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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
15847 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE Output Window swallows global keystrokes 2008-12-23
16491 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE Stop using old Output Window 2008-12-23
16836 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE OW hyperlinking fails on certain lines in a testcase 2008-12-23
17479 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE Select All action selects only first panel in split Output Window 2008-12-23
17769 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS DUPL NPE in terminalemulator during debugging. 2008-12-23
18548 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS WORK Cannot execute from keyboard when output window active 2008-12-23
21035 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS DUPL Can't use CTRL-C to copy in OUTPUT WINDOW 2008-12-23
21291 cnd Terminal akemr VERI WORK Compiler tab takes focus even when trying select any other tab in OW after compilation with errors 2008-12-23
22603 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS DUPL Mousewheel does not work in output window 2008-12-23
23061 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE Borders too large in output window 2008-12-23
23472 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE Short cut for "Select All" is Ctrl+A, but it isn't displayed in popup menu 2008-12-23
23536 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS INVA Extra Tab for every output 2008-12-23
23732 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS DUPL NPE from terminalemulator.Term$OpsImpl.op_line_feed 2008-12-23
26285 cnd Terminal akemr VERI DUPL Ctrl-C doesn't work in an Exception Window. 2008-12-23
146878 cnd Remote akrasny RESO DUPL Remote: Unicode output is damaged 2010-04-28
156561 cnd executio akrasny RESO INCO Project Executable not running as active window 2012-11-28
160320 cnd D-Light akrasny RESO WORK CommonTasksSupport: it should be possible to copy files from the host 2009-10-02
161312 cnd D-Light akrasny RESO WONT Several issues with collect usage 2013-05-17
161333 cnd D-Light akrasny RESO WORK deadlock while communicating with er_print 2009-04-03
162514 cnd Remote akrasny RESO FIXE Can't add a remote host that has disabled 'passwod' authentication method 2009-05-14
168339 cnd D-Light akrasny RESO FIXE 2009-09-25
183671 cnd executio akrasny RESO INCO corrupted corefile generated by IDE run 2010-04-10
195535 cnd Profile akrasny RESO INVA Profiler windows show up on a Mac 2012-11-28
220970 cnd executio akrasny RESO FIXE com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Session.connect: Read timed out 2013-03-25
223810 cnd -- Other akrasny RESO FIXE org.netbeans.modules.cnd.utils.ui.ModalMessageDlg.runLongTaskImpl: LowPerformance took 6612 ms. 2013-05-22
25 bugs found.
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