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  • Product: apisupport

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
20851 apisuppo Template mkozeny NEW --- Explorer views added to Component Palette 2013-03-11
26200 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Select LnF policy for platform in apisupport wizard (was: Way to select LnF from the GUI) 2013-02-14
31449 apisuppo Inspecto mkozeny NEW --- Merge focus logging module event listening/filtering into APISupport 2013-02-14
41356 apisuppo Harness pgebauer NEW --- Move ValidateLayer*Test to ide/test/qa-functional/ or to general build harness 2015-09-09
61014 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Rewrite/enhance current tests 2013-02-14
61681 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [LWMP] multiple libraries -> use JList 2013-02-14
61751 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [Module Properties] removed dependency after change Platform 2013-02-14
62176 apisuppo Template mkozeny STAR --- XML file should be recognizable by root element 2013-02-14
63733 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Better display of information about modules in the platform 2013-02-14
64572 apisuppo Harness pgebauer NEW --- [50cat] branding application: apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar=true 2015-09-09
64573 apisuppo Harness pgebauer NEW --- [50cat] Platform app's Mac application menu items not acc. to Apple guidelines 2015-09-09
64606 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [50cat] Build ZIP Distribution - simple way to build debian pkgs 2013-02-14
64618 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [50cat] Module Suite Project: VM Options and Arguments in Project Properties Dialog 2013-02-14
65417 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Layer structure modifications not honored while layer XML document modified 2013-02-14
65565 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Clarify friend dependency in UI 2013-02-14
65951 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [50cat] Move warning message for implementation dependency from build to UI 2013-02-14
66422 apisuppo Harness pgebauer NEW --- Enable COMMAND_RUN_SINGLE for non-tests in NBM projects 2015-09-09
66539 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [50cat] module display mapping to code name base 2013-02-14
66543 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Cannot use GUI to edit localized display info for a module 2013-02-14
67147 apisuppo Template mkozeny NEW --- Action wiz - should support Project/Actions/ folder 2013-02-14
67868 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [50cat] GUI to customize ${jar-excludes} 2013-02-14
69773 apisuppo Inspecto mkozeny NEW --- JMX-based SFS/lookup/etc. browser 2013-02-14
69991 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Centralize access to SystemFileSystem 2013-02-14
70259 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- review templates from the "java-form" category 2013-02-14
70477 apisuppo Harness pgebauer NEW --- Create binary-mode excludes for JNLP from source projects 2015-09-09
25 bugs found.
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