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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
37227 cnd Terminal tboudreau VERI FIXE mouse focus of terminal emulator got lost sometime 2008-12-23
189231 cnd Remote mromashova RESO FIXE Smart secure copy does not work on (remote) Solaris 8 2010-12-29
37345 cnd Terminal tboudreau VERI INVA RuntimeException during Debugger start 2008-12-23
15440 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS DUPL IOException during deserialization of OutputTabTerm 2008-12-23
33384 cnd Terminal issues CLOS WONT Calling readline() on STDIN exibits race conditions 2008-12-22
22523 cnd Terminal ivan CLOS DUPL CTRL-3 captured by terminal emulator 2008-12-23
20822 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE [RUNNING MODE] Compilation errors don't display 2008-12-23
25313 cnd Terminal ivan CLOS FIXE Executation window cuts off output-window's text 2008-12-23
27616 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS DUPL Right mouse button should not select text in the output window 2008-12-23
21035 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS DUPL Can't use CTRL-C to copy in OUTPUT WINDOW 2008-12-23
15335 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE NPE thrown when clicking on exception link in OW 2008-12-23
149282 cnd -- Other issues RESO DUPL Netbeans IDE 6.1 Locks up with no repsonse for several minutes 2008-10-07
50249 cnd Terminal mslama CLOS DUPL "Copy from" output window broken 2008-12-23
20019 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS WORK "output window" has no scroll bars 2008-12-23
41213 cnd Terminal tboudreau VERI FIXE Exception occurs when validate a JSP file 2008-12-23
15325 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE InvocationTargetException - when changing any option for OW 2008-12-23
22859 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS DUPL Output window does not show compiler output 2008-12-23
15358 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE 'Enter ' is not treated properly in OW 2008-12-23
139352 cnd Code Mod vkvashin RESO DUPL NetBeans6.1 hangs when setting up Linux Kernel using Makefile 2008-07-23
126376 cnd Debugger gordonp RESO INVA gdb debugging a gtk application in mingw environment / setup... 2009-06-25
39833 cnd Terminal tboudreau VERI FIXE [36cat] Find in output tab causes exception 2008-12-23
28297 cnd Terminal tboudreau RESO FIXE [2004-05-26] Rewrite output window 2008-12-23
15517 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE Output not displayed after building source. 2008-12-23
17807 cnd Terminal akemr CLOS FIXE When Output is very small (<1 line height), Compilation with errors makes OW except (see ide.log) 2008-12-23
124727 cnd Editor issues NEW --- Multiple #define statements don't fold 2013-07-19
25 bugs found.
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