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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
134614 cnd Code Mod vv159170 NEW --- Find Usages don't find macros that are concatenated (using #) from other macros 2010-10-27
111476 cnd ASM alms RESO FIXE Autodetect asm type 2009-10-02
178746 cnd Editor issues NEW --- fortran enhancements: no text wrapping, ctrl+O 2010-04-25
84524 cnd -- Other thp RESO FIXE Makefile wizards allows to create target with space 2010-05-21
161699 cnd Code Com issues RESO WORK unresolved structure field under sizeof 2013-07-25
151711 cnd Code Mod issues RESO WORK Unresolved C style variable declaration 2013-12-29
137082 cnd Code Mod issues NEW --- Wrong parser recovering on missing ";" 2013-05-07
117797 cnd Code Mod vkvashin RESO WONT Missed preprocessor state for library header 2009-12-21
186178 cnd Project issues NEW --- cnd unit test wizard Back puts user in confusing place 2013-05-07
88426 cnd Code Com vv159170 RESO WONT Code Completion after ":" works incorrectly. 2009-12-21
165102 cnd Remote issues RESO FIXE java.io.InterruptedIOException at java.io.PipedInputStream.read 2009-05-21
30564 cnd Terminal ivan RESO DUPL F3, F10 do not work in output window 2010-05-08
155240 cnd Editor issues RESO DUPL Wrong highlighting in just created bash script 2008-12-11
140763 cnd Code Mod lsl239 RESO WORK Method address in function body is unresolved 2010-04-22
121414 cnd Code Mod vkvashin RESO WONT Correctly update required artificial projects list 2009-12-21
191582 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- "Go To Implementation" should be the first entry of "Navigate" in context menu of editor 2014-05-20
91389 cnd Debugger gorrus RESO WONT Wrong result of expression in Watches window. 2009-12-21
75431 cnd Editor sergius VERI FIXE Folding issue: fold label is always "{...}" 2013-05-17
142903 cnd Code Com vv159170 RESO FIXE Code completion does not work immediately after "{" or "}" 2008-08-08
126936 cnd Project thp VERI FIXE Remove colon after "Preprocessor Definitions" 2008-02-11
99006 cnd Project thp CLOS WORK Title of unmodified property is bold 2007-05-29
77374 cnd Editor vv159170 VERI FIXE "fori" and "forj" abbreviations wrong for gcc compiler 2008-02-27
159057 cnd Code Mod nnnnnk RESO FIXE Unresolved mutable bit fields 2011-04-27
130536 cnd Code Mod alexey_vladykin RESO FIXE No support for __complex__ in grammar 2008-06-25
104114 cnd -- Other issues RESO INVA Debug dialog needs editors for Arguments and Environment fields 2008-11-20
25 bugs found.
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