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  • Product: cnd

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
178746 cnd Editor issues NEW --- fortran enhancements: no text wrapping, ctrl+O 2010-04-25
96168 cnd Navigati vkvashin VERI FIXE Function with the existent signature should be also shown in CLass View 2013-05-17
174532 cnd Remote issues NEW --- User does not understand the reason of failed remote host setup 2014-04-14
133233 cnd Toolchai thp RESO FIXE extra point in make command representation 2010-05-19
155829 cnd -- Other vv159170 VERI FIXE Incorrect hint for unresolved #include 2009-02-19
21577 cnd Terminal ivan STAR --- Shouldn't be able to select "no text" in the output windows 2014-11-24
169389 cnd -- Other issues NEW --- VOC: UML tools 2009-07-28
108305 cnd Code Com vv159170 RESO WONT Code Completion displays "function()" and "function() const" identical 2009-12-21
238297 cnd Terminal ilia NEW --- Inform user about some IDE shortcuts (F7, F8, ...) not being consumed in terminal by default 2013-11-13
105014 cnd Project thp VERI FIXE Can not create the logical folder with name "f1" 2008-01-29
134614 cnd Code Mod vv159170 NEW --- Find Usages don't find macros that are concatenated (using #) from other macros 2010-10-27
140720 cnd Code Mod alexey_vladykin RESO WORK Construct #if !defined does not work 2009-02-19
144893 cnd Code Mod lsl239 RESO DUPL If typename keyword is used inside for init statement, unresolved ID appear 2008-08-22
137094 cnd Code Mod nnnnnk RESO FIXE grammar do not support parenthesis in cast 2008-06-30
192074 cnd Project issues NEW --- Add Project Name to File Template Keywords 2015-04-27
158446 cnd D-Light mromashova RESO WONT Remove temporary d scripts from /var/tmp 2012-10-24
75551 cnd Project thp RESO WORK New File Wizard (second step): package field should be filled with selected package name by default 2010-05-11
191582 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- "Go To Implementation" should be the first entry of "Navigate" in context menu of editor 2014-05-20
79616 cnd -- Other thp CLOS FIXE "Strip Symbols" option for compiler is applied for linker too. 2007-05-25
102044 cnd Code Mod vkvashin RESO WONT On project closure, reset Notificator data properly 2009-12-21
165864 cnd Remote vkvashin RESO INVA Show progress indicator when copying files to remote host 2009-11-27
170321 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Make more clear, where is the project built 2010-05-26
155215 cnd Project thp RESO FIXE Can rename configuration from "Debug" to "Debug." 2010-06-04
17461 cnd Terminal tboudreau CLOS WONT Allow programmatic manipulation of persistence of output tabs 2008-12-23
84121 cnd Code Com vv159170 RESO WONT Code Completion and pointer-to-member 2009-12-21
25 bugs found.
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