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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
5689 cnd Terminal anovak CLOS FIXE Long loops making frequent calls to System.out.println() hang the IDE during Execute. 2008-12-23
15544 cnd Terminal anovak CLOS WONT Editor opens multiple copies of same file when error occurs in compilation 2008-12-23
16010 cnd Terminal ivan CLOS FIXE Autoscrolling behavior of terminal not ideal 2008-12-23
16027 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE terminal emulator/output window: Global copy & paste actions don't work 2008-12-23
16214 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE Add Term.getText() to public API 2008-12-23
16215 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE Add menu item "Copy Selected to Clipboard" and change "Copy to Clipboard" action meaning 2008-12-23
16476 cnd Terminal ivan VERI WORK Selection lost when resizing OW 2008-12-23
16667 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE Output window does not support Select All, Ctrl+A 2008-12-23
17268 cnd Terminal ivan CLOS FIXE Keystroke set redundancy 2008-12-23
17314 cnd Terminal ivan RESO FIXE default current error highlight color in output window is very faint 2008-12-23
17320 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- Output window/view has inconsistent behavior when a new error is made "current" 2008-10-22
17323 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- I/O component should use a different color when it allows input versus when it does not. 2008-10-22
17337 cnd Terminal ivan VERI FIXE CTRL-C to copy in Output Window causes it to scroll to bottom 2008-12-23
17461 cnd Terminal tboudreau CLOS WONT Allow programmatic manipulation of persistence of output tabs 2008-12-23
17479 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE Select All action selects only first panel in split Output Window 2008-12-23
18263 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- unnecessary scrollbars 2014-11-24
18495 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE Remove OutPane and OutputTab 2008-12-23
18575 cnd Terminal ivan CLOS FIXE ConcurrentModificationException 2008-12-23
18632 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS WORK Text selection operation in the Output Window significantly loads CPU 2008-12-23
18733 cnd Terminal ivan VERI FIXE Output Window & NotifyException not accessible 2008-12-23
19156 cnd Terminal ivan CLOS FIXE Not able to navigate to left/right in output window 2008-12-23
19655 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- Use colors to distingwish err, out, ide and in streams 2010-12-16
20412 cnd Terminal ivan CLOS FIXE NPE on org.netbeans.lib.terminalemulator.Term$OpsImpl.op_line_feed() 2008-12-23
20522 cnd Terminal ivan RESO DUPL Need openide BOW support for IFDEF's BOW 2008-10-22
21577 cnd Terminal ivan STAR --- Shouldn't be able to select "no text" in the output windows 2014-11-24
25 bugs found.
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