 2014-04-14
193415 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- AssertionError: Unrecognized os.name 'FreeBSD' 2016-07-06
41385 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- I18N - Term does not correctly render Unicode 2017-01-29
245619 cnd -- Other issues NEW --- IDE stuck at "Initializing Tool Collections" 2014-11-25
256895 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- RemoteFS.getMimeType should be interruptible 2016-03-29
137025 cnd Code Com issues NEW --- completion works wrongly for "using" declaration of a function 2013-05-07
190747 cnd Code Mod issues NEW --- Unresolved identifiers in C code 2013-05-07
193227 cnd Project issues REOP --- wrong place of unit test 2014-04-14
151796 cnd Project issues NEW --- Add tree view to package feature for better file editing 2014-04-14
169555 cnd Code Com issues NEW --- code completion marks functions of a class as unknown 2013-05-07
207169 cnd Project issues NEW --- You can add a source folder matching "Ignored Folders Pattern" 2012-01-11
25 bugs found.
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